Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Did You Know You Cannot Enter Minute Maid Park During the National Anthem?

Did you know you cannot enter Minute Maid Park during the National Anthem?

Last week my mom, sister, a friend and I all were given tickets by my father to an Astros game. We almost never have a "ladies night" out! We had a good time. But on our way there, we took a wrong exit and ended up arriving a few minutes late. Which worked out good for parking-we parked in a very close parking lot for only $5! But we got to the stadium as the National Anthem was being played. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the entrances were blocked and all processing of the line stopped during the song.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Did You Know Anyone Who Wants a Dog?

Did you know anyone who wants a dog?

We have been trying to find a home for Charlie. He is a friendly loving stray who needs a friendly loving home. He still exhibits some puppy behavior but is a good dog. He has been staying indoors in a foster home. He doesn't bark and goes outside to relieve himself. If you know anyone who is looking for a nice dog, let me know ASAP as Charlie has until Thursday until he will be moved into a shelter.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Did You Know Some of the Newest Wedding Cake Toppers?

Did you know some of the newest wedding cake toppers?

Seems as if every couple is looking for something new and different. These new wedding cake toppers are sure to "take the cake" on your special day! It seems as if there truly is "something for everyone" and whatever that is, you can sure make a statement, even on top of your wedding cake.

Did You Know About North Carolina's Outer Banks?

Did you know about North Carolina's Outer Banks?

Just off the coast of North Carolina lie the state's barrier islands. The unique lifestyle of the barrier islands makes for the perfect vacation get away. While looking at all the exciting things to do during an outer banks vacation (and there are many things to do!) I came across Carolina Designs Outer Banks vacation rentals. WOW!

Just looking at the rental house photos made me itching to make this a vacation destination! This resort would be the ideal home base while vacationing on the outer banks. The house has lots of space for a family stay; there are two king beds, two twins, a queen bed and bunk beds. There is on site volleyball, a private pool, a pool table and dvds for those quiet nights in. Being located in a peaceful ocean neighborhood makes it sound like the superb vacation sanctuary.

So in between playing on the beach, jet skiing, parasailing, even hang gliding, visiting the First Flight Museum and the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum, golfing, hiking, cycling, and seeing the lighthouses, this seaside rental home would make a Utopian retreat in any season.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Did You Know You Can Rent College Textbooks?

Did you know you can rent college textbooks?

I was thinking that it would be a good idea to just rent a book for a semester and sure enough, there are several sites available that do just that! I found a site that has my son's books for rent and/or sale cheaper than I expected. There are rentals available from 30-130 days at reasonable rates. I also found that to buy the book was half what it would have cost us locally. Since he will likely need the book for two semesters, I chose to purchase the book, which was only $9 more than renting it for the semester. His other book we rented for $10 for the semester.

When renting, you are allowed minimal highlighting while using the book to study. And the shipping is free as is the return shipping. They are also looking for students to be campus representatives. These kids can then earn certificates for future book rentals/purchases as well as bonuses.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Did You Know Both My Kids Need Teeth Pulled?

Did you know both my kids need teeth pulled?

We had not been to the dentist in a year. I knew it was almost time for my son to get his wisdom teeth, though the dentist had told us last year it was too early. When we made our trek to the dentist, my daughter still had a baby tooth that was hanging on by a thread. She said it's been that way for nearly a year. She could never get it pulled and the other tooth was already fully grown in. The dentist had to pull it out, though that baby tooth did not want to come out-he had to use a tool to get it out.

Then we found out my son does have a wisdom tooth already in and it would be easier/cheaper to go ahead and pull it out now. While the dentist today said it would only take him four seconds to do it and that it would be quick and easy, they reminded him that a root canal was waiting on him and that we would have to come back to have it done!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Did You Know About Random Kid?

Did you know about Random Kid?

This website is dedicated to kids helping others and making their world a better place. I had not seen this before, but it looks like an excellent resource for kids to learn how to put their ideas of helping others into motion. And if they want to help but don't know what or how, this provides current projects for kids to join. If you've got kids who want to help, be sure and check out the site at .

Did You Know About ATV Magazine Online?

Did you know about ATV Magazine online?

Joining with many other magazines, atv is creating less impact by hosting their magazine online. Here you can browse all the cool stuff about your atv. There are blog posts, articles, products and even how-to information. ATVers can find destinations, events and even join the forum. Readers can check out the newest items and even get atv insurance quotes online.

