Friday, December 30, 2011

Did You Know Web Airfare Specials Sell Out Fast?

Did you know web airfare specials sell out fast?

In looking for airfare back to school for my son I found a good internet only special. We just had to wait to hear if he was going to ride back with a friend or fly back using the credit from a previously cancelled flight. In checking flights again today those internet specials are gone! Price is up $80. I found one flight for early Monday morning the day school is back in session. It was a great price, only $59! That was two hours ago. That internet special has already sold out!! So now we are back to trying to find a flight which is going to cost us more than what we have on credit! If you find an internet airfare special, don't wait around to take advantage of it; it will likely be gone!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Did You Know How to Make an Audio Cd of Your Voice Using Mac?

Did you know how to make an audio cd of your voice using Mac?

My daughter has been working on a project. But it took a little while to figure out just how to do it. We were trying to use voice activated software but things were not going the way we wanted. So I did a little more looking and came across these directions which show us step by step how to do exactly what we wanted! I knew it had to be easy to do on Mac!!

Did You Know About Warm Outerwear?

Did you know about warm outerwear?

In South Texas, we certainly don't! My son is glad to be home from college for the holidays. While he is only going to school a state away, it is much colder and windier there than here. We have told him to wear layers and sent some coats and jackets to school with him, but the stuff we have just isn't cutting it for him. I told him we may have to check out the Carhartt coats. I remember the folks in West Texas wearing those. They are warm and can also help protect against the wind. And I just found some carhartt sweatshirts on closeout. We will have to check those out too!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Did You Know How to Make Easy College Themed Christmas Ornaments?

Did you know how to make easy college themed Christmas ornaments?

In an effort to save money I tried to find a way to make some easy and affordable college themed Christmas ornaments. I came up with two. One is the old trick of getting the paint off colored glass ball ornaments (recycle old ones or buy a box at the dollar store.) This can be done with bleach. You can put a little bleach inside the ball, add rice or salt if you want to help rub it off. Swirl around and the paint should come off. I did have to use a Qtip to help swab off some of the residue. When completely dry you can fill the ball with colored beads or strips of paper. I also added a rolled piece of paper on which I had printed the school logo. This ornament turned out ok, but I was not really happy with it.

What I liked better is using the printed out logos and some brush on tacky glue to attach the logo to the painted ball. I just cut the logo close, applied glue on the back all the way to the edges, then glued it onto the ball. I did have to rub out some wrinkles, carefully so the paper did not tear. After it dried a little while I applied more of the glue over the top, completely covering the logo and a little past the edges. This dried really well, making it look shiny and nice. And should hopefully keep it from peeling off. Then attach desire colored ribbon and you have easy and affordable college themed Christmas ornaments.

Did You Know How to Keep a Toddler Occupied at a Doctor Visit?

Did you know how to keep a toddler occupied at a doctor visit?

While I had to take the little girl I keep with me today to a doctor appointment for another family member I tried to think of ways to keep her occupied. First and foremost we packed her favorite snacks, goldfish and raisins. We also had a cup of water with us. There were books in the waiting area but she was not interested (all paperbacks.) Then we looked at brochures filled with babies and kids. Then I noticed one of the ladies in her medical scrubs. What I noticed though is that she had on the very same shoes as my little toddler friend! When we compared them they turned out not to be identical, but very close! So that is how we passed our time at the doctor appointment!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Did You Know This is the Time of Year to Donate?

Did you know this is the time of year to donate?

It seems that at this time of year many people are thinking about donating items, from unused household items to time and money. While stopping to donate items at Goodwill today, there were several other families stopping to do the same. I know many have helped or will help in shelters and serve food and host parties for those less fortunate during this time of year. I even heard of a pizza chain who is accepting canned good items to donate when your order is delivered. This time of year is a great time to focus on giving back and with so many opportunities available it is perhaps the easiest time of year to give and/or donate something.

Did You Know About Insurance that's Easy?

Did you know about insurance that's easy?

While I doubt that shopping for insurance is ever easy, I have heard of some steps that have been taken to make it a little easier. Shopping online and doing your homework ahead of time seems to make the decision making process easier when the time comes to make the purchase. Getting insurance quotes to compare and reading as much info as possible to learn what insurance will meet your needs seems to be important in the quest to find insurance that's easy, affordable and right for you.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Did You Know Good Chicken Recipes?

Did you know good chicken recipes?

A few weeks ago I got several packages of chicken breasts for .50 a pound. I put them in the freezer and they have gone a long way. We have had bacon chicken, chicken and rice, chicken and dumplings, grilled chicken sandwiches, chicken ritz, chicken salad, and taco soup. I have one more three pound package which will make another two to three meals. I know my crew is getting a little tired of all the chicken but it sure was a great price and lasted a good while. I need some good chicken recipe ideas.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Did You Know About December Graduations?

Did you know about December graduations?

Not many high schools have December graduations, though they do occur. But many colleges host December graduations. My husband was a December graduate. It is just as exciting and can be a little nicer due to the smaller graduating class. December graduates appreciate gifts just as much as spring grads do. There are the standard leather, locking and aluminum briefcases, or things needed for upcoming careers like stethoscopes and of course cash is always a perfect fit. While December graduations may not be on everyone's list don't forget to check those December gift lists twice!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Did You Know What December in Texas Looks Like?

Did you know what December in Texas looks like?

At least where I live, December can be either warm or cool. Yesterday's high was in the 70's and I got a couple of nice photos as I ran through the park. Yes, I took my camera on my long run, and I was glad, since I got a nice surprise.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Did You Know A Place to Buy Books?

Did you know a place to buy books?

Of course there are the local bookstores, both large and small. And the online sites that help get the written (and downloaded) word out. But tonight as I was doing my grocery shopping I got sidetracked by a bin of books. Nice hardcover books. And they were marked 3/$10!! I found some really good titles and picked up quite a few for gifts. I always love giving books but probably would not have thought to look at the grocery store for affordable books.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Did You Know About Ironman Events?

Did you know about Ironman events?

Last weekend I was blessed to be able to attend my husband's first Ironman race. It was a HUGE event. I think the MDot (Ironman logo) is a trademarked logo and it has all become pretty big business and a very big event. There were lots of tents with banners set in retractable banner stands marking each tent. With all the tents for vendors, athletes, volunteers and food, it made up a little village! There were 2400+ athletes competing, 4000 volunteers and as many spectators as it takes to encourage that many athletes! It was very exciting and I am so glad to have been a part of it. It takes a lot of work, from little jobs to big organizing jobs, to put on such a gargantuan event!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Did You Know About Free Online Reading?

Did you know about free online reading?

I have been finding texts to read online for several years now. Most older texts are available online to read for free. Many poems and short stories are available too. Last night I got to a point in a book I had bought from Goodwill that had pages missing!! I was sad but figured I would have to get the book from the library to read those couple of pages. Instead, I was happy to find the book available online for free reading, so I could read those two pages and get right back to my book!

Did You Know About Prescription Drug Abuse?

Did you know about prescription drug abuse addiction?

Back in the late '80s I worked in a pharmacy. I knew prescription drug addiction was real. I even saw the symptoms of it. I remember a guy coming in paying with all the change he had scraped together for his pain meds. I heard the pharmacist have to call the doctor with recommendations to cut him down/off his meds. I don't know the statistics for our current times, if prescription drug abuse is any higher or lower than those days. But I do know that there are many treatment options for those who get caught up in it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Did You Know Non-Refundable Flight Tickets May Hold Funds for Future Use?

Did you know non-refundable flight tickets may hold funds for future use?

We are thinking of canceling a non-refundable flight through Southwest. I found out that even though the ticket is non-refundable, the funds can be held for up to one year from original date of purchase for future use. The funds can be used toward a ticket anywhere Southwest flies. I would also need the original confirmation number to access those funds. I like this; at least I would not completely be out the money.

Did You Know About Online Coupons?

Did you know about online coupons?

Anytime I shop online I always look to see if there is a coupon of some sort available for the place I am shopping at. I look for any percentage off or for free shipping or any offer available. Whether I am looking for clothing coupons, electronics coupons, pottery barn coupons, daily deals or anything, I always look for online coupons before I complete my transaction.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Did You Know a Great Treat For Kids?

