Thursday, May 28, 2009

Did You Know to Use Brass Nails when Working with Oak?

Did you know to use brass nails when working with oak?

While watching a home improvement show today I learned that when making something that needs to support weight, like a ladder, out of oak wood, it is best to use brass nails. There is a naturally occurring acid in oak wood that over time can eat through steel, making steel nails not the best choice. Apparently this acid does not affect the brass nails that way.

Did You Know About Muscle Confusion?

Did you know about muscle confusion?

I have used the same three workouts for several years now. I get bored with it and don't really see any results in strength or toning. My husband does a different workout nearly every week. He calls this muscle confusion and says it is good both for the body and mind. So yesterday I worked out with him. I did his strength training routine and then ran one mile on the treadmill, spent twenty minutes on the elliptical machine, and ran one more mile on the treadmill. I am not sore or anything today, but it was different and took away the boredom.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Did You Know How Texas Band Students Can Earn College Vouchers?

Did you know how Texas band students can earn college vouchers?

I just learned today that Texas band students in grades 6-12 can earn college tuition vouchers by playing Taps at Veteran's funerals! Once they become performance ready, they can send out letters letting hospitals, chaplains, funeral homes and other like places know that they are volunteering to play Taps at the funeral of veterans. After they have played they fill out a form and send it to Austin. They will be given a $25 voucher good for tuition or required fees at an institution of higher learning! For more information you can read here .

Did You Know How to Find the Best Insurance Rates?

Did you know how to find the best insurance rates?

Just like anything else it takes time and effort to do your homework. When looking for the best auto insurance we could find when our son became a driver was not easy. In the end, we just went with our current carrier. The same can be true when looking for life insurance. It can be confusing and take lots of time. That's why using online term life insurance comparisons can be very helpful. Simply fill in the form and have the company compare rates for you. This allows you to make a choice without having to spend so much time doing the leg work of comparing!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Did You Know School is Over?

Did you know school is over?

At least for my daughter it is. I stretched it out as long as I could! As it is right now, it looks like I will have only one more year of her at home and then she says she wants to go to public high school. I told her on Friday I thought about failing her this year, but I will just wait til next year and fail her for eighth grade so she just can't go to high school! :)

Did You Know About Nuphedra?

Did you know about nuphedra?

It is supposedly a hard to find super loaded with powerful antioxidant fat fighting appetite suppressing energy boosting metabolism triggering thermogenic increasing green tea containing extreme weight loss inducing powerfully reformulated diet pill. Personally for me, I would rather eat right and exercise. I think the benefits of these choices are more long lasting.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Did You Know About Safe Clear?

Did you know about Safe Clear?

On Monday I was traveling down the Interstate Highway taking my daughter to her volleyball camp. My car started sounding funny, lights came on and the steering was affected. I was in the far left lane heading onto an over pass so I could not pull over as quickly as I wanted. As soon as I could I pulled onto the shoulder and called my husband. He said he thought I threw a belt. After a couple of minutes I found the pulleys and belt and sure enough it was broken. Just then a wrecker pulled up behind me. I was informed that according to the county I had to be cleared off and he would tow me to the nearest gas station. As I began to speak, he said that it was a free tow. He took me to the station and even parked me in the shade. I was given paper work to read about the Safe Clear Program. You get towed up to a mile for free if your vehicle is inoperable and you have pulled onto the shoulder. He also told me that if it ever happened again all I have to do is call 311 and they will be out ASAP. Then he came back from his truck and returned my wallet that I had left in there! I was thankful for his help and honesty. My husband came and got the belt fixed within the hour! Knowing about the Safe Clear Program is a great piece of information to know!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Did You Know the Perfect Household Job for Older Teens?

Did you know the perfect household job for older teens?

My husband expects my son to help out with whatever household project is going on at the time. Last week, they worked on the Jeep that got flooded out. This week, we got a new water heater. As the frustration mounted and Dad had to go to the store for seemed as if the project just would not come together. So other parts were needed and the first ones purchased needed to be returned. So my husband gave Son the keys, the parts and the debit card to go return and purchase the parts. Pretty good way that Dad could continue working and Son got to drive around town (and I didn't have to do it!)

Did You Know About Orlando Vacations?

Did you know about Orlando vacations?

My parents are taking my nephews on a grand vacation this summer! First they are heading to Disney World for a few days. While there, they decided they should just go ahead and board a cruise ship after their stay in Mouseland! I know they will all have so much fun! I can't wait to hear about it and see lots of pictures!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Did You Know How to Make a Wax Seal?

Did you know how to make a wax seal?

I helped my mom in her bible class last Wednesday. She was telling the third graders about how we are marked for God, how we are sealed for him. She asked them what a "seal" was. One boy talked about the Presidential seal! Mom went on to explain how letters and documents used to be sealed with wax long ago. After the lesson, the kids got to use different methods to attach a seal to their project folders. I was excited to get to help with making the wax seals. It was lots of fun and the kids thought it was pretty cool!

Mom was pretty cool to buy a wax seal kit! It contained six different candles and also stampers (not exactly a stamp-but the opposite. Instead of raised portions, the design was indented causing the wax to raise when stamped.) to place in the hot wax. We simply lighted a candle and dripped the wax onto the folder. Then, after letting it cool two to three seconds, each student places the stamp of his/her choice in the wax. Then we let the seal cool completely. They looked really great and the kids were proud of them!

Did You Know I've Got to Get Back to Running?

Did you know I've got to get back to running?

Ever since I did the half marathon on New Year's Day, I have not run over eight miles. By now I was hoping to be running at least ten miles with no walking, if not thirteen. That way I could stay in shape, stay strong, eat what I want without the aid of the top weight loss pills. Not only have I not worked my way back up to the mileage I was shooting for, I just don't even have the time. Getting in more than six miles is asking for a lot of time, especially when combined with other training. I have the desire, but can't seem to make it all come together. Hopefully soon, hopefully by the end of the year. If not, then probably when my daughter goes to public school. Then I will for sure need something to fill my day!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Did You Know Why Sport Arenas are called "Garden"?

Did you know why sport arenas are called "garden"?

One of my son's friends asked this question. Pretty good question. I looked up some answers online. Don't know how accurate they are, but they sounded pretty good! Here is what I got from Yahoo Answers:

"The word garden comes from the Latin 'geard' which means open space. Yard and GARDen come from this word.

Thus there all sorts of gardens, not just flower gardens...
For example: beer gardens, etc.

Madison Square refers to to the intersection that the arena is on, and garden is an open-spaced venue."

Another similar answer at the same site:

"The term "garden" in British English refers to an enclosed area of land, usually adjoining a building. Just another term for arena."

And last for fun:

"cause they used to grow championships there!"

Friday, May 1, 2009

Did You Know About Mosquitoes?

Did you know about mosquitoes?

I just found out some interesting facts about these little pests. Only the females bite. They use the protein from our blood to produce their eggs. They breed in water but live in shrubs, bushes and tall grass. They can lay up to 400 eggs in as little as one drop of water!