Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Did You Know How to Bypass a Fuse?

Did you know how to bypass a fuse?

In talking about thought processes this morning, my husband told me how to bypass a fuse. He said that you put one end of a screwdriver on the end of one wire and the other end of the screwdriver on the end of the other wire. You do this with the metal part of the screwdriver. This then acts as the conductor. I asked why you would do this. He said he knows people do it to steal cars. The key acts as the fuse in the ignition, so if they break the ignition housing they can hot-wire the car to start it. I am sure this was a very simple explanation of the process.

Did You Know What I Love to Give Guys With Trucks?

Did you know what I love to give guys with trucks?

Whenever I am buying gifts for guys with trucks, it's pretty easy to get together a bunch of truck accessories. I like to get a bucket and fill it with all kinds of goodies for the truck. Anything like chamois, tire cleaner, air fresheners, and such items make great gifts for truck drives both young and old. These work great for gals who drive trucks too!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Did You Know a New Exercise for Plantar Fasciitis?

Did you know a new exercise for plantar fasciitis?

A friend of mine who does a lot of running told me today about an exercise he did when he had plantar fasciitis. He took a long running sock. In it he placed a one pound can of food. Then he tied the sock in a knot. He put the sock in between his big toe and the next one with the knot above his foot and the can below. Then he lifted the can up and down by bending his foot at the ankle. I have not tried this yet but am planning on giving this a try. I am working hard at healing this nagging problem!

Did You Know I Use Less Safety Products?

Did you know I use less safety products?

As I got ready to vacuum the other day, I pulled out another plastic cover. I just left it out. I got to thinking about having nothing but big kids around here. I put those covers in six years ago when I baby sat a friend's baby. He's no baby any more! I started thinking about having to use no real
safety products around the house any more. Sure, we take care of things and try to be as safe as possible, but with teens around, there are way more things I am worried about than sticking their fingers or a toy into a socket! I wish there were "safety products" to guard a teens heart, mind and soul that were as easy to implement as putting a plastic cover into the outlet.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Did You Know We Met Switchfoot Today?

Did you know we met Switchfoot today?

My daughter and I were blessed to be able to go today to a local Street N Greet to meet the Christian rock band Switchfoot! They came to a LifeWay book store nearby and we got to take the opportunity to stop by and meet them! The line was not too long. Everyone was allowed to have one item signed and to take photos as we moved through the line. We were going to have the cd cover from an old cd signed but as we moved through the line we did find one of the newest cds. So I bought that and had them sign that cover instead.

The guys from the band were really nice. They each shook my daughter's hand and asked her name and noticed her volleyball shirt. Several asked her if she played. They were very nice and seemed to be truly glad to meet their fans today.

As we got in the car, my daughter was not so sure the new cd would wait to be a Christmas present for her brother. We have listened to it today, to make sure it's good of course. She is still in debate as to whether she will give it to her brother!

Did You Know About New Driver Laws?

Did you know about new driver laws?

In our state several new driver laws were instituted on Sept. 1. This affects everyone, particularly kids who are working on getting their licenses. I like many of the new laws. They have upped the required hours for kids to get their permits and licenses, which I think was much needed. They have changed some of the seat belt laws. They have added laws about cell phone usage in school zones. So licensing a new driver is now about more than getting free insurance quotes (which is still important!) Be sure and stay up to date on all the current new driving laws.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Did You Know One Reason I Love my Husband?

Did you know one reason I love my husband?

At Valentine's I made my husband a list of reasons why I love him. He pulled one out yesterday. It said "you can do so many things". He asked what I meant by that. I told him that he takes care of so many things around here. He keeps my car running. He fixes door handles and changes air filters and fixes toilets and replaces lights and fixtures. There are many many things he does to take care of our family. And it saves money too that he can do so much himself. Just another reason I love him so much!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Did You Know How to Email a Song to a Friend?

Did you know how to email a song to a friend?

I heard a song today that really hit me. I wanted to send it to my husband on his phone. I did not know how to do it. My son said it is possible but he did not have time to help me figure it out just then. After we found the song on I searched through the FAQs to see if it was possible. Not only is it possible, it’s easy! Just find the song. Under the title is a “share” button. Push it and it says you can email it to a friend.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Did You Know About Trapeze Class?

Did you know about trapeze classes?

I saw on the Biggest Loser last night, a trapeze class. This is a new trend in the exercise world, with studios in LA, New York, Boston and DC offering classes. It is not for everyone. It is for those who can hold their own body weight with both hands on the bar. It seems like it would be fun, different and really add a new element to a workout. There is still some debate on how well it works your core and how many calories it burns.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Did You Know I am Wracking My Brain for Gift Ideas?

Did you know I am wracking my brain for gift ideas?

Usually I have some good ideas for what to get most folks on my list. I have done all right this year. Some of the hardest people are already taken care of. But this year, the teens seem to be hard for me. I do not know what to get my niece nor my own kids. Most of this is because of the prices of the gifts they want. I mean, a car, LCD tvs, laptops, and even season tickets this year, are just out of my budget for Christmas gifts. I sure hope Santa comes up with some great ideas in the next few weeks!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Did You Know I Took a Day off to Work?

Did you know I took a "day off" to work?

I actually took two days off of my regular stay-at-home-mom job to be an extra in a local commercial this week! It was done by Nike and shot at Space Center Houston. It was fun, I learned some things, and got a good check for some Christmas shopping too!

There were only five of us extras which was pretty cool! I had thought there was going to be large crowd of us, as had been the case in the two other shoots I had participated in. I liked the small group of us. We got to visit and I learned things from these "actors" who do this kind of work more often.

I even had a bit part with some lines! The commercial is actually going to be aired on the internet. It should be released around Thanksgiving. I don't know how it will turn out and if I'll even really be in it. But hey, it was fun and I earned a little money too!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Did You Know How Exhausting it is Raising Teenagers?

Did you know how exhausting it is raising teenagers?

If you do, because you have already done it, or are still in the middle of it, please leave me a comment with your very best insight/advice/tricks/tips. I need all the help I can get! I just thought raising toddlers was exhausting...!!

Did You Know We Have Tile Flooring Throughout Our House?

Did you know we have tile flooring throughout our house?

After a water mishap several years ago, my husband wanted to put in tile flooring, throughout the house. This way, any more water damage would not harm the floors. We chose dark natural tile flooring. It is easy to clean and hard to tell when it's dirty! The only downside is that it is loud and echo-y in the living area, and somewhat cold, though that can be considered a plus in the hot humid summer!