Did you know a great treat for kids?

Tonight I wanted to show appreciation for our neighbor kids for the way they have treated the baby I keep. I wanted something easy but not every day. The big hit tonight? CUPCAKES!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Did You Know We Need to Remodel a Bathroom?

Did you know we need to remodel a bathroom?

We got the toilet pulled out weeks ago. And that's as far as we've gotten! We just do not have the time to do it, and also got a bit sidetracked with our money reallocated a different direction. So now we have this bathroom just waiting for us to get to work!

We did have a contractor give us an estimate, but it's out of our budget. I looked at method that I heard advertised about bathtub refinishing. As for the remodeling portion, we will do it ourselves. If we have the bathtub refinished, I think we will go with a professional (no need to rent an Ingersoll rand air compressor) and have it done right.

I just hope this happens sooner than later!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Did You Know About Athlinks?

Did you know about Athlinks?

Today as I was getting ready to do the first leg of a triathlon relay I met a lady who said she had looked up my name on Athlinks. This is a site that keeps tracks of all the athletes have done. (There are some events I have done that are not listed, I guess they are not affiliated or have not been turned in by race directors or something.) She knew the first triathlon I had done back in 2004; she had done the same one! So after the race today I came home and looked up the info. Pretty cool to have all my events listed in one spot and to look back at the race times. This allows me to compare times and see the improvements I've made!

Did You Know What You Can Get at the Electronics Store?

Did you know what you can get at the electronics store?

My daughter has been saving up to get the iPhone 4 (NOT the newest version) so when she finally got her money, the iPhone 4s had just come out. The line at the Apple store was out the door. As we passed the electronics store there was a sign out front stating they are an authorized Apple dealer. I was surprised. I mean, I knew you could find things like stereos, flat screen lcd tvs, movies, computers and things like that. I had no idea that they also had iPhones and even washers, dryers and refrigerators!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Did You Know the NAIA Rules for Transcripts?

Did you know the NAIA rules for transcripts?

We have had some confusion getting my son's transcripts accepted at the NAIA. When he first told me that he had to send them, I suggested he just have the college he is currently attending send them all since he had transcripts from a public high school, a home school high school and a local community college. I thought it would just be easier for them to all be sent from one place. We did not know that is not the way the NAIA accepts them (and unfortunately nobody at the registrar told him that!)

To have your transcripts accepted at NAIA you need to first register with them (ie-pay the fee.) Then contact your previous high school(s) to have your official transcripts sent in a sealed envelope. The school also needs to send the cover letter filled in with the pertinent information (it is available on the NAIA site if your school doesn't have them.) While the NAIA will not accept faxed transcripts they do accept transcripts sent electronically through approved servers (see the NAIA website for details.)

Hopefully following this in the first place will help others in getting their transcripts sent properly and not missing out on any games due to ineligibility because of improperly sent transcripts!

Did You Know About the Trade Up Program at The Source?

Did you know about the "trade up" program at The Source?

For those wanting to get better electronics than they currently own, this might be a way to help them reach that goal. The Source is offering a trade up program where you enter the value of what you have to earn a gift card for what you want. For example, if you are looking to get the xbox slim you can enter the details about the device you want to trade up, receive the estimate details, then take those details to the local Source store and receive a gift card to use towards what you want. And by doing this you can help the environment; all devices received by The Source are recycled or reconditioned.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Did You Know My Printer is Snobby?

Did you know my printer is snobby?

In the course of trying to save money, today I purchased a remanufactured printer ink cartridge. It was from an electronics store and labeled to fit the printer I have. However, my printer is so "snobby" it doesn't "recognized" the cartridge. So instead of saving money I am now out that money, since you cannot return opened packages of ink. And I have to go back and buy the name brand of ink. So much for snobby electronics!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Did You Know Kids Have Some Pretty Great Ideas?

Did you know kids have some pretty great ideas?

It never ceases to amaze me the ideas that kids can come up with. Here is a recent example that I love-my daughter and I were walking through Wal-Mart and she asked me if I "heard that." I said no and my daughter told me about a little girl who had just finished an edible sample and told her brother "I wish we could eat the plate so if we were still hungry after the sample we could still eat." I love it! Not only would it help with providing a snack, but it would help keep the trash contained as well! Pretty good thinking!

Did You Know About Administrator Job Database?

Did you know about administrator job database?

I have been looking for a part time weekend and/or evening job to help pay for some expenses that have taken hold of us this year. While I am not looking for a job in the field, I did find out today about the Database Administrator Jobs. Here you can find IT and technical jobs as well as engineering job listings. It looks like there are listings from many states, so maybe this database can be helpful to others looking for jobs in these fields.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Did You Know How to Remove Grape Juice from White Clothes?

Did you know how to remove grape juice from white clothes?

My son just called with that one. I read that you should rinse with cool water (do not spread) then make a solution of a half teaspoon of laundry detergent, a tablespoon of vinegar and a quart of warm water. Let it soak for 15 min then rinse thoroughly. (Don't know how doable that is in a dorm.) Then launder. I also read to try club soda. Hope one of these works.

Did You Know About Alternative Loans?

Did you know about alternative loans?

As the fall semester of college has begun for our son, we have become even more conscious of money and our need for more! We are trying everything we can to avoid taking out any loans (actually we won't take any out, but our son is trying to avoid it.) I have heard that folks are applying for payday loans, title loans California, and even refinancing their mortgages to help keep pay all those college bills.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Did You Know There is Something for Everyone This Weekend?

Did you know there is something for everyone this weekend?

While driving in Houston yesterday I kept noticing billboards and flashing traffic signs for the many different events going all around town this weekend. There is the Home Show, The Gun Show, The Arts and Antiques Show, The Polish Festival, The Hot Sauce Fest and the Tattoo Expo. Next weekend is the Qunice (quinceanera) and Bridal Expo. Yes, I would say there is definitely something for everyone.

Did You Know My Son Made His First Visit Home?

Did you know my son made his first visit home?

While we were not "supportive" of his first visit home, once he decided for sure to come anyway, we were glad to see him and had a good, though quick, visit. We got word today that him and the friends he drove home with are nearly back at their destination, making much better time than they did Friday. I don't know if they are anxious, driving faster or have gotten their hands on some special tool like a gps for truckers but they are nearly back to school. Now if we can just make good time on our next trip up there!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Did you know the importance of remembering?

As today is an important day for Americans to remember those who have fallen in recent history, it is important to teach the younger generation why it's important to remember. Sometimes history seems like such a dull thing of the past to kids. Teaching them now about an historic event that we and many of them have lived through puts the human touch, emotion, and passion into history. It is important to impart not only information but values and lessons learned from such historic events. Today is a great day to remember why it's so important to remember and share such events.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Did You Know About Venturing?

Did you know about Venturing?

I just learned about a program offered by the Boy Scouts called Venturing.  Started in 1998 to expand the outdoor Exploring program. Venturing is offered to both boys and girls ages 14-20 and involves adventure activities like hiking, backpacking, camping and sailing.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Did You Know the Difference Between College Guys and Girls?

Did you know the difference between college guys and girls ?

While I am sure there are many, the first one we have experienced is the amount of information that gets back home! That is no real surprise though to us parents of boys. We heard at church about one of the female college freshman calling back and talking to her mom an hour each day. We are lucky to get a text of a sentence or two each day-and thankful for it too! Another mom of a boy also confirmed her son doing the same thing, so we decided it's gotta be a guy thing. One thing we did decide is that we think it was a very good thing to have let our sons travel overseas unaccompanied last summer. Good for them and for us too. We just wish that we could get some of the details like we were blessed with last summer from our sons' host!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Did You Know About Oyster Shell Recycling?

Did you know about oyster shell recycling?

I was not aware of this type of recycling much less that it is being successfully carried out in our local area. An area seafood restaurant is recycling oyster shells  allowing them to be carried off to a site where the shells are cured and bleached by the sun. This takes about six months, then the shells are reused in Galveston Bay. These oyster shells provide a substrate for oyster larvae to settle and begin growth. This recycling program is helping to restore oysters which were mined until the 1930s and also devastated by Hurricane Ike. It is said that each oyster filters up to fifty gallons of water per day which helps with water quality and clarity. Oyster reefs also provide fish habitats and act as a natural buffer to slow wave action and erosion. This program is ongoing with the help of the local restaurant, community based oyster gardening and groups of young people from environmental school programs.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Did You Know About Care Credit?

