Saturday, September 21, 2013

Did You Know The Benefit of Mosquitos?

Did you know the benefit of mosquitos? In an area prolific with mosquitos, this topic of conversation often comes up. After watching a hiking program last night which mentioned a benefit of mosquitos, I decided to look it up. And of course, I should have thought of these obvious benefits of mosquitos: -They help pollinate plants; specifically mentioned on the program was blueberries -They are low on the food chain allowing for those of us higher up to sustain our selves and this one not so obvious: -They have contributed to our medical advances; synthetic anesthesizers for example as well as super small injection needles

Did You Know About Stairlift Chairs?

Did you know about stairlift chairs? These are the motorized chairs that help folks "ride" up the stairs. There are many different kinds of people who might need to use a stair lift chair. Of course older folks or those who have little to no use of their legs are the first that come to mind when thinking of those who would benefit from a stair lift in their home. The lifts make it possible for these people to stay in the homes they have been in, requiring no need to move. It also allows them to go to the home of a loved one if that is more beneficial. I have seen the stair lift chairs in public places as well. This makes it more convenient for people who cannot climb the stairs when there are no elevators in a building. This is usually the case with older buildings; for example, I have seen a stair lift chair in a small local museum and historical society building. Using a stair lift allows for more freedom for those with limited mobility to stay in the place they most desire.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Did You Know the Lord Always Provides?

Did you know the Lord always provides?

 It seems that our God always provides for us and has blessed us every time we have needed it. I am not saying that he just rains money down on us or bestows these high dollar things that some people seem to preach. But He always seems to come through in ways that get us just where we need to be. For example, just this week, just today, my son and I were stressing about how he was going to buy one more textbook that he found out he has to have by Monday. And...he received two checks in the mail today! Not huge ones, but just enough to get us out from that stress of where we were going to get the money for one more book....*huge sigh of relief and prayers of gratitude that God has once again provided just what we needed*. I am not one to preach or believe in the "health and wealth" theory folks hear from TV evangelists so often. But I do want to express my gratitude for the provisions we have received....and I don't think it's just good luck!

Did You Know About Group Travel Tours?

Did you know about group travel tours?

 As we are about a year away from becoming "empty nesters", my husband and I have started thinking about some things we would love to do. We really would love to start doing some traveling, including hiking and camping. Now as we continue our conversations and really start dreaming, then come the thoughts of traveling in Europe and other places overseas. Glad I found out about group travel tours at! Now we can start doing some research to make those dreams realities!!