Saturday, November 29, 2008

Did You Know What You Can Learn From a Panda?

Did you know what you can learn from a panda?

We just rented Kung Fu Panda tonight. We were not sure it was something we would all enjoy, but we ended up liking it in spite of some inappropriate language and even some pretty silly moments. However, we saw a few things we could learn from this panda. My son brought out Shifu's advice about "meeting your destiny on the very road on which you try to avoid it" and how this was played out in the movie. I liked the idea that "there is no special ingredient." It's about you and what you are. There is no ancient secret or special energy, it's just you. And you gotta do with you the best you can.

Did You Know About the Ultimate Hunter's Package?

Did you know about the ultimate hunter's package?

I found out on Thanksgiving that my sister in law and her husband have now decided to go vegetarian. I am not surprised really, as she works for a vegetarian naturopath, so this is really in step with their lifestyle. She did mention that she would not be opposed to eating say wild deer cooked in a stew, which they had done not too long ago.

Due in part to this fact and also the fact that none of us are really keen on all the gorging done on Thanksgiving, the amount of leftovers, and what it takes out of my mother in law, we decided we will do something different for Christmas. I am not sure exactly what this means. But if it means my father in law needs to go hunting to get a deer, he should take a look at the Nikon Black Friday Promo. Yes, I know "Black Friday" is over, but the promo lasts all weekend! (through Dec. 1) The package includes ProStaff 3-9x40 Riflescope with BDC Reticle, ProStaff Laser Rangefinder, Silent Technology Rangefinder Case, Mastering a Long-range shot with BDC DVD, and $50 NikonProGear Gift Card offering a $144 savings!
I don't know if we really will be having deer stew at Christmas, but this sounds like a great package deal for all those hunters out there!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Did You Know I Set My Personal Record This Morning?

Did you know I set my personal record this morning?

We got up to do a small local 5K run this morning. It was the first event put on by the local running club. My husband ran right along with me and kept me encouraged and helped me with my pace. As we neared the turn around, I realized that no girls had passed us yet. There was a teenaged girl in front of us and another girl. At first I did not think I could catch them, but when I saw the teenager walking, I thought I could do it! I told my husband we needed to catch the girls in front of us. He helped me to increase my pace and stride and helped me to regulate my breathing. If not for his encouragement every step of the way I don't think I would have been able to set my PR this morning. As we passed the last girl ahead of me, I was really feeling the hurt in my stomach. But we kept on and pulled a little away from her. I finished the race at 27:12 which also put me as the top female finisher of the race!! And since this is the first annual turkey trot, it also means I hold the course record!! So now my 15 seconds of fame will last for a whole year!!

The whole thing is really unbelievable to me!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Did You Know About the Crash at Crush?

Did you know about the Crash at Crush?

Last week my husband was watching a program that featured this tidbit of information. I found it rather interesting. In September of 1896, there was a man named Crush who staged a train wreck near Waco, TX. He had witnessed a wreck earlier and even though it had taken place far from any towns, within an hour he noticed a crowd had gathered. So he took it upon himself to stage a wreck just for the "show" of it! He worked for the Katy railroad and so had access to a couple of old engines-one red and one green-which he placed facing each other on the tracks. Excitement was in the air as folks gathered to make a day of it, bringing along their kids and picnic lunches. Upon the crash there was a huge explosion and several people were killed by flying debris. This did not stop other onlookers from gathering bits of debris as souvenirs! The songwriter Scott Joplin heard about this event (if he wasn't there to see it) and even wrote a song about it! Crush was fired from the railroad, but as this was one of the biggest money makers the railroad had seen, he was later reinstated!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Did You Know I Have Been Trying to Plan Menus Each Week?

Did you know I have been trying to plan menus each week?

I have gotten myself into the habit of making a menu for the week before grocery shopping. It helps to keep me to the list and helps keep me sane when it’s time to make dinner! We are always so busy that I don’t usually have time to wonder what’s for dinner and try to plan it out that afternoon. But if I make a menu, I can have all the ingredients on hand for meals for every night. I don’t necessarily plan which night will be which dinner, though sometimes circumstances demand a quick meal, a crock pot meal, or one that takes more prep time. Over all, even though it can seem drudgery, planning a menu each week has really helped me out.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Did You Know How to Make Caramel Sauce?

Did you know how to make caramel sauce?

We love caramel apples. I don't like the artificial colors and flavors in caramel candies. So I looked around on line to find a good caramel recipe. I found several easy ones. The one that I have been using makes more of a sauce. I don't think it would work to dip an apple on a stick in, I don't know if it would "set up" enough as it is more like a caramel sauce. But it is so sweet and yummy! It really does have a good flavor. We like to mix some up and slice our apples to dip into it. It might even be good over ice cream!

Caramel Sauce:

3/4 C brown sugar

3/4 T butter

3 T milk

1/4 t vanilla

I think you are supposed to use a special method for making caramel, but I have found it easy to just mix this over low heat til bubbly. I sometimes lift the pan up off the burner so it doesn't over heat. I stir continuously until it is bubbly and a little bit thickened. Then I let it cool for a few minutes before dipping the apples into it. It is a great fall treat!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Did You Know How To Use the APC?

Did you know how to use the APC?

I had never used the Automated Postal Center in the post office lobby before. But yesterday I had some packages to mail and the line at the post office was rather long. Since I had an appointment and did not want to come back by the post office, I decided to try the APC. It is really simple to use. All the instructions are written out for you to follow. The tools are provided and you simply answer the questions. You do have to have a credit or debit card to use the APC. But it ended up for me being so much better than waiting in that line!