Did you know about Care Credit?

This is  helpful tool for those of us without insurance. Basically, it is a health care loan which is interest free if paid in full within the allotted time frame. We have used care credit to pay off dental bills over the years. You can get the details and apply for Care Credit online.

Did you know that athletes are sometimes banned from listening to music?

Did you know that athletes are sometimes banned from listening to music? At some track and field meets, it is no longer acceptable for a runner to listen to music as he or she warms up.  The reason for this is that music can pump up or motivate people, and that is apparently considered an "unfair advantage" in today's sports world.  I agree that music is a great motivator, but an unfair advantage, I'm not so sure.  Perhaps it would be legal if they played music over the speakers so that all the runners were on the same page.  Whatever the case, I sure hope that my music privileges are never revoked.  I like to jam everywhere I go.  My favorite headphones are the sound canceling type that go over your head, but those aren't a very easy option for people who are working out.  So if you as an athlete are looking for a music source, check out this site that will let you buy in ear headphones so that you can work out and jam too.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Did You Know My Son and I Sound a Lot Alike?

Did you know my son and I sound a lot alike?

At least in our writing. Which accounts for a lot of these redundant sounding sponsored posts. I don't know if it's heredity or teaching or both. But our writing style seems to be pretty close. It was funny to me the last time I read a blog post of could have been one of mine!

Did you know that colleges love to slap you with many underlying, miscellaneous payments?

Did you know that colleges love to slap you with many underlying, miscellaneous payments? It seems like everywhere you turn there is some new bill that has to be paid for something. Textbooks, meal plans, and even freshman orientation will all surely end up costing you more than you had bargained for.  And you can't even attend college without health insurance or immunization shots.  All of these add up to become quite a hefty bill, and without some assistance along the way, there's no way you'll make it.  The good news is, there is a way to save money on each and every expense college throws at you.  Right now, we have been struggling with insuring our college student.  But just recently I saw an ad for term life insurance rates.  Might be something worth looking into.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Did You Know About Donating Plasma?

Did you know about donating plasma?

In looking for ways for my son to make some money as he heads off for college, I found this suggestion. I had forgotten all about it! My sister did this in college and I wish I'd have thought of it sooner, my son could have been donating all summer!

Plasma is the liquid portion of your blood and donors are compensated for their donation. The payout amount differs for each location. My son is going to get started this week and called our local donation center. They pay a range between $25-$35 for each donation. Each visit takes about an hour and a half, with the initial visit taking about 2 !/2 hours. Still not a bad payout for folks needing some quick money. And your donation is helping others in return.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Did You Know My Daughter Wants A New Car For Christmas?

Did you know my daughter wants a new car for Christmas?

My daughter has been looking at cars online the last couple of days and has decided that she wants us to buy her one for Christmas. Unfortunately for her, we don't have the money to do that. My son had to buy his own car and so we told our daughter that she would have to pay for her own car too. Wouldn't it be so much easier if teenagers could just be satisfied with Christmas Cards and candy?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Did You Know It's Still Free to Park on Galveston Seawall?

Did you know it's still free to park on Galveston seawall?

I went to the island yesterday for a change of scenery for my long run. I was trying to decide where to park since I knew that the vote had passed to start charging for parking along the seawall. I was surprised to see that parking on the seawall is still free-for now. Probably staring Jan. 1, the paid parking will go into effect along Galveston's seawall. It will cost $1/hour, $8/day or there is set to be a $25 annual parking pass. Seventy-five percent of the funds raised from the parking will go into improvements for the seawall. Slated among the enhancements are to be showers, restrooms and lighting. I think those will be good additions along the seawall.

Did You Know The Costs of Getting Ready for College?

Did you know the costs of getting ready for college?

Of course everyone knows about the high cost of college tuition, but there is so much more. Even in just getting ready for college there are costs like application fees, housing deposits, required meal plans, books, immunizations, health check ups and required insurance, school supplies, dorm room necessities-sheets, towels, shower items, and a host of many other forgotten costs. I have been so glad that all the school supplies are on sale cheap right now. I got folders and spirals for .15 cents each! Getting items on sale has sure helped to keep me away from payday advance loans.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Did You Know Some of My Guilty Pleasures?

Did you know some of my guilty pleasures?

Well, I guess we all have them. I noticed one blogger suggesting this as a blog topic and thought I would play along. So in no meaningful order, here are some of my top guilty pleasures:

1. (dark) chocolate covered almonds

2. chocolate chip cookies

3. brownies

4. staying in bed all day with a good book (see, they are not all food and/or chocoate!)

5. watching Seinfeld reruns

6. watching M*A*S*H reruns

7. shopping for something for me

8. a nice quiet house

9. not talking to anybody

10. a weekend away with just my husband

Did You Know Where to Buy Equestrian Apparel?

Did you know where to buy equestrian apparel?

Several years ago my daughter took horse back riding lessons. She really loved it at the time. We never really got into going to shows or anything like that, so I was fortunate that she was happy with boots and jeans from local stores. If she had really gotten in to it though, I don't know where we would have purchased items for her to wear to shows. I came across the The Equestrian Corner apparel store today and it made me think about those days spent at the riding school. So if anyone is like me and would not know where to look to find equestrian apparel, well, maybe that site can be of help.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Did You Know You Can Use a Baggie to Send Mail?

Did you know you can use a baggie to send mail?

We received an item in the mail today enclosed in a zipper baggie. The baggie was labeled and stamped just like an envelope. I had no idea you could do that! I don't know why you would do that-seems more expensive-but it seems that baggies can be used to send mail!

Did You Know How to Improve Your Garden?

Did you know how to improve your garden?

One way to improve your garden is to add composted material. And you can easily make your own compost with an at home compost bin. They range in size from a small kitchen sized bucket to large outdoor bins. Or you can make your own. There are plans for bins or for enclosures. Be sure to compost only fruits and veggies, grass clippings and even coffee grounds and egg shells. But stay away from any meat products. Stir the compost occasionally and in a few months you will have some good dirt to help improve your garden.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Did You Know About Wimberley Glass Works?

Did you know Wimberley Glass Works?

Ever since hearing about it, I have been wanting to go see the demonstration of glass blowing at the Glassworks in Wimberley TX. Today I was able to do so! There were two young college aged guys today working on some "spikey things" for a chandelier similar to the one in the Glassworks entryway.(Seriously, that is the official term, that's what the glass blowers called them!) They had to make 32 of the spikey things. It was very interesting to watch the free demonstration and they were good about talking about what they were doing and showing us the glass and asking if we had any questions. If you are ever in the San Marcos/Wimberley area, be sure to take in a free glass blowing demonstration at Wimberley Glassworks.

making the spikey thingy

the finished spikey thingy being put into oven to cool down slowly over night

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Did You Know Change Can Be Good?

Did you know change can be good?

Last week I spent the week cooking at a children's church camp. I have done this every summer for the last 8 years. This year was my first year to be "in charge", having to do all the planning and shopping. My team was all new members who had not been to the camp before. I was very nervous and intimidated by it all, but was blessed with a really great team. In fact, they were great about pitching in with no hesitation and offered some really great ideas. I was glad to find out that even though we changed some things, it still turned out good. And that some of the things we did differently turned out to be much easier on us, making it all the better. I sure appreciate all of their help and learning that change can be good.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Did You Know a Good Baking Powder Substitute?

Did you know a good baking powder substitute?

While baking this weekend, I ran out of baking powder. Needing a substitute I thought of one, and after looking it up, I was happy to find I was right (though I did not know the measurements when I guessed.) Using 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/2 teaspoon of cream of tarter will make a nice substitution for 1 teaspoon of baking powder.

Did You Know a Special Gift for any Mother?

Did you know a special gift for any mother?

Even though Mother's Day has officially passed for this year, there is always another upcoming occasion to honor the special women in your life. When I was pregnant, I wanted a ring. My husband got me a small emerald ring which was very pretty. But after having kids, I know a special gift for many mothers would be one of the mothers rings which include a birthstone for each of her children. Some even have the children's names engraved on them. There are a lot of nice styles, one for nearly any mother.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Did You Know Where Some Women Relax After Work?

