Thursday, March 29, 2012

Did You Know You Need to Schedule Driving Test?

Did you know you to need to schedule driving test?

My daughter is anxious to get her driver's license this year. Her friends already told her if she is wanting to get it in May, it's time to make an appointment now. I didn't even know you could, much less, should make an appointment for a driving test! Some places allow you to make the appointment online, while others state you have to come in person to make the appointment. The laws have changed somewhat since my son got his license (a good thing) and I am hoping that making an appointment will only make things run more smoothly!

Did You Know Some Great Anniversary Gifts for Her?

Did you know some great anniversary gifts for her?

This year both my parents and my husband and I are celebrating big anniversaries (though I think each one is big!) My parents will celebrate 45 years together this weekend and my husband and I celebrate 25 years this summer! I know that tokens of affection are big deals on such occasions and I thought I would list a few, just in case someone wants to take a look:

*flowers are nice
*dark chocolate is good
*a special trip-cruise!!
*new bicycle handle bars
*I'll save some space here to add on ;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Did You Know Old Navy Has Healthy Snacks?

Did you know Old Navy has healthy snacks?

One morning I was out with the toddler I keep doing some errands. I saw that Old Navy had rain boots on sale and I wanted to price them for the little girl. So we went in. But at this point the child was getting tired and hungry. I saw at the register inside Old Navy there were some snacks and drink coolers. I saw bottles of water and got that and crossed my fingers there would be something we could get to snack on, not really thinking we would be successful. I was very happy to find that there were Clif bars, squeezable applesauce and crackers there, all perfect for a healthy snack after a long morning of errands!

Did You Know About Kinder, Gentler Crowd Control?

Did you know about "kinder, gentler" crowd control?

When I think of crowd control I tend to think of barricades and men with sticks. But there is a kinder, gentler form of crowd control that I never realized or even thought of as controlling crowds. I have often seen the stanchions and velvet ropes at theaters, concerts and sporting events. This seems like the nice way to shuttle crowds where you want them to go and also add a nicer look and feel to an event. I am sure there are times and places that call for more stringent crowd control but I hope to stick to the events that have the kinder, gentler forms.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Did You Know About Good Customer Service?

Did you know about good customer service?

It's not easy to find. But I have recently experienced good customer service from You see Alice* is a website where you can do your shopping for home goods, including some grocery items. Shipping for orders over $40 is free and it's pretty easy to reach that minimum order. Things always arrive in a timely manner. This time however one of my laundry detergent lids had broken and had leaked out about a quarter of the bottle. I mentioned this in an email to them. I got a response that same day saying they would send me another bottle of detergent and no need to try to return the broken one. I got the replacement bottle in two days!! I call that some good customer service! Thanks, Alice!

*Alice is named after the maid on The Brady Bunch. Their slogan is "Everybody needs an Alice."

Did You Know It's Easy to Order Flowers Online?

Did you know it's easy to order flowers online?

I did this one year for my granny's birthday. She lived in a town not too far away but I was not going to be able to get over to see her on her birthday and I wanted to send the flowers on that day. It was really easy and there were lots of great choices. I chose one that was shaped like a birthday cake! She was really happy to get the flowers and I was happy that it was so easy to order them online and have them delivered on her birthday!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Did You Know Adults Need to Play Too?

Did you know adults need to play too?

This past week was my son's spring break from college. While he was home it was a different feel, to have a nearly adult child and get to do some fun things with him. We went one evening to an "adult arcade". It was fun; plenty of video games, many that we could play against each other, food, and even tickets to get prizes when we were done! Another day my husband took our son to the shooting range. Neither had ever been and they had a really good time. On our last day we spent a couple hours at the beach, just hanging out, playing in the sand, a game of toss and getting our feet wet. Even adults and nearly adults need to play too!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Did You Know What to Pack in a Gym Bag?

Did you know what to pack in a gym bag?

Of course there is the obvious-anything you want/need during your workout: workout plans, towel, maybe some headphones. But I like to keep a bigger bag packed as well. In it I keep a lot of stuff: a cover up skirt, an extra set of underwear, power gel, a shower bag including shampoo and soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, oil free moisturizer and a little makeup. I also keep a pair of sunglasses and a hat. This way after I hit the gym I can pretty much be ready to go if I need to.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Did You Know When to Get New Running Shoes?

Did you know when to get new running shoes?

I've often heard that it's time to get new running shoes after around six months or after running 300-500 miles. But I was told today that a good indicator that new running shoes are needed is when old injuries start to come back to haunt you. So, after a bad flare up of knee pain and a visit to the sports clinic, I went to the shoe store for another pair of new running shoes!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Did You Know Jamba Juice Also Serves Hot Drinks?

Did you know Jamba Juice also serves hot drinks?

I wish I'd have known that on my recent trip to Oklahoma! It was cold and windy and I would have enjoyed a hot drink. I don't like getting them at Starbucks because they use too much sugar and flavored syrup. But I learned that Jamba Juice has Chai tea and organic hot chocolate. I will give them a try sometime and see how they compare.

Did You Know About Protective Headgear?

Did you know about protective headgear?

I am all for it. I told my husband when he got his motorcycle that the one thing I requested is that he always wear his helmet. While I know he has gone a time or two without, to let our daughter wear it, for the most part he has stuck by that. And I know that motorcycles are not the only protective headgear out there. I heard that  miller welding helmets not only protect but also have some pretty cool designs as well. And of course there is headgear for skateboarding and cycling too. I have always encouraged my family to wear their protective headgear when engaging in any of these dangerous activities.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Did You Know Abut Feb Photo Challenge Days 26-29?

Did you know about Feb photo a day challenge days 26-29?

Here are the last of the Feb. photoaday pictures!

Feb. 26: night

Feb. 26: night
Feb. 27: something you ate
Feb. 28: money
Feb. 29: something you're listening to