Thursday, December 27, 2012

Did You Know How to Balloon a Room?

Did you know how to balloon a room?

My daughter and a couple friends got together and used air compressors to fill up garbage bags full of balloons (it took two cars to deliver them!) I don't know how they got them in there and shut the door, but here is the result:


Did You Know a Fun Birthday Gag?

Did you know a fun birthday gag?

Of course there is the old stand-by of "wrapping" or toilet papering a yard. We have been known to "fork" and "tortilla" a yard. But my daughter has come up with a couple of new ones. Last year she "post-it noted" a friend's car. And this year she filled his room with balloons. All are lots of fun! Just be sure that if you are going to air up enough balloons to fill a room that you will need one of the best air compressors you can find. It sure beats blowing them up by mouth or with a hand held pump!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Did You Know It's Dangerous for Me to Go to Work?

Did you know it's dangerous for me to go to work?

No. Nothing life-threatening like a firefighter or police officer. But it is becoming increasingly dangerous for me to go to my weekend job. Only because every time I go in, we have received something new and I end up spending money!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Did You Know About Family Christmas Talent Shows?

Did you know about family Christmas talent shows?

We've had a few. We have left it mostly to the younger kids. Which is probably best. They can show off their talents, skills and songs, skits and scriptures that they have learned and still be cute while doing it. I'm afraid if we left it to the adults, we would be sadly lacking in our talent and ability while reciting these things. Even with a superb studio microphone I think it's best that we leave the family Christmas talent shows to the kiddos.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Did You Know About the Nurse Pinning Ceremony?

Did you know about the nurse pinning ceremony?

My sister-in-law got her nurses pin tonight. After a lot of hard work she is finally done with nursing school. We got to go to see her get pinned. It is basically like a graduation with the tradition of the pin, which is unique to each school, and the lighting of the lamp, which follows in the tradition of Florence Nightingale. The nurses also wore their scrubs for their ceremony. When some asked why not dress up, their instructors told them that they have worked hard to wear this uniform! I was also pleasantly surprised at how much acknowledgement of God their was within the ceremony.

Did You Know About Spring Clamps?

Did you know about spring clamps?

It seems that spring clamps are the perfect clamp for woodworking jobs. I have heard that they are lightweight yet strong and easy to work with. They are easily portable and affordable. I have even heard it said that a woodworker can never have too many spring clamps.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Did You Know You Can Replant a Poinsettia?

Did you know you can replant a poinsettia?

I had heard years ago that you can cut back a poinsettia plant, put it in the attic and it would come back the next year. And I also knew that my grandpa had planted a poinsettia plant in his yard. So earlier this year when my neighbor was planting her Christmas poinsettia I decided to try to plant mine too. My grandpa said to plant it on the south side up next to the house. Which worked out perfectly with my entryway. And I have been very happy with the growth and progress of the plant which started to bloom just in time for Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Did You Know How to Help College Students?

Did you know how to help college students?

I am sure there are numerous ways to help. I know for the young people I know any small gift is helpful. Gift cards to nearly any eating establishment, retail store, grocery store, gas station or the college bookstore are greatly appreciated. And of course any payment towards tuition, rent or car care expenses makes a student super thankful. As for me I have been helping my son in paying most of his tuition. I mean he is working two jobs (and has another once-a-month small job) and is carrying a full course load. He had a great internship this summer but spent nearly all his earnings on rent and car care. So I decided that if he is buckling down and doing all that, not partying or trying to figure out how to beat an 8 panel drug test that I can help him out. He still had to take out a loan which I am going to help repay. But even that is a help to him in building his credit.

Did You Know A Good Way to Advertise?

Did you know a good way to advertise?

According to two young people in my life that answer is twitter. Or other social media. One of these people is a new acquaintance of mine and the other is my son. I was told that if I want to increase my chance of selling items on eBay, that using Twitter and Facebook would be the routes to go to get viewers and buyers. My son told me that social media reaches more folks than nearly any other media including TV. So if you have any thing you need to advertise try social media. Or ask a young adult in your life to help you!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Did You Know How to Earn Cash Rewards on Your Motorcycle Accessories?

Did you know how to earn cash rewards on your motorcycle accessories?

At Competition Accessories, they are giving you a good reason to consider buying from them. They offer a "Comp-a-Cash" Reward program. They simply reward you for buying from them and apply your reward to your next order! The reward is good for one year giving you plenty of time to use it. And right now shoei helmets from are on sale with free shipping deals!