Did you know where some women relax after work?

I have never gotten my hair cut in the evening before. So tonight when I went into the salon, I was surprised when I was offered a glass of wine! I have always been offered something to drink during the day when I've gone, some water or a soda. And since I do not drink alcohol I was rather taken aback by the question! Then I looked around and noticed how many of the ladies had their glasses of wine! I just knew my neighbors would be happy to have that glass of wine for me.

When I was checking out I was asked if I wanted to make my next appointment for about 6 or 7 weeks away. I said no. And then mentioned that would be just about the time my son leaves for college. The stylist told me she would have that glass of wine waiting for me when I next come in!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Did You Know About the Tabernacle Experience?

Did you know about the Tabernacle Experience?

The Tabernacle experience is coming to Houston, TX and I just may make it over to see the mock up. Brought by First Colony Church, a life sized full scale replica of the Old Testament tabernacle is available for tours to see just what the Israelites moveable worship area was like.

The interactive, audio-based tour will cost $5 per person. Tours start from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. June 24-28 and June 30-July 3; also from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on June 29 and from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. on July 4. The tour  takes about 45 minutes. Large groups can schedule in advance for morning tours, beginning at 9 a.m. Tour groups will receive a discounted entrance fee. To inquire about group arrangements, please go to

Did You Know About the Urban Look?

Did you know about the "Urban Look"?

My son is a bit partial to the "urban look" so when I heard about an online source offering urban clothing, I was prepared to find oversized, baggy, a bit sloppy looking clothes. I was pleasantly surprised to find fitted Levi's jeans, ecko brand shirts and shorts (with belts!) and even some Timberland shoes and there are lots of good specials going on! So while I am not 100% crazy about the look, I do admit I found some decent looking clothes on this site, and none of the models had their "pants on the ground"!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Did You Know a Good Father's Day Gift from an Infant?

Did you know a good father's day gift from an infant?

I was looking for an idea to give to the father of the baby that I keep each day. For Mother's Day it was pretty easy-I just put together a slide show of the baby doing day to day things. But I just didn't know what to do for daddy. I did a hand print card but wanted a little something more. I found a cute idea online using candy bars. Heres how ours turned out.

Mr. Goodbar="Because you are so GOOD to me"

Payday="Because you WORK so hard"

Almond Joy="For all the JOY and laughter we share"

M&Ms="I love you More & More each day"

(label on the base says "to my SWEET daddy"

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Did You Know About a Spending Fast?

Did you know about a spending fast?

I found this article about a "spending fast" rather interesting. And after this week of buying items to get the kids ready for summer camp, I am in serious need of a spending fast. And with college looming on the horizon, a spending fast could only help bulk up the bank account so we can funnel it to the college. I think a spending fast might just be in order....

Did You Know Volleyball Season is Right Around the Corner?

Did you know volleyball season is right around the corner?

My daughter starts her volleyball season next month. That means in the next few weeks we will need to stock up on injury prevention items like ankle braces, first aid tape and knee pads. These are all important to most any player as they can offer support and prevent injury. I came across the donjoy rocketsoc which looks to be a pretty good ankle brace providing support and allowing movement. It is available in three styles (lace up, wrap around and wrap around drytex.)  I am sure these are something my daughter will want to try. Trust me, injury prevention is MUCH cheaper than treating the injury and the lasting effects of injuries.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Did You Know We Have Been Having Record Temperatures?

Did you know we have been having record temperatures?

I think the photos say it all...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Did You Know About A Benefit Swim?

Did you know about a benefit swim?

I often hear of benefit fun runs-5k runs that raise money for a family in need. This month I found out about a benefit swim. The swim will raise money for a two year old girl with a rare congenital disorder. It is at a local lake where many triathletes train for their outdoor swim. I have been to this lake twice and it is a nice place. I think it is a great idea and I hope they will raise lots of money in the "Swim for Sophia".

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Did You Know About Gas Buddy?

Did you know about Gas Buddy?

I have been using the website to find the cheapest gas prices in my area. It is simple to use. Simply log in to the site and type in the zip code or town you want to know gas prices for. It will bring up a list of gas stations, prices and how many hours ago those prices were reported. I have found it very helpful!

Did You Know How to Deal with Obesity?

Did you know how to deal with obesity?

It seems to be such an epidemic these days, starting with young children. I have seen two different shows today (yes, I had the TV on!) dealing with obesity. First, I saw part of a Dr. Oz show in which the question was raised "Is it abuse to raise an obese child?" It was a very emotional and heated discussion.

The other show I saw tonight was The Biggest Loser finale episode. I sometimes have mixed feelings about this show. I think it is good that the contestants are learning to use diet and exercise as the means to become healthy. Many have relied on diet pills like Lipofuze and even surgeries to deal with their obesity. I am glad they are learning what it really takes to become healthy. But that is where I sometimes think it can go overboard. I am not sure how feasible it is to quit your job, your life and train non-stop for nearly half a year. I know that many of these people's lives depend on it, so they make it happen. But for folks at home, training many hours a day is not possible. And we don't have nutritionists and dietitians making our food for us. But my biggest concern about the show is how sometimes I wonder if the winners may lose too much weight than is actually healthy all in the name of winning the money.

At any rate, I do think it is important to deal with obesity and for our society there are a lot of confusing messages for adults and kids alike. I hope that education on health will be a great first stepping stone in dealing with obesity.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Did You Know About Infant Sleep Sacks?

Did you know about infant sleep sacks?

After one MESSY incident involving an infant removing her DIRTY diaper upon awaking from a nap, I was informed about "sleep sacks". The little girl's mom told me to leave her in a onesie (which she was not wearing that day) or that she uses a sleep sack at night. The sleep sack is basically a blanket with arm holes and a zipper. It is a way to keep the baby wrapped up, nearly swaddled.

Since I am a proponent of swaddling, and that is how I always put the baby to sleep, I was interested. Especially since she is getting too big to swaddle with her blanket. I tried to figure out a way to use a sleep sack and came up with the idea of using a king size pillow case. I just slip it up over the baby's legs and she is ready for a nap wrapped up so comfy, and yet not too hot. And when she wakes up, she can still get out of the pillow case allowing her to move around as she wakens. It's a kind of home made "sleep sack".

Did You Know About POS Equipment Rental?

Did you know about POS equipment rentals?

CRS offers more than just pos software. The Point of Sale equipment rentals they offer businesses can be a great way to save money during procedures such as physical inventory accounting. The rentals allow your business to save money while using up to the minute technology. Using the affordable and easy to use internationally recognized branded equipment can be an efficient  method in getting the job done.

While using the rental scanners you can have your information transferred directly to the POS system. These quality Percon barcode scanners eliminate errors resulting from information keypunched in. There are also receipt and label printers available for rental, allowing you to use quality equipment during busy inventory periods. These can be great when out of warranty printers fail.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Did You Know About Four Man Sand Volleyball Tournament?

Did you know about four man sand volleyball tournament?

Tomorrow is my daughter's first year to coach at the four man sand tourney. It is the girls from her high school each coaching a team of four boys. They do pool play and then elimination for the championship. It has been lots of fun in the past and my daughter is really looking forward to her team's attempt tomorrow.

Did You Know About Wedding Shower Gifts?

Did you know about wedding shower gifts?

I've been getting some wedding shower gifts. I like when I stumble upon a good deal and can stock up and have the gifts on hand, ready to give. The last shower gift I had to get though had to be shipped and I decided to go ahead and buy from the registry and have it shipped from there instead of going through trying to find a box and take it to the post office. And since it was for my husband's cousin and his bride to be, I was happy to find something sensible. I am so glad it wasn't a lingerie shower-buying sexy corsets would be a bit embarrassing since I've never met her!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Did You Know Breathing in Helium from Balloons is Not a Good Idea?

Did you know breathing in helium from balloons is not a good idea?

