Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did You Know Darth Vader Can Be Found at Our National Cathedral?

Did you know Darth Vader can be found at our National Cathedral?

In reading the recent Dan Brown novel The Lost Symbol, it was mentioned that there is a Darth Vader grotesque (like a gargoyle) on our Nation's Cathedral. I did not know if it was true so I looked it up. Sure enough, on the outer front way up high is a carving of Darth Vader. It was placed there following a children's contest in the 1980's. Check here  for more information.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Did You Know About Jazz Apples?

Did you know about Jazz apples?

I found a new variety of apple at the store last night. They are called Jazz apples and are a cross between Gala and Braeburn apples. They are cultivated in New Zealand. I am not sure how apple growers cross apple varieties, but we found this one to be a nice firm, crispy, tasty apple.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Did you know that not everyone has the same metabolism rate?

Did you know that not everyone has the same metabolism rate?

I know some people that can eat whatever they want, whenever they want, and gain absolutely no weight.  These people have very fast metabolisms and can burn fat and calories quickly.  But for others, it is not that easy.  It can take a long time and several workouts to burn just a small amount of unwanted food.  However, there is a product out there to help people in that task.  The fat burner spirodex aids people who are struggling with weight in shedding pounds quickly and efficiently.  So those who are at a disadvantage with a slower metabolism rate can now be on an even playing field.  

Did You Know Changing Your Focus Throughout Your Swim Workout Makes It Easier?

Did you know changing your focus throughout your swim workout makes it easier?

I am not a strong swimmer, but I've been faithful to swim several times every week. For a long time, I was just swimming lap after lap. It was boring and seemed to take forever. While changing my focus may not actually make it easier, it makes it seem easier and makes the time seem to pass more quickly.

On my last swim workout, the core of the swim had four sets of 400 yards to do. So on each set I focused on something different-arm stroke, reach, kick, breathing. Today, I did a pyramid swim-one lap, rest ten seconds, two laps, rest fifteen seconds, on up to six laps and then back down again. The time seemed to go by much more quickly using these approaches. I've also found that doing different workouts from time to time can also help to make the swim easier and to pass the time and to keep from being so monotonous.

Did You Know You Can Get Insurance Quotes Online?

Did you know you can get insurance quotes online?

I know at the beginning of the year, many people begin to look for new insurance, whether it be homeowners, car, life or something else. And searching online and doing a little homework before talking to anybody seems to make sense. This way you can get your car, life or home owners insurance quotes at your own convenience, with less hassle and no obligation.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Did You Know Aggressive Therapy Can be Helpful in Recovery?

Did you know aggressive therapy can be helpful in recovery?

I don't know why it's taken so long to recover from my surgery or why I've had minor setbacks, but  I have learned this past week just how much healing aggressive therapy can lend. I have been having heel pain in the same foot that I had surgery on last summer. I went to a chiropractic clinic with a sports medicine focus. They have had me come in every day last week since Wednesday. I have had tissue work, ultrasound, electronic stimulation, ice and stretching each session. I was already feeling better by today!

So, I started some rehab exercises as well today. Now I am looking at eight more sessions which will hopefully give me the strength I need to keep working on it from there myself. The other approaches are still a part of the plan as well. This is to help get out all the scar tissue and to help with range of motion.

While this is not cheap, I am more hopeful now than I was just last week. I am so looking forward to being back where I want to be and doing the things I want to do...

Did You Know I've Got to Get Serious?

Did you know I've Got to Get Serious?

Between not being able to run and lots of holiday and birthday goodies, I think it is all catching up to me. Never mind I've still been cycling and swimming, eating all the junk in the meantime is taking a toll on my body. I need to crack down and get serious about my training, which means getting serious about eating right. I know what's good to eat, I've just gotten to where I like to eat the junk again! Maybe I even need a jump start with the help of one of the fat burners I've used in the past. They really seem to kick up the metabolism for a quick start. And hopefully soon I'll be able to add running back into my routine.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Did You Know Some Sentimental Gifts?

Did you know some sentimental gifts?

My son  received some sentimental gifts for his 18th birthday. It seems as if my parents and I were all on a similar wavelength. I gave my son a journal I've been keeping for just over eighteen years. The first year of his life I wrote letters to him each month. After that, it was every so often, then became each year on his birthday, with special milestones written about as they came to pass. He knew what it was when he opened it and was touched by it.

After that, my mom gave him a book of photos from when he was born, some from the hospital and some from his first days home. It was nice to look through the album and my nephews enjoyed it as much as we all did. They didn't even recognize us in some of the photos.

Then my dad gave my son a little ball cap he'd been wearing in some of those early photos! Following this,  my dad also gave him his grandfather's Stetson Fedora. As it is now, the hat doesn't fit my son. But it might when he cuts his hair. I think he would like to wear it and it would look good on him too.

