Thursday, June 25, 2009

Did You Know An Easy Way to Make Enchiladas?

Did you know an easy way to make enchiladas?

I usually only save enchiladas for special occasions since they are so time consuming. I used to fry up each tortilla (no, I don't make the tortillas!) which was time consuming, hot and messy. But I found a recipe that says you can spray both sides of each tortilla and put them in a 350 oven for 3-4 minutes to soften them up before rolling them into enchiladas. When my family was due to arrive home from camp, I decided to try this method. It worked great! Easy to roll, and no hot greasy mess! And lots less time! I may make enchiladas more often now!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Did You Know X Rays are Done on CD Now?

Did you know X Rays are done on CD now?

When I went to meet my husband to pick up my son after he broke his collar bone at camp, I wanted to be sure and get the x rays. My husband handed me all the paper work from the hospital (I am so glad he was there!) and I went into the bathroom at the gas station. While inside I was thinking "OH! Where are the x rays?" So I asked my husband as soon as I got out. He pointed out the CD that he had handed me. That is where the x rays are! We brought them home and our doctor stopped by that evening. She loaded the x rays onto our computer to look at! Pretty cool!

Did You Know I Don't Drink Coffee?

Did you know I don't drink coffee?

Neither does my husband. Our son likes to drink it though! I do have a small coffee maker that I keep on hand for whenever we have company who likes to drink it. And I try to keep some coffee in the freezer for such occasions (which have proven few and far between!) I don't even know how to make the coffee, so the guest has to end up doing it! I would never invest in some fancy Capresso machine; I'm glad I only paid $10 for my coffee maker!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Did You Know I was Able to Find a New Route?

Did you know I was able to find a new route?

I am not used to driving through the city. So when taking my son back to camp, I was ok with leaving after rush hour. However, as we came to downtown at 8pm, I noticed the traffic completely stopped. I hated to sit through that. I have sat there before for an hour and we were meeting my husband so I did not want to wait. I decided to brave it and follow another highway around. I knew it would meet the highway we wanted on the other side of downtown, I just was not sure how to get to it. But as I followed it along, I noticed there were signs saying I could catch the highway I wanted. I was thrilled when I saw the entrance and got on with no problem. It might have even ended up being faster than if the traffic was flowing at a normal rate on the highway I had abandoned! I was very happy to have taken the chance to try a new route. And even happier that I did not get lost or have to back track at all!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Did You Know About Ikea's 15% Off Sale?

Did you know about Ikea's 15% off sale?

I just read through the latest Ikea ad. It looks like they are having a nice summer sale for folks who are moving. On the last page, I came across a special 15% off deal. It is for folks in our area who had nothing better to do while "in the dark" after hurricane Ike. For anyone bringing in their baby's birth certificate dated June 1-July 4, 2009, they will receive an additional 15% off their entire purchase!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Did You Know How I Avoided Being Team Mom?

Did you know how I avoided being "team mom"?

Last night we registered my daughter for her homeschool volleyball league. I did not/do not want to be team mom, one of the only positions left for volunteers by the time I saw the list. (Never mind I already had the water bottles from last year and thought I stated my intention to be the "water mom".) So instead of signing up for team mom, which I am not cut out for, I signed up for "team photographer"! Thankfully they only want photos and not videos, since I don't have camcorders but I do have a digital camera. I am not sure how they will turn out, as I am no great photographer, but I would sure rather do that than be team mom!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Did You Know Where to Get a Free Root Beer Float Tonight?

Did you know where to get a free root beer float tonight?

Sonic is offering FREE root beer floats to customers tonight between 8pm and midnight. They did this same promo a couple of years ago. There was a huge response at our local Sonic. I guess that's why they made the hours later for tonight. From what I remember the floats are rather small so you may want to hit up Sonic twice for some extra refreshment!

Did You Know HGH is Not Just Used by Athletes?

Did you know HGH is not just used by athletes?

Athletes using HGH to "enhance performance" (which is still debatable!) is old news. And perhaps it isn't so new to hear of the other people who are using HGH for other reasons as well. When it was told that Roger Clemens wife was using HGH it might have just been someone stepping out to expose what many already knew. HGH has been touted as a "fountain of youth" in anti-aging, so it is not unheard of to see those concerned with aging and appearance to use HGH regularly.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Did You Know About The Tabs on Aluminum Foil Rolls?

Did you know about the tabs on aluminum foil rolls?

My cousin said she got an email in which she learned something useful she had never known all these years. Of course she knew I too would appreciate it! Maybe you too have had rolls of aluminum foil or plastic wrap come out as you tried to pull out and tear off a piece. This happened to me again tonight. And then I remembered what my cousin told me. On the side of the box are perforated pieces which can be pushed in as tabs to hold the roll in place! Very useful tidbit of information I think!