Monday, May 31, 2010

Did You Know What to Do When There are Mistakes on Websites?

Did you know what to do when there are mistakes on websites?

I have come across many typos, misspellings and grammatical errors in the many websites I have visited. Of course it is true that folks will always make mistakes. And it is to be expected that there will be mistakes made when businesses and individuals develop their websites. But when a professional site has several such errors, I find it to be rather a put off. I have often wondered if there is anything you can do about such mistakes. When I see printed mistakes, I usually don't point them out (though I recently did at a doctor's office.) I wonder though, don't such people want their business to look professional, to attract customers rather than to put them off? Do you leave a message pointing out the errors of the website? The one that really gets to me is when blog advertisers want bloggers to provide an ad for them. While the blogger is being compensated for doing so, s/he is expected to appear professional and have no typos, misspellings or grammatical errors. And rightly so, I say. But how about when the very advertiser that is being written for has such mistakes on its own website? Should the blogger say anything? How can s/he? Is it necessary? Is it appropriate? Should the blogger contact the advertiser or go through the ad company? Or just let it go?

Did You Know About Pronexin?

Did you know about Pronexin?

Having teenagers, I am often reading about the best products to fight acne. Today I found a website that offers pronexin reviews. It's hard to know what to use, as each product makes the claim that it works. What we have discovered is that each product probably does work. But they work to varying degrees for each individual. So go ahead and read the reviews but it seems like you will have to discover for yourself if a product works for you.

Did You Know About the Texas Art Asylum?

Did you know about the Texas Art Asylum?

This newly opened self proclaimed "part craft store, part thrift store, part salvage yard, part antique store" sounds like an artists haven. The art asylum takes in and redistributes used craft items ranging from acorns and antlers to wine bottles and yarn. There are a few things they will not take including computers and keyboards, phone books, pets or children! Seriously though, what a great idea this crafty lady had to start the art asylum. I wish her well and wish that I would have known about it before my garage sale!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Did You Know You Can Sell Your Used Books Online?

Did you know you can sell your used books online?

Perhaps you have even bought or sold used books using an internet auction site or book seller. I recently came across another way to sell used books online. Though I have not used them yet, I found a site that will pay the shipping for you to sell your books if you use their pre-paid shipping label. You can be reimbursed the price of media mail shipping if you choose to send your books via UPS. You can even use the site to sell back your used college textbooks.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Did You Know About American Idol Voters?

Did you know about American Idol voters?

I read a quick blog article last night on the recent American Idol voter demographics. I have not watched a lot of American Idol, and am less inclined to now that Ellen D. is a judge. But I found the blog post interesting. The author states that girls will find it hard to win the competition now because the voter demographics tend to be "40+ soccer moms and their tween daughters." And with the advent of texting, it has become more prevalent for these young girls to vote for the latest young male heart-throb. I don't much care who wins the show, but I did find it an interesting sign of our current culture.

Did You Know I Have Another Chance to Tri This Weekend?

Did you know I have another chance to tri this weekend?

This Saturday I will be doing a "sprint" triathlon. This weekend's event features a pool swim. We will be started every ten seconds and will swim six laps in the pool. Then we will get on our bikes for a fifteen mile ride. We finish with a three mile run. I am looking forward to it, though looking at last year's results, I will likely finish in the bottom of my age group. This is my kind of fat burner!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Did You Know Field Trips are Available to the Apple Store?

Did you know field trips are available to the Apple Store?

Students in K-12 classes are eligible for field trips to participating retail Apple Stores. Classes as large as 25 members can attend, and arrangements may be made for larger groups. The students can work to create something in store as part of the trip, or they can bring in a project and use the store as a theater. The kids can learn to use iPhoto, iMovie, build a website, learn how to make keynote presentations and learn how to use Garage Band. This sounds like a perfect field trip for kids of all ages!

Did You Know Why People Want Testosterone Boosters?

Did you know why people want testosterone boosters?

After having a houseful of teenaged boys over the weekend, I do have to wonder why people would even want testosterone boosters! After looking at the reasons, I am guessing only men would use these products (though I admit I am not sure of that.) Here are the reasons they use this type of product: build muscle, endurance, post workout recovery, burn fat, increase stamina and energy, and of course, increased sexual performance. I guess those are reasons that guys would be interested in using a testosterone booster.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Did You Know What You Would Do?

Did you know what you would do?

What if you came up on someone trying to steal a bike? What if you heard someone being degraded by a sales clerk or a coach? What if someone had been drinking and was going to drive off with a baby?

