Monday, September 13, 2010

Did You Know Shaving Cream on your Hands can Prevent Grease?

Did you know using shaving cream on your hands can prevent grease?

I have not tried it, but I did tell that to my husband. He keeps "goop" in the garage to clean up after dirty projects. So when I heard that rubbing your hands with shaving cream before a job is supposed to help prevent the grease build up, I had to pass it on. I wonder if it works after the job as a degreaser? And I wonder if applying it before doesn't make your hands too slippery to work? It's worth a try….


Montucky said...

I had never heard that before. It would be worth a try if anyone had some around. I've found that Crisco is very good for getting grease off though.

silken said...

ah, hadn't tried that either, but that is what the "goop" seems like now that you mention it!