Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Did You Know Both My Kids Need Teeth Pulled?

Did you know both my kids need teeth pulled?

We had not been to the dentist in a year. I knew it was almost time for my son to get his wisdom teeth, though the dentist had told us last year it was too early. When we made our trek to the dentist, my daughter still had a baby tooth that was hanging on by a thread. She said it's been that way for nearly a year. She could never get it pulled and the other tooth was already fully grown in. The dentist had to pull it out, though that baby tooth did not want to come out-he had to use a tool to get it out.

Then we found out my son does have a wisdom tooth already in and it would be easier/cheaper to go ahead and pull it out now. While the dentist today said it would only take him four seconds to do it and that it would be quick and easy, they reminded him that a root canal was waiting on him and that we would have to come back to have it done!


Montucky said...

Oh, great! All of the anticipation...

silken said...

it's pure torture!