Friday, March 29, 2013

Did You Know About Being Lost in Music?

Did you know about being lost in music?

There is nothing in the world that can get my emotions going quite like music can.  When I am alone in my own little world with my music of choice running through my head, I am totally at peace.  Music makes me feel emotion, and think deeply using them.  The only thing better than being lost in music is being lost in your own music.  For those that know how and have the ability to create their own music, it is truly a blessing.  They can take their own little world of music and customize the sounds into exactly what they want to hear.  And not only that, it is their own creation.  What an awesome feeling that must be.  However, to create your own music, you need the proper tools. The presonus audiobox is an exceptional innovation that allows aspiring music artists to chase their dreams with professional equipment.  Even those of us with no music experience have a chance to master our own hits with this helpful tool.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Did You Know About Adopt a Beach Clean Up?

Did you know about adopt a beach clean up?

While looking for service projects for our company to participate in we found the adopt a beach clean up program. Twice a year area citizens come together to help clean the beaches. In addition to picking up trash, debris is also logged to see where it has come from. These clean ups take place in April and September. I think this will be the perfect service for our outdoor sportswear company to participate in.

Did You Know Good Uses for Storage Cabinets?

Did you know good uses for storage cabinets?

Of course they are made to store things on/in, but some of the ways our family has used storage cabinets has proved their versatility. We have used storage cabinets as book shelves. We have storage cabinets in the garage. At one point my mom had a storage cabinet for a pantry. My son has a storage cabinet he uses as a wardrobe. Storage cabinets would work in the bathroom or as toy storage.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Did You Know Gatorade is Making a More Natural Product?

Did you know Gatorade is making a more natural product? My son was sick last week and needed some Gatorade to replace all the electrolytes he lost. I don't normally buy Gatorade products because of the high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors. So I was pleasantly surprised last week when I saw that Gatorade has actually started selling a more natural product-I believe it was a G2 drink. It does have Sucralose in it, which my son does not normally tolerate well, but for his needs last week it worked. I am glad to see that Gatorade has responded to the needs of consumers. Not so many years ago I had read on their website that they had no intention of making a more natural product as that is how their customers liked it. But for those who truly want to perform, products devoid of the artificial flavors and colors only enhance performance and better meet their needs.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Did You Know I am Looking Forward to November?

Did you know I am looking forward to November? I cannot wait until we "fall back" with the time change! This "spring forward" has killed me this year! Sure it's only an hour but it came at an awful time for me (long weekend at work, time change, tri training plan increased in intensity) and to top it all off I could not get to sleep last night as exhausted as I was!! So, yeah, I am looking forward to November....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Did You Know Some Good Spring Break Ideas?

Did you know some good spring break ideas?

Our kids actually have the same spring break this year so I was trying to think of some good ideas to do together. The beach is an obvious choice but way too crowded and crazy over spring break.  I thought about trying to go kayaking but husband nixed it. There there is hiking which I am definitely going to do with my nephew at the very least!)  There is a zip line where my son lives, if we go there we could all do that. And last year we all went to Dave and Buster's, it was a good enough evening....But I need some other good idea.

Did You Know About Personalizing Products?

Did you know about personalizing products?

Many business and organizations have personalized products they give away. Our church has often used such items. For example in our community outreach this week and in our upcoming vacation bible school we will likely be looking for the best selection of promotional products to give away to visitors from the community. These items are great little reminders of our location, times, etc so that folks can contact us at any given time.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Did You Know About the Search For Happiness?

Did you know about the Search for Happiness?

 This weekend marks the kickoff at our church for a new program called The Search for Happiness. We are having a big day of family fun tomorrow March 2 with lots of activities from frisbee golf to computer safety, basketball skills to teen culture awareness, a forty-two tournament to youth story time. Sounds like there will be something for all ages. Then we will be having a guest speaker from Sunday to Wednesday helping us find where true happiness comes from. It seems that happiness is a fad of sorts right now; I've seen a documentary and several articles pointing to finding happiness. Hopefully this next week will shed some light on finding that source of true happiness....

Did You Know What's Old is New?

Did you know what's old is new?

 I guess that is pretty much the way it always is. Even from ancient times King Solomon tells us "there is nothing new under the sun." And these days every where I look I see "old" fashions becoming new again. One thing I've really noticed is that the big headphones are in vogue again, though I don't really know why since they are so big! (I wonder if they have better sound or outside-noise reducing qualities?) At any rate, when I bought all the teens ear buds for Christmas I wasn't so sure if I shouldn't be buying something more like the ath-m50 headphones instead!