Did You Know A Good Gift for Teens on Your List?

Did you know a good gift for teens on your list?

In trying to decide what to get the teens and preteens on my Christmas list, I think I came up with a good idea. In years past I have done books or candy and one year CD openers. This year I am giving them all earbuds. I bought a lot of decent earbuds on eBay and hope that this year's gift to my cousin's kids will be pretty close to a hit!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Did You Know About Turnkey Printing Websites?

Did you know about turnkey printing websites?

These are the places folks go to have their printing needs taken care of. For projects ranging from business cards to banners, these printing websites can take care of getting your message out there for folks to see. Some even offer a free demo so you can see just how your needs can best be met.

Did You Know The Importance of a Laptop for College?

Did you know the importance of a laptop for college?

I had known that a laptop computer was convenient but as our son got ready to head to college we saw more and more the importance of having a laptop computer with him. So we got him one for his high school graduation. The school he was going to was very small but embraced and utilized technology to the best of its ability. And when he transferred schools, we saw just how important constant and easy/convenient access to a computer is for today's students. So we plan on doing the same for our daughter's graduation-buying her a laptop.  We want to give her the very best chance she has to succeed in today's post secondary environment. My son has told me he doesn't know how he could do it without his laptop. I hope that our kids have every opportunity to succeed.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Did You Know How to Rent a Beach House?

Did you know how to rent a beach house?

It's easy to search for a beach house using online tools. For example, you can  rent a beach house from It's easy to search for the area and type of house you want. I have once used an online tool to search for a beach house rental in Corpus Christi, TX. It worked out fine. I do recommend of course making some sort of contact with the owner or renter before entering into any kind of deal/contract.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Did You Know the New York Marathon is Cancelled?

Did you know the New York Marathon is Cancelled? I just read that the mayor of New York has decided to cancel this weekend's long standing event. While I know that many folks who have worked hard to train for this event may be disappointed, I think it is probably the right thing to do, in light of all the efforts going on in hurricane clean up. Although the marathon would have brought in many people and their money, it does not seem like the right time for such an event. It would have also been an added burden on a city strained with clean up efforts. Hopefully all the survivors of the storm will be back on their feet again soon and the marathon will take place another time.

Did You Know How to Buy Silver?

Did you know how to buy silver? I guess I never really thought about it. I didn't realize folks were buying silver. I think that whenever beginning an endeavor like buying silver or gold, it's best to do some homework before beginning. I do know that buying these metals are important for both collectors and investors.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Did You Know About Columbia Sportswear?

Did you know about Columbia Sportswear?

While they have been "trying stuff since 1938" I have only recently become more familiar with them. Yes, I've seen their stuff around, even had some of their apparel. But I always just thought it was high end sports gear. And while that is fairly true, there is a reason for it.

I have been learning about the science and technology that Columbia puts into their products. It's not just cool looking sports wear; it's designed with a purpose in mind-whether to keep you cool, warm or dry. Or all of them.

I've learned about the cooling and wicking effects of the clothes, the way they are designed to keep you warm. And they even have some gear with insect repellent, sunscreen and "blood and guts stain resistor" built in. I am especially waiting to try the wind blocking effects of a jacket.

And their rewards program looks good too. You can join, save on your first purchase and get free shipping online. And since ordering online never guarantees a perfect fit, they have an easy return policy. You can even return your online order to a local store.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Did You Know We Rented a Motorcycle in Cozumel?

Did you know we rented a motorcycle in Cozumel?

We were not sure what we wanted to do on the day our cruise ship docked in Cozumel. We have visited here before five years ago. That day we paid entrance to a national park and snorkeled. This trip we had considered diving Cozumel, but one day of diving was all we could afford!

So we thought about renting a jeep and touring the island. I wanted to see some mayan ruins but the bigger ones were on the mainland, a 45 minute boat ride. And we had seen some ruins last trip. When we got off at the port, we talked to a couple of ladies at the information booth. One lady worked for the government and gave us what info we were looking for. The other lady worked for a tour company that offered the same excursion packages offered on the ship. They both were very nice and gave us some good info to think about. They were also honest; when my husband asked if there were any other info or tour booths located nearby, the tour group lady said yes, but it was her partner and would give same info and rates as she did.

