Monday, May 31, 2010

Did You Know What to Do When There are Mistakes on Websites?

Did you know what to do when there are mistakes on websites?

I have come across many typos, misspellings and grammatical errors in the many websites I have visited. Of course it is true that folks will always make mistakes. And it is to be expected that there will be mistakes made when businesses and individuals develop their websites. But when a professional site has several such errors, I find it to be rather a put off. I have often wondered if there is anything you can do about such mistakes. When I see printed mistakes, I usually don't point them out (though I recently did at a doctor's office.) I wonder though, don't such people want their business to look professional, to attract customers rather than to put them off? Do you leave a message pointing out the errors of the website? The one that really gets to me is when blog advertisers want bloggers to provide an ad for them. While the blogger is being compensated for doing so, s/he is expected to appear professional and have no typos, misspellings or grammatical errors. And rightly so, I say. But how about when the very advertiser that is being written for has such mistakes on its own website? Should the blogger say anything? How can s/he? Is it necessary? Is it appropriate? Should the blogger contact the advertiser or go through the ad company? Or just let it go?


Montucky said...

I often point out those mistakes when I have a chance. They are so widespread now that I'm afraid we are losing the language. I see them in nearly everything written by journalists and even in some very expensive commercials on TV. I attribute it to the lower standards that so many people and companies have now adopted.

silken said...

there are some that I find hard to believe! it is so common, and when I see it in professional places, like the journalists you refer to, it blows my mind! it drives me crazy! and I wonder if it's even worth pointing out. when I said something at the dr. office, they said others had mentioned it too! I know lots of folks don't read all the fine print, but if you know it's there, then why not fix it???