Thursday, January 13, 2011

Did You Know Gifts Your Eighteen Year Old Might Need But Not Know to Ask For?

Did you know gifts your eighteen year old might need but not know to ask for?

I've read some really great ideas for gifts for eighteen year olds. Some are fun, some practical and some very serious. We are taking the combination approach for our son's 18th birthday gifts. But here are some things I found that are recommended as gifts for eighteen year olds that they may not know they need.

*legal guide to laws that change as they turn 18

*voter registration

*selective service registration (draft-males)

*driver's license renewal

*investment-stocks, savings account, mutual fund, Roth IRA

*financial guide information

*gym membership

*concert tickets

*trip or travel guides, passport, luggage

*nice clothes-suit, business wear, etc

*their baby book, "this is your far" scrapbook, journal/letters written to them from parents

*family blessings-see the book The Blessing for more info on this


Terry said...

It has been a long time since I thought about what all it means to turn 18.

silken said...

it was a big day...we had a good celebration of childhood and looking forward to adulthood. I will post about it. I think it meant a lot to my son, which of course, is what I wanted. It won't be long til he is gone and I wanted it to be a special memory for him to representing roots and wings.

I think we will likely do something like a Blessing for his graduation...