I was taught as a kid not to do this and it was equated as drug use in our home. I still believe this today, though not everyone I live with sees it so acutely. It became a situation last night at a church sponsored youth event. When the event was over, the teens scrambled to get at the balloons which had been decorations. I could not believe it when I saw many of them trying to suck in the helium for a joke (to make their voices sound higher.) While most everyone else there seemed to think it was harmless, I will say that I went pretty ballistic trying to make sure the kids did not follow through with drug-using-like behavior. Since not everyone agreed with me, I came home and looked up more information.

I did find that most people, including doctors, say that a breath or two from a helium balloon won't usually cause harmful side effects. Those in the medical community and many in the educational setting will admit that it is not a good idea. Breathing in helium replaces oxygen and can cause dizziness to the point of passing out. Not only that, it is not a good pattern to set as it mimics inhalant behavior.

So, while I may be the only prude left in this era, I have found support that breathing in helium is at least "not a good idea..."

Did You Know About Document Management Software?

Did you know about document management software?

I really had not heard about it before, but then when I found out about document management software from I took a quick look to check it out. It seems to be perfect for folks who need to manage documents with their clients and/or employees. It allows you to keep everything contained without the mess and confusion of a filing cabinet. You can allow restricted access to those whom you wish, even implementing different levels to different users. It sounds perfect for those who work remotely, travel or have clients that need access to documents. There is a free 30 day trial for those who are interested.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Did You Know About Target's Five Cent Discount for Reusable Bags?

Did you know about Target's five cent discount for reusable bags?

The last time I shopped at Target, I remembered to take in my reusable bags. And when I checked out, I got five cents off for every bag that I used! I had not had that before, at least I hadn't noticed. Once when we visited in the Boston area, I got a discount for using reusable bags but hadn't had it happen down here. It may only be five cents, but it's a good idea. And when you load up seven bags of groceries, that an 35 cent savings!

Did You Know Where to Find Life Insurance at Wholesale Prices?

Did you know where to find life insurance at Wholesale prices?

It seems that people are having a harder and harder time finding insurance to fit their needs and their budget. Finding and comparing insurance quotes seems like a good idea. It is nice to be able to find quotes from many carriers in one stop. And maybe it can make the task a bit easier.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Did You Know a Good Egg Substitute?

Did you know a good egg substitute?

I've used this egg substitute a number of times, all with good results. Most folks know about using oil or applesauce as an egg substitute, but this one seems to add something just a little different. Maybe it makes the baked good heartier or fuller somehow. My daughter even used it in some cookies for a friend and those cookies got rave reviews!*

2T ground flax seed + 3T water=1 egg
whisk together til a little frothy

*we did have one egg so she used it plus the sub for one egg

Did You Know About Some Fun Ways to Stay Healthy and Young at Heart?

Did you know about some fun ways to stay healthy and young at heart?

There are some 5k runs coming up that promise to be lots of fun. There is one that starts in front of Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros. It circles around and ends inside the park. Each participant gets two free Astros tickets!

I also read about the upcoming 10k toga run. I have not heard of this before and it just might be interesting to see all these folks out running in a toga!

Having fun and staying healthy seems to be the best way to stay young; probably better than botox, human growth hormone or  anti-aging serums. I say get out there and find something fun to do!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Did You Know A Fun Substitute for Chocolate Chips?

Did you know a fun substitute for chocolate chips?

My daughter wanted a big cookie for her birthday yesterday (she doesn't like cake) but I did not have chocolate chips. I did however have chocolate kisses left from a dinner the night before. I told her I could chop those up for chunks or just make a deep dish cookie and leave the kisses whole. She liked that idea! So I used a deep dish round stone baker and filled it with the cookie dough using the kisses as giant chocolate chips. I had to cook it about 30 minutes but it turned out great!

A friend of mine said she buys the holiday kisses when they go on clearance and chops them up and freezes them to use as chocolate chunks. Seems like the perfect substitute!

Did You Know How to Get Rid of Dark Undereye Circles?

Did you know how to get rid of dark undereye circles?

I keep  hearing ads telling how to remove dark circles from under the eyes. At this point, I need a good tip! I'm tired. It's been a busy couple of weeks with little time to catch up on rest. Hopefully now I will be able to get a good night's sleep. Maybe that can help get rid of these dark circles!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Did You Know How to Quickly Recover from a Sprain?

Did you know how to quickly recover from a sprain?

After all these weeks of therapy and getting back the strength and stability needed for the activities I want to do, I sprained my ankle last week! On the same foot that I'd had surgery on. It was nothing exciting, just jogging through the neighborhood. I was pretty bummed about it, especially since my first triathlon this season was only ten days away!

A few hours after I turned my ankle I decided to call the health care center who has been providing my recent therapy. They told me to come in. I could not take even a touch to the injury site, but after some ultrasound, ice therapy and electric stimulation, I was feeling ok. I actually went back for a second treatment that same day. That helped A LOT! The next day the swelling was down and I was feeling better. I did have to wear a "boot" all weekend and continue treatments every day (missing Saturday and Sunday) and keep bathing it in ice at least three times a day.

But now I can walk on it and the doc even thinks I'll be able to do most of my triathlon this weekend!

We'll see.....

Did you know that many people throw away coins?

Did you know that many people throw away coins?  It is a widely held belief that it is a waste of time to carry around change. But there is always someone who takes joy in other's so called trash. challenge coins is the perfect solution to those of you who feel that coins are a waste of time.  They have a use for what you consider useless, and it makes sense for everyone to benefit from this.  After all, everyone is looking for a profit in this day and age.

Did you know that that fame is hardly ever seen by the one who earns it?

Did you know that that fame is hardly ever seen by the one who earns it?  Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting in his entire lifetime.  Yet now, long after his death, he is regarded as one of the best painters to have ever lived.  It is amazing how things like fame came come around and give you your due credit only when you are dead.  It makes me wonder if anyone I know now will be famous after we are dead and gone.

Did you know that one in five americans has some form of disability ?

Did you know that one in five americans has some form of disability ?

Every human needs the help and support of others, because no one is perfect, and no one can lean on themselves all of the time.  Eventually, there will come a point in each person's life that requires them to depend on someone else.  That is why organizations like disability appeal are stepping out to help those who need a hand.  They can be there for you when no one else is.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Did You Know About National Park Week?

Did you know about National Park Week?

In celebration of John Muir's birthday and Earth Day, enjoy free admission to a National Park during Earth Week, April 16-24. Some concessioners are even joining in with special offers of their own. And if you can't make it during Earth Week, remember that many National Parks never charge an entrance fee!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Did you know that college fees can sure add up quickly?

Did you know that college fees can sure add up quickly?

And not just the tuition and rooming prices, but prices for student's books and supplies take a heavy toll on our wallets.  Not long ago when I was visiting a couple friends of mine at their university, they were telling me about their medical course, and how they had to purchase many of their own supplies like medical lab coats for the class.

I was actually quite surprised because I thought that necessary, basic supplies such as scrubs and coats were covered in the initial cost of the course.  But it seems like colleges are finding more and more ways to gain as much money as possible from their students.  But in the end I hope it will pay off for them once they work hard to finish the course, become doctors, and earn their own true uniforms and scrubs.

Did You Know How To Rack Your Bike in a Triathlon?

Did you know how to rack your bike in a triathlon?

Since I have participated in a few triathlons, I knew how to rack my bike. I knew that it was ok to rack it using either the handle bars or the seat. I also knew that the bike had to "face out" from your race number. But yesterday as a volunteer, I learned a better way to remember it. We were told that it doesn't matter which way your front wheel faces, it is just that the majority of the bike has to face out from your number with it the "down" wheel being on the side of your number. Since the bikes are racked close together with odd numbers on one side and evens on the other, it can quickly become confusing. In fact, we had to re-rack a few bikes (even if the athlete was not standing there.) So just remember that when racking your bike for a triathlon, you must have the majority of your bike facing out from your number, with your down wheel on the ground on the same side as your number. And if all that is too confusing, just ask a volunteer for help!


(photo from: The High Price of Triathlon: Swim, Bike, Run (and Spend) by Sarah Lorge Butler;

Did You Know Some Carpet Cleaning Tips?

Did you know some carpet cleaning tips?