Did You Know You Can Post Your Resume' Online?

Did you know you can post your resume' online?

On Sunday I heard there are several people at church who have lost their jobs. There are others whose jobs are hanging in the balance now as well. It is difficult times for many people. I came across a website where those looking for advertising and marketing jobs can post their resume' online for potential employers to find them! There are also some listings available to browse through. There are articles to read through to stay up to date on information. You can also sign up for job opening email alerts. This might be another tool for all those people who are being affected by the financial crises and down sizing going on across the country.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Did You Know How to Crack an Ice Cube Tray?

Did you know how to crack an ice cube tray?

We grew up making ice in trays. So I found it rather funny today when my daughter was working on her science lab. Earlier this week, she had to make ice in preparation for the lab. Today when it was time to use the cubes, she yelled out "how do you get the ice out of the tray?!" We told her just to twist both hands in opposite directions. It took a few minutes, but she got it figured out!

Did You Know It's Two Weeks til Thanksgiving?

Did you know it's two weeks til Thanksgiving?

Looking at the calendar, it's almost here! I have been pleasantly surprised that arrangements have already been made in our family! This is unusual, it's usually never made before a week away, and last year, we got a call on Thanksgiving Day itself! This year, I don't know what my shopping list will look like, since I won't be doing the biggest part of the cooking. I do know that I may need to go ahead and stock up on fat burner pills as I intend to eat a hearty meal!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Did You Know There are Certain Dates to Hunt Certain Animals?

Did you know there are certain dates to hunt certain animals?

That tells you how little I know of hunting! There are certain dates that you can hunt certain animals. These dates vary by region. You can look up your states hunting season dates. For example, I found dates for hunting birds, deer, turkeys, javelina and even alligator in Texas. There are even special dates for youth hunting (that is, for youth to go hunting, not for us to hunt down our youth! ha!) I found it kind of funny that there is really no closed season for hunting squirrels!

Did You Know About Hunting Season?

Did you know about hunting season?

I am not into hunting and don't know much about it at all. My friend said her husband is taking their two daughters hunting this year. They both seem to enjoy it! For those who hunt, it is a big deal and the opening of certain seasons is like opening day for baseball or football! I have friends who hunt with rifles and one that is really into archery hunting. They spend time getting all their gear in working order for opening day. Cleaning the rifle, making sure their Nikon rifle scopes are working properly, getting their ammunition and supplies and many other little details are imperative to take care of before opening day arrives. Then, we are all thankful if we get to sample some of the meat they bring back!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Did You Know About Sync Swim?

Did you know about Sync Swim?

This is a seminar for parents of teens and others who work with teens. It helps to define the youth culture of our day. It shows what our teens face today, especially with so much media input. It enables parents with tools and resources to better communicate with their teens. The seminar is a ministry of Harding University. You can invite them to come speak to your group. Check out the website for contact information.

Did You Know About Post Election Blues?

Did you know about post election blues?

It's not that I really thought the guy I voted for had any real chance of winning. I just did not want either of the other two to win! I actually was praying for some sort of "miracle"! But we went to bed with Obama as the president elect. I think he scares me more than Clinton (Bill I mean, Hillary, about the same!) As I fear the kind of place we are handing down to our kids, I cannot think of anywhere far away to run to that doesn't have its own problems/issues/downfalls. I know that is the nature of this world. I guess I just need some sort of get away. Maybe a cruise or time in the mountains or Orlando vacations are just what I need to cure these post election blues!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Did You Know It "Pays" to Wait Til Voting Day?

Did you know it "pays" to wait til voting day?

I got an email today letting me know about all the available treats local merchants are offering for voter's tomorrow! Starbucks , Krispy Kreme and Ben & Jerry's are all giving away treats to folks who vote tomorrow. I think you have to have an "I Voted" sticker for Krispy Kreme and the others I guess you can just tell them, though the sticker might be a good idea too. Check out their offers and be sure to pick up your treats after voting!

Did You Know About My Grandpa's Yard?

Did you know about my grandpa's yard?

My backyard is rather plain. You might even call it "blah". It is large enough for us to enjoy. We have even had a small garden in the past. I wish we were able to have a larger one this next year. I would love it if I could have one like my grandpa.

His whole yard is nothing but garden areas. The backyard is a vegetable garden. The side and front (he lives on a corner) are filled with hundreds of plants and flowers. They are all beautiful! Around the edge of the house is more garden area. He’s got poinsettias and lilies and even flowering okra next to the house. Even his front walk is lined by carrots! But one of the most beautiful sights in his yard are the areas around the birdfeeders! I am not sure how many feeders he has, at least two. But he attracts a great many birds each day!

We all love sitting and watching the antics of the birds that come to feed in his yard. Among our favorites of course are the cardinals and the hummingbirds. I think the hummers are my very favorites! It is a lovely way to spend a relaxing afternoon!

I found some really unique hummingbird feeders today that would really spruce up my own backyard. I've never seen these mobile types and I would love the see the hummers in my own backyard!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Did You Know My Halloween Costume?

Did you know my Halloween costume?

I came across some really great costume ideas, from a cereal killer, brain donor, the ocean, the floor of a movie theater and smarty pants. But one that I really liked is what I decided to try-a stick figure. I glued Glo Sticks to black clothes and hung the circle off a baseball cap bill. It looked really great in the dark and I got lots of compliments on it!

this is me dressed up as a stick figure last night; click on the picture to enlarge and get a better idea of how it looked