Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Did You Know About Run Training?

Did you know about run training?

One of the things I learned about running this week has been interesting and helpful in my recovery after surgery. I learned that not only does it take time after surgery to get the scar tissue worked out, but that it takes about three months of short run times to build up the connective tissues. This means that even though your cardiovascular and muscular fitness may have reached a level of being pushed further, you can still move too quickly and (re)injure yourself if you don’t take the time necessary to allow the connective tissue to strengthen. This has helped me feel less disappointed and to focus on getting stronger and taking it easy now so that in the long run my whole body will be able to handle the longer runs (that’s the idea anyway!!)


Montucky said...

That's interesting. I have always rather instinctively tried to slowly work up to more advanced levels of activity.

silken said...

I am sure it's the body's way of taking care of itself! smart too! I have read that you should not increase activity levels by more than 10% each week.