I found these professional carpet cleaning tips from an Austin Carpet cleaning  service. They include ways to remove hard to remove stains like wine, dirt, pet vomit, coffe, tea and cosmetics from your carpet. Each removal uses a series of products like detergent, ammonia and vinegar. When following these steps in order, the stains should be removed.  And an important thing to remember when trying to remove these common hard to remove stains is to BLOT and DO NOT SCRUB.

This Steam Team does more than just carpet cleaning. They also provide services after weather related damage, including water and wind destruction. They provide services for both commercial and residential clients. I guess this would make weather damage and carpet cleaning in Austin an easier task.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Did You Know About Infant Swim Resource?

Did you know about Infant Swim Resource?

This is more than just a swim lesson, this is life saving skills for young children. Kids as young as six months will learn in a one-on-one setting how to breath underwater, roll onto their back and float until assisted. They will practice this in a swim diaper as well as fully clothed. The goal of ISR is to see that NOT ONE MORE CHILD DROWNS.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Did You Know Where my Son and Father Are?

Did you know where my son and father are?

If you know either of them I am sure you've heard by now that they are watching the Final Four Semi Finals games today live, in person!!! They are thrilled! My son has been bragging to all his friends. As for my dad, I am thinking that this last big hurrah with his first grandson before he goes to college is priceless....

Did You Know Your Connections?

Did you know your connections?

Have you ever wondered how you are connected or networked with other companies? Ever wondered about your connection with companies like Personal Creations, Inc? Linked In can help you find out just that info. They state on the site that with them you can "Get access to insightful information about your network at thousands of companies!" So if you have been wanting to be "linked in" you can join in their free site...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Did You Know Uses for White "Magic" Sponges?

Did you know uses for white "magic" sponges?

Of course there is the use it is made for, cleaning sinks. And it works pretty well on my sink. But I have found some other uses for these magic sponges as well. One day, while doing some training on my bike, I ended up scratching the (white) frame with my clip bike shoes. I was really upset! It looked bad! Then I remembered some ladies talking about other uses for those white magic sponges...Luckily I had one and it cleaned my white bike frame right up (though I do still have the scratches.) I have also used the magic sponge to clean my crock pot and some ladies at a preschool use them to clean the tables. I am sure I will be finding more uses for those white magic sponges.

Did you know that every body needs a cleanse?

Did you know that every body needs a cleanse?

What this usually refers to is when someone eats or drinks only a few specific things in order to cleanse or purge their bodily tract. The bad part about this process is that it can take a significant amount of time, and you may not be able to enjoy good food for a while. However, it is essentially a necessity for every human because we are constantly filling our bodies with unhealthy junk. The good news for all of the health freaks is that there is an easier, quicker way to accomplish this.  This website can provide you with the best colon cleanse that your body can get.  It is a useful tool for saving time yet remaining healthy.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Did You Know About the Action Figure Museum?

Did you know about the action figure museum?

In driving to Oklahoma City, we passed a sign for the Action Figure Museum in Paul's Valley, OK. We did not have the chance this trip to stop. In looking at the website, this is a collection of action figures and memorabilia in line with those toys. The first toy to be called an action figure was G.I. Joe, which was the first figure inducted to the museum.

The museum also houses the Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection, honoring Oklahoma cartoonists. They have a play room to actually play with the action figures. They also offer interesting classes on action figure design and other artistic concepts along this line. You can even have a birthday party here. I think we will be stopping on our next trip through.

Did You Know About Technology on College Campuses?

Did you know about technology on college campuses?

While I'm sure it varies from campus to campus, technology on a college campus is important. For example, at the campus we just toured, incoming students receive a Mac laptop and their choice of either an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch. Each building is set up with some sort of technology to allow students to interact even in the classroom (that part I was not clear on, but it seems like there are three different formats used, including flat screens in the front of the room.) Also, nearly all buildings are set up with a printer so that students can send their papers to any of those available printers in any building (in essence you can pick up your homework on any of the hp printers available on your way to class.) I think it's pretty great and a necessary part of their lives now. I'm glad it's all included in tuition.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Did You Know A Way to Save Your Tomatoes?

Did you know a way to save your tomatoes?

Several folks in our area love to grow tomatoes in their back yards. The biggest problem seems to be saving the ripening tomatoes from birds and squirrels. I heard today on the radio of a way to help save the tomatoes from birds. The radio gardner said to hang coke cans or red christmas ornaments above the tomatoes. This would discourage the birds when they pecked on the aluminum, causing them to deter from pecking the ripening tomatoes. I don't know if this will work, but one of my friends had some red christmas ornaments in her garage sale this morning. When I told her about this idea, she took the ornaments inside saying she will try it. I guess we will find out in a few weeks if it works or not.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Did You Know Daylight Savings Time Goes into Effect this Weekend?

Did you know Daylight Savings Time goes into effect this weekend?

Just a reminder to spring ahead one hour tonight/tomorrow morning at 2. Set your clock ahead one hour. Yes, you "lose" that one hour of sleep. It is supposed to help us save energy on lighting by using the natural light longer into the evening hours. While I have read that the savings are minimal, lots of people enjoy the longer hours of daylight.

To learn more about Daylight Savings Time and it's origins, you can read what Yahoo News had to say about it today.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Did You Know Caffeine Helps with Exercise Induced Asthma?

Did you know caffeine helps with exercise induced asthma?

Last week while running on the treadmill at therapy, the doctor asked why I was coughing so much. I told him that is how much I cough, even after using my inhaler. He suggested I start consuming some caffeine. He wanted me to drink half a sugar free Red Bull. I told him I probably would not but that I would look at it. I do not like the idea of consuming aspartame, which is in the SF Red Bull but I found an alternative in Rock Star sugar free lemonade. While it does contain Sucralose, I thought I could compromise on that and give it a try. I could not believe the difference!

I used the inhaler as per normal, but also drank about 4 oz. of the energy drink. I hardly coughed at all on the treadmill that day and could even breathe normally when I was done! It was a good feeling! I have since found a more natural product that I am going to try this week, Guru energy drink. It has the caffeine without the artificial ingredients. I hope it works as well. And as for now, I am adding a little caffeine to my workouts!

Did You Know About Buying Used FEMA RVs?

Did you know about buying used FEMA RVs?

At one time I considered doing this. I thought it would be fun to have an RV and to use it for travel and save hotel money. As recently as last year, there were still some FEMA trailers for sale in our area through a local RV dealer. I have not done a lot of homework in this area. I still like the idea of it. I had heard though that not all the FEMA trailers are equipped with standard options that I would want when traveling. And while it would surely save money on renting a hotel room, to make sure it was worth the investment, I would need to consider in the cost of motor home repairs that might be necessary. It could be feasible and one day I may consider buying a trailer. As for now, I think the price of gas may put a damper on any RV purchases for the near future.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Did You Know Today Is Free FryDay?

Did you know today is free fryday?

From 2-4pm (local time) Chick-Fil-A is giving away free waffle fries! In celebration of the new Heinz Dip and Squeeze Ketchup, customers going in during those hours and requesting the new product will get free fries to go with it!!

Did you know that some people never get hurt?

Did you know that some people never get hurt?

They can actually go through life without ever getting seriously hurt or breaking their bones or anything of that sort?  However, as most of us know, that is a very small percent of the population, because most of us will break something or be in some sort of accident at one time or another. It is just bound to happen, and it usually happens while we are kids.  So, since there is no real way of avoiding the inevitable, the next best thing we can do is to be prepared.  One easy way you can do that is by obtaining whole life insrunce information.  Since we know it's going to happen to one eventually, we might as while be ready for it when it hits us.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Did You Know Today is Free Pancake Day at IHOP?

Did you know today is free pancake day at IHOP?

IHOP is offering free "short stacks" of pancakes today, March 1. They hope that diners partaking of the short stack will put in a donation for the Children's Miracle Network. The free pancake offer is good until 10pm. Sounds perfect for hungry college students short on cash!

Did You Know About Blue Diamonds?

Did you know about Blue Diamonds?

When I mentioned that I had heard about "blue diamonds", my nephew said he thought diamonds were white. I said "Well, there must be some that are blue, since they are called blue diamonds." When I looked, sure enough, the diamonds in reference are blue in color. They are pretty, especially when paired with the white diamonds.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Did You Know Ordering Pizza Can Save Your Life?

