Friday, September 17, 2010

Did You Know Hunting Seasons Start on Different Dates?

Did you know hunting seasons start on different dates?

It seems throughout our state, there is nearly always a season to hunt something! Whether you use rifles and scopes or bows and arrows, there is usually something in season. I read that there is no closed season on rabbits. And there are even seasons to hunt pronghorn antelope (I didn't know there were any around!), javelina, squirrels and alligators!


Montucky said...

Takes a schedule on a calendar to keep track. Good link to follow up on too: my son is looking for a new scope before our elk season starts.

silken said...

glad these links are helpful!! I had no idea there were so many different hunting seasons. and I did not know that there was a particular season on alligators or that we even had pronghorn antelope in TX!!