We checked on a jeep but didn't seem just right. We crossed over the street and found several guys renting other things, including motorcycles. As my husband drives a bike in the states and the driving in  Cozumel is the same, we talked to him for a bit and struck up a good deal. He gave us a map, showed us the main road, told us which sites require paid entrance (the rest being free) and also a place to eat. We then got situated and took off for our jaunt around the island.

We had a good time once we got off the main road and on the access road that follows along the coast line. The water is gorgeous! We stopped at one secluded spot to walk around a bit. The waves were too strong to really get into the water.

gorgeous beach

We took off again just enjoying the sights and being together. After we rounded the curve back inland my husband pulled over and told me to drive! I have not driven a bike of any size since I was an early teen. But my husband gave me pointers and I slowly took off.  Not too hard really and not bad. But, I quickly turned it back over to him.

We then made our way towards the downtown section passing shops and schools where the locals are. We then rounded back along the other coastline past all the tourism district and back down past the port to eat.

We shared some fajitas and I had lime juice. Then we enjoyed a hour or so on the beach just playing in the water and relaxing. I had my swim goggles with me so I saw a few small fish. We also collected some shells to bring home.
mr. santos-a good enough place to eat, play on beach,  and shower

Then we used the facilities to shower and change and head over to the shops. (The guy we rented bike from told us to shop after 1pm-better prices.) There were folks lining the sidewalks cajoling us to come in. We passed most of them by as I was only looking for vanilla. We found a place to make our purchase-vanilla, hot sauce and candy-then headed back toward port. But my husband decided to take a back street.

We passed a shop that had some Ironman gear and photos in the window. The weekend before had been the Ironman 70.3 race. We pulled over and went into the shop. It was actually a dive shop. We walked around a couple minutes then got into a conversation with the owner. My husband told him that he had done an IM race last year and our friend did IM Cozumel last year. The owner told us that one of his employees had just completed the 70.3 distance that previous weekend and showed us a surprise he had made for his friend-a banner with a photo of him crossing the finish line to hang in the window next to the pros photos!!

By then it was time to head back to ship. We returned bike and walked through shops, trying to avoid that fact that when we left port, our ship was headed back to states....

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Did You Know We Dove in Grand Cayman?

Did you know we dove in Grand Cayman?

I was so unsure if I really wanted to dive, since I have not done so in four years. But on the ferry over to Grand Cayman (our cruise ship anchored and we took a ferry boat to the island, just a short few minutes ride) we met a man whose daughter goes to the same private college several of the kids from our church go to. The one in fact that my husband was going to visit the next week after our cruise. We struck up a conversation when we saw this man carrying his diving gear. He told us he had pre-booked a dive and why didn't we come along with him to see if they had room for us to join in (we had our dive cards with us.)
waiting for our dive time

We were blessed to be able to go along with the group from Diver's Down, located about a two minute walk to the left of the port. The guys were really great with calming me down, telling me about how their mom always checks everything out, going over everything with me and even being patient when I started to panic on my first jump back into the water.

I am getting nervous!

oh yeah! it was gorgeous down there!

view back to the beach

Once I got to the rope that was tied to a weight on the seabed, I looked down and could see the reef. Then I remembered that I really did want to do this! The water was so warm and so clear  and once I got my ears cleared and made my way down, so very gorgeous! It's like swimming through a garden! The corals were all beautiful, the fish were fun to look at but the highlight for me was the sea turtle swimming by just as I got to the bottom!

view on 7 Mile Beach

getting ready to head back to our ship, the Magic

the ferry boat

this "pirate ship" passed by our ferry; if you look in the background to the
right of the boat you see Diver's Down-the folks who took care of our dive

I am so thankful to the dive leaders for being patient with me. My leader said he thought I was smiling once I got down there!!

*I have no photos from underwater, but if you want a taste of what it looks like, check out this photo copyright of Joe Shook.

Did You Know About Creditors Going Bankrupt?

Did you know about creditors going bankrupt?

I guess I never thought about that side of it. In this time of economic distress for everyone, even the creditors are having a hard go of it, I am sure. Folks like finance companies, landlords and other creditors can find themselves going through hard times just like individuals can. Though I had never stopped to think of it, it is nothing new for the raleigh creditor rights bankruptcy attorney firm I was reading about today. They offer services like representing creditors seeking bankruptcy. They negotiate with counsel and file proofs of claim.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Did You Know How to Get to Dunn's River Falls?

Did you know how to get to Dunn's River Falls?