Did You Know Gym Attendance Skyrockets in January?

Did you know gym attendance skyrockets in January?

The first month of every year sees an increase in people actually making it to the gym. I have noticed very full parking lots (though I've been surprised that our 5am spin class is no bigger than normal!) I know everyone is set to keep their health related New Year's Resolutions, so that accounts for the increase in gym attendance. I would also guess that there is an increase in the sales of the best diet pills, what with all the end of year eating and the New Year's Resolutions.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Did You Know about Young Adults' Survival Kits?

As part of my son's 18th birthday gift, I gave him a couple of "survival kits". One is a Young Adult's Survival Kit. In it I included a folder with information about all the laws that change once you reach legal adulthood-entering contracts, military service, credit, consent to medical treatment, how to get a job, marriage, suing, and many other things that pertain to living as an adult. I also included a voter registration card, a draft registration card, and a shopper's card to our local grocery store (it provides discounts on gasoline.)

I also included a "Kid at Heart Survival Kit." In it there was a Tom and Jerry DVD, suckers and packages of his favorite candies. Lots of fun!



Did You Know When Else You Can Wear Your Bridesmaid Dress?

Did you know when else you can wear your bridesmaid dress?

It seems as if a lot of bridesmaids accumulate several special occasion dresses after being in all of their friends' weddings. And when you have a collection of several of these dresses, it might seem like you have no where else to wear them. Maybe though, there will be other occasions to wear these more formal dresses. Maybe the dresses could be worn to a holiday party, a special dinner or banquet. Maybe you are taking a cruise and could wear the dress to dinner on the ship. Perhaps you could wear it to another wedding. I know some of my daughter's friends even dressed in formal dresses and wore them to IHOP for a midnight snack!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Did You Know Gifts Your Eighteen Year Old Might Need But Not Know to Ask For?

Did you know gifts your eighteen year old might need but not know to ask for?

I've read some really great ideas for gifts for eighteen year olds. Some are fun, some practical and some very serious. We are taking the combination approach for our son's 18th birthday gifts. But here are some things I found that are recommended as gifts for eighteen year olds that they may not know they need.

*legal guide to laws that change as they turn 18

*voter registration

*selective service registration (draft-males)

*driver's license renewal

*investment-stocks, savings account, mutual fund, Roth IRA

*financial guide information

*gym membership

*concert tickets

*trip or travel guides, passport, luggage

*nice clothes-suit, business wear, etc

*their baby book, "this is your far" scrapbook, journal/letters written to them from parents

*family blessings-see the book The Blessing for more info on this

Did You Know Causes of Cerebral Palsy?

Did you know causes of cerebral palsy?

We had some friends whose son was born with cerebral palsy. They said it was a "lack of oxygen to the brain." There are apparently several causes to cerebral palsy. There are some genetic conditions that result in CP, Rh incompatibility and even a kidney infection in the mother can lead to a child born with CP. Toxicity (drug or alcohol use during pregnancy), severe jaundice in the early weeks of life and severe physical trauma to the mother during pregnancy can be factors in CP. Oxygen shortage, failure to recognize and treat seizures post delivery, a C section performed "too late", improper use of forceps or excessive use of vacuum equipment can all also result in a child's CP.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Did You Know an Ambulance Ride Costs More than an ER Visit?

Did you know an ambulance ride costs more than an ER visit?

I didn't until the bills came. The ambulance ride is almost three times as much as the emergency room visit. Of course, the ambulance charges for mileage ($19/mile), oxygen, back board, stabilizing collar...I am almost surprised they didn't charge for me to ride with them! At least the hospital was willing to make some payment options, even though their bill was much cheaper!

Did You Know Gifts for an Eighteen Year Old?

Did you know gifts for an eighteen year old?

Our son turns eighteen this week! We have been struggling over what to get him for his birthday. He really doesn't need anything and doesn't even really want much. So it's been tough to decide what to get him. There are lots of great ideas: electronics-he has most of them except maybe a samsung lcd TV which can wait, a car-he bought himself one, a laptop or iPad-we will get him one for graduation, luggage-likely graduation as well. As of now, I think we have settled on getting him a suit.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Did You Know a Baby's Favorite Toys?

Did you know a baby's favorite toys?

With Christmas not far behind us, I am seeing some of the new toys received by the infant girl I babysit. She has lots of great new little toys, and for the most part she enjoys them as much as a five month old can. But I must admit that some of her favorite toys are still her hands and feet!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Did You Know Bridger Bowl is 8700 ft Above Sea Level?

Did you know Bridger Bowl is 8700 ft above sea level?

I am not sure the highest elevation I've ever been to, but I am guessing this is one of the top ones. We left home at 0 ft above sea level to arrive at this gorgeous ski area. We loved how it was more about the locals and not a tourist trap. The crowds were low and it just seemed like a great place to spend a ski vacation.