Did You Know How To Strike Words in a Blog Post?

Did you know how to strike words in a blog post?

Some platforms have a button that allows you to just click on it to strike out words, but I have not found that on this blog. And when I read one of my favorite bloggers, she has a way of striking out certain words, adding just the right touch of humor to her blog. I have wondered how to do that, so I finally "googled" it. As usual, it's a simple code. Just type < strike > the words you want struck out < / strike > (do not leave spaces between the brackets/characters, leaving you with something like this: strike

Did You Know a Girl's Best Friend?

Did you know a girl's best friend?

I am sure you all have heard the saying that "diamonds are a girl's best friend." I am not so sure. When I asked my fourteen year old daughter about diamonds, she said "They are not a girl's best friend. Chocolate is!" Now I know plenty of women who would say that they prefer the diamonds, but I am sure that chocolate is a close runner up!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Did You Know A Perfect Practical Joke for Your Big Brother?

Did you know a perfect practical joke for your big brother?

Earlier this year, my kids were involved in an all out sibling prank rivalry! It was hilarious listening to them plan and carry out the pranks on each other. They did things like take all the light bulbs out of a room, or set an alarm clock for midnight under a bed….so, when my son was traveling this summer, my daughter knew she had to give him the perfect welcome home! She decided that instead of having her brother "Punk'd" she would have him "Pink'd"!

She gathered all the pink items she could (which meant she had to borrow from friends since she is not a "pink" girl herself!) She used pink sheets and blankets over his bed and couch. She set up a pink table, complete with pink accessories. She had pink stuffed animals everywhere. She covered his desktop with pink wrapping paper. She had a pink robe and slippers. Then she had pink streamers and balloons hung from the ceiling. Pink balloons were also scattered all over the floor.

She then made a banner for his door that said "You just got Punk'd Pink'd"!

When she assured him that she didn't mess with anything, he replied "except my masculinity!"

It was the perfect welcome home! :)

Did You Know You Can Cook Out Inside?

Did you know you can cook out inside?

Of course I am referring to using an electric grill to bring "cooking out" indoors. I love these little contraptions! It's nice to be able to quickly and conveniently be able to grill things indoors. It's perfect when you have just a couple of things you want to grill. I know that our public school concession stand even uses one to cook their hot dogs!

Did You Know About Dual Credit?

Did you know about dual credit?

High schoolers these days have the option of taking dual credit classes. This applies to students in any setting, including public high school, private school or homeschool. Most community colleges allow students to take a course provided by their campus which allows the student to obtain both high school and college credit for that course. Most public and private schools that offer this have an agreement set up with a certain college and you can get information from the student's guidance counselor.

For homeschooled students, you can contact the guidance counselors at the college to help you with getting the information and enrolling your student in the dual credit courses. There are often guidelines (for any type of student) including how many hours they can take, which courses can be taken, and even financial options. These are great options for older students to get ahead in some college hours and even allows the family to save some money in the long run since community college hours usually cost less than larger schools.

Did You Know How to Fix Leaky Faucets?

Did you know how to fix leaky faucets?

Since leaky faucets can actually cost you a lot of money over a period of time, it's always wise to repair them as quickly as possible. While I don't know how to do it, there are many guides online on how to repair different types of faucets. I didn't even realize there were so many types of faucets out there with different repair guides! And sometimes, you end up just having to replace them!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Did You Know It's Easy to Withdraw a Student from Public School?

Did you know it's easy to withdraw a student from public school?

I have never withdrawn a child from public school, but this year my son has decided to homeschool again to finish up his high school years. (He says high school is over-rated!) I was anxious about how to withdraw him and how I was going to get his transcript. It actually turned out to be no problem at all. I had printed out a letter of withdrawal/intent to homeschool letter just in case (this is what all homeschool sites say to do), but I did not need it. The school had a short form to fill out and they checked that he will be homeschooled. Then I signed it and they printed out his official transcript right there. All done within fifteen minutes!

Did You Know About Cell Phone Spies?

Did you know about cell phone spies?

I had not really heard about this and wondered just what a cell phone spy is. Well, it is a way to retrieve deleted phone books and text messages. I can see how this would be a big temptation for parent's of teens! The device could also be used as a back up for your phone information. And if you're like me and delete something you didn't mean to, then you would be able to restore it!