Since we came in to port in Jamaica at Montego Bay, we saw no other way to get anywhere other than the taxi vans located outside the cruise ship terminal. We wanted to go to Dunn's River Falls which was over an hour's drive away. And they drive on the "other side of the road" and the steering wheel is on the "other side" of the car....

So, since we are ones to save money wherever we can and the cruise ship excursions are high priced, we got off in the terminal and looked for a cheaper alternative to getting to Ocho Rios. The cost to go to "town" from the port is about $5 per person but then we would still have had to figure out a way to get to OR. The cost for a driver to take you to OR is $160 for 1-4 persons.

We had a call put in to a rental car place at the airport to get a Jeep which costs $96 for the day. As we were debating what to do, one of the ladies who works in the terminal told us of another couple wanting to go to the falls but wanting to split the price of the driver, who would stay with us all day.

So that is what we decided to do. Our driver was "Joe, and he was ready to go." He talked to us a bit about Jamaica and answered all of our questions (except for our new friend's question of "Where is all the marijuana?"!!-which by the way, my husband was "offered" by a guy on the beach [not a guide] as we got ready to enter the falls.)

We made a stop on the way up to the falls for some meat pies and ginger beer. Both were only ok I thought. The falls is like a state park or something like that here in the states. It costs $20 per person to climb the falls. The guides are great and the climb lasts maybe 30 or more minutes. (I think it's a 600 meter climb.)

You have to wear water type shoes (I wore closed toed sandals and my husband wore the five finger shoes.) You can buy or rent shoes there if you don't have any to get wet (water shoes for sale/plastic shoes for rent.) The guides video tape the entire climb which you can buy at the end ($40.) There were also still photos for sale at $8 each. Also, at the end of the climb you are expected to tip your guide. I was happy to since he had taken so many photos of us throughout the climb (so we didn't need the photos or video for sale!)

After our climb, Joe took us over to see the luge where the Jamaican team trained. It costs $70 per person to ride that so we declined. Joe then took us back to Montego Bay for some jerk chicken, shopping, and through the downtown area to see what it was like.

This trip is worth it if you really want to do it. I am not sure if it is better to go with a prearranged excursion group or to go with a driver-for us, we are happy with our decision to split the price of the driver. Unless you are familiar with this type of driving I don't think renting a car is the best option.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Did You Know About Dunn's River Falls?

Did you know about Dunn's River Falls?

This gorgeous water fall in Ocho Rios, Jamaica has long been a site for adventure and nature lovers. Folks can hike up the falls and I was really looking forward to that on our cruise adventure. I thought we would be hiking up alongside the river. I was really excited when I saw that we would be hiking IN the river!!

Getting to the falls will be a post in itself....once there please note that you do have to wear water type shoes, available for sale or rent if you don't have your own. You do have to pay to get into the park, and you do have to go with a guided group, and you are expected to tip your guide at the end.

But...the climb itself is great! The guides are great! Our guide held my camera the whole way, keeping it dry and even snapping several shots of us along the way! The water is pretty cold but a wonderful adventure. We got splashed and climbed over rocks, and even went down a little "rock slide" towards the end.

It was a really fun day and we are glad we did it, even if it seemed a little overpriced..

*also note that upon leaving you will be funneled through a "craft area" where you will be accosted to buy something!! Just keep walking! Try not to show interest or converse and do NOT accept anything they hand you!!!

Did You Know About Organic Mattresses?

Did you know about organic mattresses?

I have been thinking for some time about getting my daughter a new mattress set. I did not know that organic mattresses were even an option. They say these are better for you because of the lack of chemicals and allergens. They do tend to cost a little more up front though. I did find that the  organic mattress los angeles showroom has floor models on clearance for 20-50% off.

Did You Know How We Celebrated our 25th Anniversary?

Did you know how we celebrated our 25th anniversary?

We had a wonderful 25th anniversary this year. We went to a nice dinner on our actual wedding date back in July. But we had planned a cruise for a full fledged celebration! We just got back from our week in the Caribbean, visiting Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico. It was really great to be away and we enjoyed our time together just relaxing and seeing some of the gorgeous sites in the Caribbean. I will put some photos in later posts.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Did You Know About Fashion Saddle Pads?

Did you know about fashion saddle pads?

It has been a while since my daughter took horseback riding lessons. She really enjoyed the time she was able to ride. She loved the horses and took good care of them. I did not realize that the saddle pads were important to keep the horses backs protected from chafing and rubbing and to also help wick some of the sweat away. I did see some really nice saddle pads that would add a nice touch to horse shows, parades and times when you wanted to add a little flair to your ride.