This is the premise of the ABC show What Would You Do? I have enjoyed watching the show and seeing what others would do in these given situations. They are set up with actors and then the scenes are played out to see what everyday folks would do. Sometimes it's surprising. It sure makes me stop to think "What would I do?"

Did You Know This is the Season for Weddings?

Did you know this is the season for weddings?

I have been to wedding showers the last two Saturdays. And have received an invitation for another. It is the season for weddings and wedding showers. There have been lots of moving around of decorations and other wedding accessories in preparation for all the excitement in the upcoming days. One of the mothers of one of the brides to be was happy that she did not cry at all through today's shower. Though she knows it will be different at the wedding itself!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Did You Know About Free Online Typing Tests?

Did you know about free online typing tests?

In preparing for the typing test I recently had to pass, I wanted to see what my words per minute were. I searched online and found several free online typing tests. I did these several times a day for a few days just to get a feel for what I would be doing in the test. I was happy to find that I typed above the minimum requirement. I feel like my blogging gives me practice in my typing skills, but it was nice to use the online typing test to see my wpm and my accuracy range. Hopefully it is good enough to get me a summer job.

Did You Know You Can Train for a Triathlon and Not Lose Weight?

Did you know you can train for a triathlon and not lose weight?

While watching the Biggest Loser this week, one of the contestants gained weight, even while training for a marathon. I believe it! The more I work out, the hungrier I am. I am not necessarily watching what I eat. I try not to indulge on junk food, but as for the rest, I don't limit. So I don't lose weight. I don't know if any kind of appetite suppressants would help or not, but working out hard makes me hungry!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Did You Know You Can Get Sore Thumbs?

Did you know you can get sore thumbs ?

From riding a bicycle. I took my bike out yesterday for an hour or so ride. It was not my first ride on it but it was an extremely windy day. That is the only difference I can figure. My thumbs hurt after the ride and so did my right arm. I guess I was hanging on quite fiercely through all that wind! And today, I woke up with sore thumbs! Guess I need to check into thumb exercises!

Did You Know About Receipt Printers?

Did you know about receipt printers ?

There are a few small businesses around here. Some will still write you a handwritten receipt. There is nothing wrong with a hand written receipt, I just wonder if they know about epson receipt printers. I did not know you could purchase just the receipt printer. It might come in handy for those small businesses.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Did You Know May 21 is Bike to Work Day?

Did you know May 21 is Bike to Work Day?

This Friday, May 21, Downtown Houston will host a city wide event in celebration of Bike Month. Beginning at Memorial Park, riders will cycle to City Hall. They will gather at 7am with departure at 7:30. It would be great fun to join all those cycling to City Hall. Refreshments will also be provided.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Did You Know I Got A New Bike?

Did you know I got a new bike?

I had been thinking of upgrading to a new road bike, one that is more suited to "racing" triathlons. When I asked the local bike store owner when his next sale is going to be, he proceeded to show me the bike he could make me a deal on. Seems like last year he ordered eight purple and white bikes! He only had a couple left.

When I went back in, he told me that if I trade in my old bike he could get the price of the new bike to about half the original price. He let me test ride it. Then he fitted the bike to me. Then he made me a good deal on (ugly) shoes, cleats and pedals. All in all I spent less on the whole deal than I did on my previous bike. Of course that one is gone. I already miss it. But I think I will be able to live with purple.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Did You Know I Learned Something New About My Microwave?

Did you know I learned something new about my microwave?

I have had it for two or three years (or more!) And I just learned that there is a thirty second button! So if I just press this little button, it will add thirty seconds to the existing time. Pretty handy!

I also found out that you cannot use the express timer (where you hit a number 1-6 and it cooks for that many minutes) while using the timer. For some reason, it just won't let me.

I am glad I found out these two little tidbits to help me better utilize my microwave!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Did You Know I Think I Have Exercise Induced Asthma?

Did you know I think I have exercise induced asthma?

I have joked for some time about this. I really thought it had more to do with all the wind and pollen in the air. Whenever I cycle, I cough a lot. It is not as bad when I do indoor spin class, so I think it has to do with the allergens in the air. And the last few times I have been running, I find it hard to catch my breath, breathe deeply or feel like my chest is clear. I don't cough as much when running but there is a little coughing accompanying those other symptoms.

I did not know that there is a real possibility of having exercise induced asthma. But after doing just a little reading online, I have found that this is not uncommon. I have felt like this is just a thing that will pass. But now I am wondering if my performance could be just a little bit better if I used an inhaler to clear my airways. May be something I bring up in the future, after I get my foot problems dealt with.