Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Did You Know About Run Training?

Did you know about run training?

One of the things I learned about running this week has been interesting and helpful in my recovery after surgery. I learned that not only does it take time after surgery to get the scar tissue worked out, but that it takes about three months of short run times to build up the connective tissues. This means that even though your cardiovascular and muscular fitness may have reached a level of being pushed further, you can still move too quickly and (re)injure yourself if you don’t take the time necessary to allow the connective tissue to strengthen. This has helped me feel less disappointed and to focus on getting stronger and taking it easy now so that in the long run my whole body will be able to handle the longer runs (that’s the idea anyway!!)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Did You Know About Consumer Math?

Did you know about consumer math?

This is one of the subjects I am teaching to my son. I think high school senior year is the perfect time for this and I think it should be a required subject. Much of it he has at least heard of, but I think it's important to share the information with him. Some of it he is already using, other info he won't use for years to come. But at least he will have heard it and maybe won't have to learn his financial future in such a hard way as some kids do. I really like the practical approach and try to implement what he is learning in this subject to everyday living.

Did You Know My Favorite Gifts for New Babies?

Did you know my favorite gifts for new babies?

Anytime I receive new birth announcements I like to give each new baby the same gift. I even try to stock up and keep some on hand so I am ready for the new little ones. I nearly always give a baby Bible. One with colorful pages and short stories. When possible, I also like to give Christmas ornaments, particularly the "My First Christmas" ones. I will buy these, without a year stamped on them, and save them to give along with the Bible as a shower or new birth gift.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Did You Know About Amazon's Gadgets for Blogger?

Did you know about Amazon's Gadgets for Blogger?

I noticed the other day that Amazon now has gadgets for Blogger. They are really easy to install. If you are an Amazon associate, then all the work is done for you. All you have to do is copy and paste. If you want to utilize some of these gadgets for yourself, just go to the Amazon associate page to see what all you can install on your blog. You can use the search box to highlight relevant items. There are also some sidebar gadgets you can install. They have made it easy!

Did You Know You Can Make Your Own Sushi?

Did you know you can make your own sushi?

I was trying to think of some healthy, nutritious meals. Even ones that could be easily transported. It hit me that we would probably like what I learned is called "California Rolls". It's kind of an American sushi with rice, shrimp and avocado. It is delicious and not that hard to make. You can find recipes online. There are also some videos online to help you learn how to fold the rolls properly. Now if I can just keep myself eating these light healthy meals, maybe I wouldn't be in such need of the best slimming pills!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Did You Know My Son is Now a Campus Rep?

Did you know my son is now a campus rep?

I posted a few weeks ago about the collegebookrenter.com website. After our first encounter with them, in which we had no problem getting the books we ordered, I told my son about the opportunity to become a campus representative for them. I did not know if he would qualify since he is still in high school. But he went ahead and applied. He got a phone interview soon after that and is now a campus rep for the book renters (you can also buy through them and save some money on the book prices.) To me, renting these books that are not going to be used long term, and as often as new editions come out, makes great sense. So if you are going to be needing textbooks feel free to enter my son's rep code if you decide to rent or purchase from this website.

college book renters campus rep code: CBR321000

Did You Know About Calcium Supplements?

Did you know about calcium supplements?

Several years ago I broke some ribs. Apparently I had bronchitis and didn't know it. The amount of coughing I did somehow cracked or broke my ribs. (They either broke directly from the coughing or cracked and then broke from the activity I was doing.) Not long after that I also broke a toe. From doing nothing except maybe running. My doctor said I was too young for this and recommended that I start and stay on a regular calcium supplement. I have to take a minimum of 1500 mg each day. Some days I do better than others at remembering. I especially like the calcium chews (the ones without artificial flavors and such.) These are almost like a treat after dinner!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Did You Know About the Race for the Cure?

Did you know about the Race for the Cure?

This is the fun run/walk sponsored by the Susan Komen foundation. It is to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and education locally. Some of the funds will be used to help those in need of breast cancer care as well. Because my mom is now breast cancer survivor, we are going to join the Race for the Cure in Houston on Oct. 2 to celebrate her health.

Did You Know Hunting Seasons Start on Different Dates?

Did you know hunting seasons start on different dates?

It seems throughout our state, there is nearly always a season to hunt something! Whether you use rifles and scopes or bows and arrows, there is usually something in season. I read that there is no closed season on rabbits. And there are even seasons to hunt pronghorn antelope (I didn't know there were any around!), javelina, squirrels and alligators!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Did You Know You Can Get Blogs on Your Kindle?

Did you know you can get blogs on your Kindle?

Are you tired of missing your favorite blogs when you travel? Do you love keeping up with what is going on in your loved ones life but don't have time to log in every day? Now you can keep up with your favorite blogs by subscribing to them and having them sent directly to your Kindle. If you wanted to find out about living on the other side of the world, a blog like Tai Shan would keep you in the know. The low monthly fee of just $1.99 makes this very affordable. There are no cables, no connections and no syncing involved. Simply subscribe and have your favorite posts in your hands via Kindle today!