Did You Know About the Zooma Women's Race series?

Did you know abut the Zooma Women's Race series?

Zooma is hosting a women's race series and they are coming to Texas! On March 23, 2013 the event will take place in Bastrop (near Austin) and will consist of a 5K run and a half-marathon. The event is also stated to be open to both men and women. There is a contest to enter to win a free entry for you and your running buddy.  It looks like a beautiful time of year and a beautiful place to do this run.

Here are some of the perks of the Zooma event:

ZOOMA Texas Perks

  • ZOOMA Signature Swag Bag
  • Access to complete girls’ weekend getaway including recovery yoga, sponsored cocktail hours and inspirational speakers
  • Entry into a professionally managed half marathon or 5K race
  • Water and Cytomax Sports Performance drink on the course
  • Water, Cytomax Sports Performance drink, Muscle Milk Light and food at the finish line
  • GU Energy Gel station along the course
  • Wine from Barefoot Wine & Bubbly at the After-Party Expo
  • Necklace designed exclusively for ZOOMA for half marathon finishers
  • Post-race massage, shopping and live music at the ZOOMA After-Party Expo
  • ChronoTrack timed race results
*from the registration website

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Did You Know About the Fees for High School?

Did you know about the fees for high school?

I was lamenting a few weeks back about all the fees colleges add on to tuition. Now the public high schools are loading on more and more fees as they encounter more and more cutbacks. I have spent a considerable amount in the past three weeks on club fees, uniforms and fundraisers. They have also added extra-curricular fees. Now we got a call saying that Juniors also have to pay a fee to take the PSAT!

Did You Know About Short Scale Guitars?

Did you know about short scale guitars?

I was not really sure what a short scale guitar was, so I looked it up. It originally referred to a model of Fenders made in the 1960s. These are used for "speed playing". I was looking for a "short scale guitar" for student lessons. They do say that the shorter instrument is easier for smaller and less experienced hands to manage. I will have to keep that in mind while looking for a student guitar.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Did You Know About the Nike Job Fair Today?

Did you know about the Nike job fair today?

Today from 12-7 Nike is holding a job fair at College of the Mainland Gym. You do have to preregister by sending in your resume before hand. The positions being applied for are at the new Nike outlet store going in at Texas City. It looks like both full time and part time positions are being considered.

Did You Know About Internet Cigar Stores?

Did you know about internet cigar stores?

While I do not smoke, nor do I encourage it, I guess an internet cigar store is better than the ones I used to see in the mall. This way those who smoke can order their choice of items with ease. They don't even have to get out to the mall; well, they can just visit the virtual mall!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Did You Know About School Fees

Did you know about school fees?

 I would guess most folks are pretty well aware of all the fees that colleges slap on to the tab-I truly think we are paying as much in fees as we are for tuition, if not a little more. But now the high schools are getting even worse. With all the cuts I guess the teachers feel the need to not only charge fees but to have students bring in the teacher's supplies as well. For example, my daughter not only has lab fees and charges for the clothes she needs for Health Science and PE but there are little things that are "required" as well-a watch, a pocket notebook, particular shoes, etc. And then of course there are club dues and now extra-curricular fees. But when the teacher sent a list of supplies to send-kleenex, hand sanitizer, that sort of thing was not a surprise-but the batteries and dry erase markers were causing more than a little resentment! There seems to be no end to the money that is being sucked from us from the schools!

Did You Know About Buying Gifts on a Budget?

Did you know about buying gifts on a budget?

 We have always tried to live rather frugally and read about and talked about implementing a strict budget four years ago. But until we made the first installment to our son's newest university, we have not been strict budgeters. This week that has changed. We have our envelopes filled out with the cash inserted into each. We do plan on readjusting as needed, but I think it is going to be helpful. Especially in the areas like gift buying. So whether you are receiving a card or something like sterling silver jewelry from us, you can know that it was planned for and paid for with money that we budgeted just for your occasion!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Did You Know About College Move In Day?

Did you know about college move in day?

 My son transferred to a new, bigger university this year. Boy, was move in day a mad house! I was sure glad he is living off campus as it looked like the dorm move in was crazy! The traffic in town was heavy and Wal-Mart was jam packed!!! I know there were a lot of excited kids moving in over the weekend. I hope the excitement continues to the classroom!!

Did You Know About Remodeling?

Did you know about remodeling?