Did you know ordering pizza can save your life?

At least it did for 82 year old Memphis resident Jean Wilson. Apparently Ms. Wilson has been ordering a pizza every day for the last three years. Having this regular habit and daily interaction helped her when her daily order had not come in for three days. When she found out the order had not been made for three days, delivery driver Susan Guy took it upon herself to find out why. She knew that something just wasn't right and went to Ms. Wilson's residence. When she got no answer, she called 911. Ms. Wilson is recovering now, thanks to her daily Domino's order and her wonderful delivery driver, Ms. Guy.

Did You Know About the Perfect Napkin Rings to Match my Centerpiece?

Did you know about the Perfect napkin rings to match my centerpiece?

I have not done it often, but today I am going to host guest blogger Sue Carlson. Here is what Sue wanted to share:

Guest post written by Sue Carlson

I took the long weekend to work on a project that I'd been planning for quite a long time, making a new centerpiece for my dining room table. I had found these amazing silk flowers on clearance and some other decorations that I thought would be great for a centerpiece. I simply couldn't pass them up.

I thought that while I was at it I would go ahead and create some other things for the table to match it, like napkin rings. I saw some on one of my favorite design blogs not too long ago with my clearinternet and got in my head that I had to make some of my own to match my decor.

I had bought some of those silk flowers in bulk, so I made some DIY napkin rings with gardening wire, ribbon and a flower for each napkin. They look so chic and put together. Now I have to have a dinner party. They also remind me of spring, which I'm so ready for after all of this cold weather.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Did You Know About the 95 Year Old Runner?

Did you know about the 95 year old runner?

I just saw a piece about the oldest sprinter. She is 95 years old. She has won awards and seems to be having fun. I would hope to be that healthy and active at her age! To see the video you can click here .

Did You Know About Weight Loss Supplement Side Effects?

Did you know about weight loss side effects?

There are so many ads and products for weight loss. I think it's important to do homework before using any of these. Just listening to ads can be deceiving. I saw one ad the other day in which I thought it was important to read the fine print. Many products have side effects and should be looked into before using. If you've ever wondered about Lipofuze, Fenphedrine or oxyelite pro side effects, be sure to check out what others have to say before starting to use them.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Did You Know How a Woodpecker Sounds?

Did you know how a woodpecker sounds?

For the last week or so, I've been hearing a woodpecker out our window every morning. One day I mentioned it to my husband and asked if he heard it. He denied that it was a woodpecker as it was "too fast". So I looked out the window and sure enough, on the telephone pole just outside there was the woodpecker doing his morning work.

Did You Know I Love my Naps?

Did you know I love my naps?

When I was younger I could not sleep during the day. Now, I try to take a nap every day! I know a lot of it is from getting up early. But so many people I know get up early and then have to go to work all day. I don't know how they do it. As for me, I am in no need of sleep aids. I can pretty much go to sleep night or day!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Did You Know Most U.S. Car Batteries are Recycled?

Did you know most U.S. car batteries are recycled?

We were at a friend's house the other day. They wanted to show us their new TV. So we watched part of a program called How Do They Do It? On this segment I learned that 90% of U.S. car batteries are recycled. Which is a good thing, since I think they said that more lead is derived from these recycled batteries than is taken from lead mines.

Did You Know Of Any Diets that Work?

Did you know of any diets that work?

It seems as if everyone is looking for that perfect diet. Some magic formula. I have heard that diets work differently for different people. I have also learned that eating is 70-80% of the battle in weight control. I have come to decide that balance is the key; balance in diet and exercise. Regular exercise and a healthy diet seem to be the best when it comes to good health and weight management.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Did You Know Different Ways to Lace Your Shoes?

Did you know different ways to lace your shoes?

I've been thinking of taking out my elastic shoe laces. I like them because I can treat my tennis shoes as slip ons. But in thinking about putting regular laces back in them, I wanted to see if there were any other ways to lace them that would still allow me to slip them on. I didn't know there was such a variety of ways to lace shoes. I came across this page with a few fun ways to lace your shoes. I'll probably give one or two of them a try.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did You Know About Watson?

Did you know about Watson?

Watson is an AI computer developed to "learn". I watched the end of a NOVA program discussing Watson and his upcoming appearance on Jeopardy! I found the ideas in the program intriguing on the heels of just having finished reading the book Prey. The idea of a computer "learning" is very fascinating. I hope to be able to catch the Jeopardy! airings of Watson's appearance Feb. 14-16.

Did You Know About Compression Stockings?

Did you know about compression stockings?

There are actually two different kinds. The gradient compression socks are used for different conditions, including lymphedema and blood pooling. The anti-embolism socks are used to aid in blood circulation and lymph fluid circulation. Athletes often wear compression socks to stabilize muscles and to aid in circulation and lactic acid removal.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Did You Know How to Get Relief From Soreness?

Did you know how to get relief from soreness?

I did some exercises yesterday that I have not done in a while. I was sore today! One of the best things I have found for relieving my soreness is swimming. After being sore all day, I swam tonight, and came home from the pool feeling better than I have all day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Did you know that choosing a college major is one of the most difficult things to do?

Did you know that choosing a college major is one of the most difficult things to do?

 It is a decision that will almost certainly have a huge impact on your life and career path. Some people change their majors many times, while others feel that they have always known what they want to grow up and do for a living. Personally, I am looking into a major involving communications. I believe it is an area that provides and sharpens many useful skills.  Communication is key for jobs, relationships, and many other things.  If I can become an effective speaker, I will have the ability to captivate people with my thoughts.  This can lead to many opportunities, such as sales jobs or representative positions.  It is my goal to choose this major and succeed at it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did You Know About the Rolling Power Outages in Texas?

Did you know about the rolling power outages in Texas?

I've heard hearsay about it, but still don't really understand it. I did find this article which tries to explain it a bit better than I've heard, but I still don't understand why or even really how it helps.

Supposedly, by outing electricity in certain areas, it helps with the power supply elsewhere in the state. Honestly I don't understand how that works or how they decide which areas to out and why those areas are out so long instead of the 45 minutes to 2 hours. It was very frustrating yesterday for all those affected. I would think those parents whose kids had to still go to school but sit in the dark cafeteria because of the power outages should be a bit riled too...

Hopefully they will get things back under control and be able to run as they should, according to the mentioned article.

Did You Know Laptops Work Better for College?

Did you know laptops work better for college?

We were thinking of getting our son an iPad for his high school graduation. But this past weekend we went to visit a college, along with some other folks from church. One of the moms with us has a daughter already there. We were talking about what kind of device to get and she suggested that some of the netbooks are better for college life. She recommended a certain kind and it's important too to get one that is new and current as the kids will need to be able to "keep up". And in her experience in getting an older, used version, it is a hassle when it comes to having to get repairs done. So I am now thinking we will be getting some sort of laptop come spring.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did You Know Darth Vader Can Be Found at Our National Cathedral?

Did you know Darth Vader can be found at our National Cathedral?

In reading the recent Dan Brown novel The Lost Symbol, it was mentioned that there is a Darth Vader grotesque (like a gargoyle) on our Nation's Cathedral. I did not know if it was true so I looked it up. Sure enough, on the outer front way up high is a carving of Darth Vader. It was placed there following a children's contest in the 1980's. Check here  for more information.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Did You Know About Jazz Apples?

Did you know about Jazz apples?

I found a new variety of apple at the store last night. They are called Jazz apples and are a cross between Gala and Braeburn apples. They are cultivated in New Zealand. I am not sure how apple growers cross apple varieties, but we found this one to be a nice firm, crispy, tasty apple.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Did you know that not everyone has the same metabolism rate?

Did you know that not everyone has the same metabolism rate?

I know some people that can eat whatever they want, whenever they want, and gain absolutely no weight.  These people have very fast metabolisms and can burn fat and calories quickly.  But for others, it is not that easy.  It can take a long time and several workouts to burn just a small amount of unwanted food.  However, there is a product out there to help people in that task.  The fat burner spirodex aids people who are struggling with weight in shedding pounds quickly and efficiently.  So those who are at a disadvantage with a slower metabolism rate can now be on an even playing field.  