Tai Shan

Did You Know Some of the Best Fat Burners?

Did you know some of the best fat burners?

As the weather cools down, it's easier to get out and exercise without dying of heat exhaustion! Some of my favorites are outdoor activities. I am trying to get back to my running, though right now it is mostly walking. I have learned to enjoy swimming. And I have enjoyed cycling since I was a teenager. These are my ideas of some of the best fat burners.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Did You Know About Crave Cupcakes?

Did you know about Crave Cupcakes?

I heard about this sweet bake shop a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to take my husband there for his birthday treat, but we actually ran out of time. At Crave you can get freshly baked cupcakes and muffins. They are baked in batches throughout the day to make sure they are served as fresh as possible. No trans fats are used. Flavors are rotated each day to keep some variety.And they look delicious!

Did You Know About Our New TV?

Did you know about our new TV?

Well, we did it. We succumbed and bought a new flat screen TV. It's nice. The picture and color are good. The shows now have the "soap opera" look. Things look more "realistic" rather than set on a stage or scene. I have noticed too the actors' skin. I know that's weird, but with such a large clear picture, well, I noticed. I know they all have on some make up but every one of them, no matter age or gender, look like they have no need of facial creams or acne treatment products-or at least they have used some of the best. And of course have good make up artists. But all in all, we have enjoyed the new TV and its crystal clear picture.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Did You Know Shaving Cream on your Hands can Prevent Grease?

Did you know using shaving cream on your hands can prevent grease?

I have not tried it, but I did tell that to my husband. He keeps "goop" in the garage to clean up after dirty projects. So when I heard that rubbing your hands with shaving cream before a job is supposed to help prevent the grease build up, I had to pass it on. I wonder if it works after the job as a degreaser? And I wonder if applying it before doesn't make your hands too slippery to work? It's worth a try….

Did You Know About Flavored Cigars?

Did you know about flavored cigars?

One of my grandfathers smoked cigars. The smell is strong and very distinctive. Even though he did not smoke them constantly in front of us, now when I smell a cigar I associate it with him. When I heard about Black and Mild flavored cigars (apple, grape) I wondered if the smell is as unique as each flavor. If so, I can imagine those smells would be singularly associated with those who smoke them.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Did You Know About Swimplan.com?

Did you know about swimplan.com?

I learned last week about this site where you can get free swim workouts. You can get them customized to your level. When you first sign up, you will be under the Premium account. This will expire in fourteen days, but you can still log in for the free workouts after that. I am hoping this will be a great place to find some variety in my workouts.

Did You Know About Document Binding Machines?

Did you know about document binding machines?

This summer my mom was making some bound books for the kids in her bible classes. The church had an old document binding machine, which did not seem to be working well. I wish we had known about the VeloBind machine then. She ended up having to take the booklets to a copy place to have them bound. Next time we'll know where to get an updated document binding machine.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Did You Know How to Shower When there are No Showers?

Did you know how to shower when there are no showers?

Today I did a sprint triathlon relay. It is the first time I've done one on a Sunday. As I wanted to leave straight from the event and go to church, I knew I needed to find a shower. There were no gyms around. There was a public beach area with showers, but it was about fifteen miles in the opposite direction. So I decided to do the next best thing.

I had several bottles of plain water, so I used these as my faucets. I washed my hair right there in front of my car. (It was in a small parking area with a little curb area right in front.) I knew my kids would be so embarrassed if they saw me! That is when I noticed someone sitting in the car right next to me!

Then I had to find somewhere to "shower" and change clothes. I did find a park restroom right there in the park, so I went in and proceeded to "shower". I went in the handicap stall and used a foaming wipe to soap up. Then I poured the water over to rinse. It was cold, but it worked.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Did You Know About 24 Hour Fitness Varsity Program?

Did you know about 24 hour fitness varsity program?

We have been contemplating dropping our YMCA membership for two years. The fee has gone up, but it is a good place for the whole family and is very convenient. We however have not dropped our 24 Hour Fitness membership. We pay for the whole year what we pay per month at the Y (this is because we have been members so long and got a special deal years ago.) So when my son decided to play homeschool basketball again this year, he reminded us that 24 Hour has a "varsity program" where members of varsity level high school teams can come to the club for free. This sounded like the perfect plan-drop the Y and let our son use 24 Hour. Except when I checked on the program, the high school players can only use the facilities from 2:30-4:30 pm! This is fine if they all got to the gym at that time, but those kids usually have activities/practices after school and those hours are not usually the hours they can utilize the program! I know they would really like to use it in the evening/at night, which is the gym's most crowded times. So, we still have not dropped the Y…..