Thursday, February 14, 2013

Did You Know About Cinnamon?

Did you know about cinnamon?

While I've always loved cinnamon, I learned something about it while reading my cereal box! It is apparently part of a laurel type tree whose bark is harvested in Sri Lanka. When the bark dries it curls up into that shape we call cinnamon sticks.

Did You Know About Teflon?

Did you know about Teflon?

 It is actually the brand name for a synthetic polymer with a long name. I read that teflon hose is used in many different facets, from brakes in a car to tubing in a medical research facility. It is so versatile and sought after due to its ability withstand high heat, pressure and chemicals. It also sounds like it is readily available, from hardware stores and auto supply to specialty companies.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Did You Know About RelaxReflect?

Did you know about RelaxReflect?

 I just recently heard about this company who specializes in reflective gear. Their items look pretty cool, but a little on the costly side. I was very interested in giving them a try when I did not win a free giveaway sponsored by a running group. I took a look around their site and found a special they were running. So I made an order to give them a try. Wow! Their gear is cool but their customer service is the icing on the cake!

 After I'd placed my order they promptly emailed to tell me that they were in the middle of a move and that production was on hold during that time but they would ship my order asap. Another week or so went by and I received another email stating that things were moving along and that production would resume soon.

Then my order arrived! Inside, neatly packaged, there was a not telling me that they were unable to fulfill my color request. Because of the long delay they went ahead and substituted a similar color hoping that was ok. Because of that and the delay in production, they also enclosed a *free* reflective t-shirt! I love both items but the service they provide to the customer is a rare treat.

I just wanted to pass the word along to anyone who might need reflective active wear.