Did You Know Changing Your Focus Throughout Your Swim Workout Makes It Easier?

Did you know changing your focus throughout your swim workout makes it easier?

I am not a strong swimmer, but I've been faithful to swim several times every week. For a long time, I was just swimming lap after lap. It was boring and seemed to take forever. While changing my focus may not actually make it easier, it makes it seem easier and makes the time seem to pass more quickly.

On my last swim workout, the core of the swim had four sets of 400 yards to do. So on each set I focused on something different-arm stroke, reach, kick, breathing. Today, I did a pyramid swim-one lap, rest ten seconds, two laps, rest fifteen seconds, on up to six laps and then back down again. The time seemed to go by much more quickly using these approaches. I've also found that doing different workouts from time to time can also help to make the swim easier and to pass the time and to keep from being so monotonous.

Did You Know You Can Get Insurance Quotes Online?

Did you know you can get insurance quotes online?

I know at the beginning of the year, many people begin to look for new insurance, whether it be homeowners, car, life or something else. And searching online and doing a little homework before talking to anybody seems to make sense. This way you can get your car, life or home owners insurance quotes at your own convenience, with less hassle and no obligation.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Did You Know Aggressive Therapy Can be Helpful in Recovery?

Did you know aggressive therapy can be helpful in recovery?

I don't know why it's taken so long to recover from my surgery or why I've had minor setbacks, but  I have learned this past week just how much healing aggressive therapy can lend. I have been having heel pain in the same foot that I had surgery on last summer. I went to a chiropractic clinic with a sports medicine focus. They have had me come in every day last week since Wednesday. I have had tissue work, ultrasound, electronic stimulation, ice and stretching each session. I was already feeling better by today!

So, I started some rehab exercises as well today. Now I am looking at eight more sessions which will hopefully give me the strength I need to keep working on it from there myself. The other approaches are still a part of the plan as well. This is to help get out all the scar tissue and to help with range of motion.

While this is not cheap, I am more hopeful now than I was just last week. I am so looking forward to being back where I want to be and doing the things I want to do...

Did You Know I've Got to Get Serious?

Did you know I've Got to Get Serious?

Between not being able to run and lots of holiday and birthday goodies, I think it is all catching up to me. Never mind I've still been cycling and swimming, eating all the junk in the meantime is taking a toll on my body. I need to crack down and get serious about my training, which means getting serious about eating right. I know what's good to eat, I've just gotten to where I like to eat the junk again! Maybe I even need a jump start with the help of one of the fat burners I've used in the past. They really seem to kick up the metabolism for a quick start. And hopefully soon I'll be able to add running back into my routine.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Did You Know Some Sentimental Gifts?

Did you know some sentimental gifts?

My son  received some sentimental gifts for his 18th birthday. It seems as if my parents and I were all on a similar wavelength. I gave my son a journal I've been keeping for just over eighteen years. The first year of his life I wrote letters to him each month. After that, it was every so often, then became each year on his birthday, with special milestones written about as they came to pass. He knew what it was when he opened it and was touched by it.

After that, my mom gave him a book of photos from when he was born, some from the hospital and some from his first days home. It was nice to look through the album and my nephews enjoyed it as much as we all did. They didn't even recognize us in some of the photos.

Then my dad gave my son a little ball cap he'd been wearing in some of those early photos! Following this,  my dad also gave him his grandfather's Stetson Fedora. As it is now, the hat doesn't fit my son. But it might when he cuts his hair. I think he would like to wear it and it would look good on him too.

Did You Know Gym Attendance Skyrockets in January?

Did you know gym attendance skyrockets in January?

The first month of every year sees an increase in people actually making it to the gym. I have noticed very full parking lots (though I've been surprised that our 5am spin class is no bigger than normal!) I know everyone is set to keep their health related New Year's Resolutions, so that accounts for the increase in gym attendance. I would also guess that there is an increase in the sales of the best diet pills, what with all the end of year eating and the New Year's Resolutions.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Did You Know about Young Adults' Survival Kits?

As part of my son's 18th birthday gift, I gave him a couple of "survival kits". One is a Young Adult's Survival Kit. In it I included a folder with information about all the laws that change once you reach legal adulthood-entering contracts, military service, credit, consent to medical treatment, how to get a job, marriage, suing, and many other things that pertain to living as an adult. I also included a voter registration card, a draft registration card, and a shopper's card to our local grocery store (it provides discounts on gasoline.)

I also included a "Kid at Heart Survival Kit." In it there was a Tom and Jerry DVD, suckers and packages of his favorite candies. Lots of fun!



Did You Know When Else You Can Wear Your Bridesmaid Dress?

Did you know when else you can wear your bridesmaid dress?

It seems as if a lot of bridesmaids accumulate several special occasion dresses after being in all of their friends' weddings. And when you have a collection of several of these dresses, it might seem like you have no where else to wear them. Maybe though, there will be other occasions to wear these more formal dresses. Maybe the dresses could be worn to a holiday party, a special dinner or banquet. Maybe you are taking a cruise and could wear the dress to dinner on the ship. Perhaps you could wear it to another wedding. I know some of my daughter's friends even dressed in formal dresses and wore them to IHOP for a midnight snack!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Did You Know Gifts Your Eighteen Year Old Might Need But Not Know to Ask For?

Did you know gifts your eighteen year old might need but not know to ask for?

I've read some really great ideas for gifts for eighteen year olds. Some are fun, some practical and some very serious. We are taking the combination approach for our son's 18th birthday gifts. But here are some things I found that are recommended as gifts for eighteen year olds that they may not know they need.

*legal guide to laws that change as they turn 18

*voter registration

*selective service registration (draft-males)

*driver's license renewal

*investment-stocks, savings account, mutual fund, Roth IRA

*financial guide information

*gym membership

*concert tickets

*trip or travel guides, passport, luggage

*nice clothes-suit, business wear, etc

*their baby book, "this is your far" scrapbook, journal/letters written to them from parents

*family blessings-see the book The Blessing for more info on this

Did You Know Causes of Cerebral Palsy?

Did you know causes of cerebral palsy?

We had some friends whose son was born with cerebral palsy. They said it was a "lack of oxygen to the brain." There are apparently several causes to cerebral palsy. There are some genetic conditions that result in CP, Rh incompatibility and even a kidney infection in the mother can lead to a child born with CP. Toxicity (drug or alcohol use during pregnancy), severe jaundice in the early weeks of life and severe physical trauma to the mother during pregnancy can be factors in CP. Oxygen shortage, failure to recognize and treat seizures post delivery, a C section performed "too late", improper use of forceps or excessive use of vacuum equipment can all also result in a child's CP.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Did You Know an Ambulance Ride Costs More than an ER Visit?

Did you know an ambulance ride costs more than an ER visit?

I didn't until the bills came. The ambulance ride is almost three times as much as the emergency room visit. Of course, the ambulance charges for mileage ($19/mile), oxygen, back board, stabilizing collar...I am almost surprised they didn't charge for me to ride with them! At least the hospital was willing to make some payment options, even though their bill was much cheaper!

Did You Know Gifts for an Eighteen Year Old?

Did you know gifts for an eighteen year old?

Our son turns eighteen this week! We have been struggling over what to get him for his birthday. He really doesn't need anything and doesn't even really want much. So it's been tough to decide what to get him. There are lots of great ideas: electronics-he has most of them except maybe a samsung lcd TV which can wait, a car-he bought himself one, a laptop or iPad-we will get him one for graduation, luggage-likely graduation as well. As of now, I think we have settled on getting him a suit.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Did You Know a Baby's Favorite Toys?

Did you know a baby's favorite toys?

With Christmas not far behind us, I am seeing some of the new toys received by the infant girl I babysit. She has lots of great new little toys, and for the most part she enjoys them as much as a five month old can. But I must admit that some of her favorite toys are still her hands and feet!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Did You Know Bridger Bowl is 8700 ft Above Sea Level?

Did you know Bridger Bowl is 8700 ft above sea level?

I am not sure the highest elevation I've ever been to, but I am guessing this is one of the top ones. We left home at 0 ft above sea level to arrive at this gorgeous ski area. We loved how it was more about the locals and not a tourist trap. The crowds were low and it just seemed like a great place to spend a ski vacation.