 I am sure every home owner will agree that one project just leads to another! We have been painting but are far from finished. And of course when that's done, I'd love to do a little remodeling to our bathroom. Any bathroom remodeling houston company will surely have updates to our master bath. While the shower and tub are updates from the original, we really need new vanities, sinks and tile. Maybe one of these days....

Friday, August 17, 2012

Did You Know Ways to Save Money on Textbooks?

Did you know ways to save money on textbooks?

I've had several recommendations from different sources over the last few weeks on how to save money on textbooks. I read recently that the average amount spent on college textbooks is $700-900 per semester. That adds up quickly!

We have  rented any textbooks that we can. This has worked well for us. You can rent for a semester and there is usually a shipping fee (though not any additional fee to return them.) Even with this, these rental books offer substantial savings. We have even had to buy time extensions to allow for the difference in the end of semester and still saved money.

Of course, many students buy used textbooks to save money. This year, we have even bought a couple books from Amazon at discounted prices. The most surprising way I have heard about "saving money" is the young man who told me he only buys new textbooks so that he gets a better buy back rate (more money back when he sells them back) which he turns around uses to buy the next set of books.

While textbooks are an expensive part of each semester, these are some good ways to get the best deals possible.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Did You Know How to Find Your Greatness?

Did you know how to find your greatness? As Nike says, "Just Do It."

Did You Know a Kid Who Wants to Be a DJ?

Did you know a kid who wants to be a DJ?

My son and his cousin are trying to figure out their majors. It's a tough decision. I know that college is not for everyone though. Some kids go to trade schools and some go straight into jobs. Some have even had passions in high school that they pursue when they graduate. It seems that those kids who are into their music try to find a way to break in during those early adult years. This can be those who are the musicians or those who do the DJing. If you have one of these budding artists or DJ's you just might be buying guitars, drums, mackie mixers, and encouraging a different path than the average young adult.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Did You Know You Don't Have to Wash Your Paint Brush at the End of the Day?

Did you know you don't have to wash your paint brush at the end of the day? If you are painting a room and have more to finish tomorrow, using the same color and paint brush, you can put that paint brush into a plastic bag and put it in the fridge til ready to use again. You don't have to rinse it out at all before putting it into the bag. This has worked great for us. I did try putting the paint pan in the fridge too with paint still in it but that did not work as well (I did not have it wrapped or covered)-the paint still pretty much dried into the pan.

Did You Know the Fastest Growing Demographic in USA?

Did you know the fastest growing demographic in the USA?

Well, I could not find the numbers for sure, but the Hispanic population is at the top of most census lists. This is especially evident where I live. We have many billboards completely in Spanish now. And there are Spanish websites and advertisements in other social media as well. I found today that The Source also has a web page for Spanish speakers where they can  buy appareils photo numériques and other electronics they are looking for. I know many other demographic groups are fast growing in the US as well.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Did You Know the Olympics Started Today?

Did you know the olympics started today?

Well, actually the opening ceremony was today. My dad told me some events have already started. But I am excited. We always love to watch the games. I especially am looking forward to gymnastics, swimming and the triathlon.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Did You Know the Perfect Paneer Substitute?

Did you know the perfect paneer substitute?

I make a spinach curry that we all enjoy, but have had a hard time finding a substitute for the "paneer" (Indian cheese, similar to ricotta.) I have tried hard white cheddar, aged cheddar, even made my own paneer (not a great success.) But today I found this blog recommending the perfect sub for paneer. I went to the Latino market to make sure I got the right thing and sure enough found the recommended queso fresco. It worked out really well. I was even able to fry it for a few seconds without it getting too mushy or melting. It didn't even start to melt when I put it in the curry sauce. The taste was just right for us. I think the grocery store will likely have the queso fresco as well, making this dish even easier to make.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Did You Know How to Choose a Briefcase?

Did you know how to choose a briefcase?

 While most women will probably answer "yes" (they likely see it as another accessory), many men may not know the best way to choose a briefcase. When setting out to choose a leather briefcase for men, there are some obvious things to consider. Of course, how large will you need your case to be? What all do you need to carry? Do you need a locking case? Other things that most women certainly eye is the style. As for men, this is important too. While a man may not want to end up looking like he is carrying a "man purse" his style and function will play a role in what kind of case he is comfortable carrying.

Did You Know My Hit or Miss List May/June 2012?

Did you know my Hit or Miss List for May and June 2012?

This is a little behind! Since I can't remember them all here are the highlights:

The Pillars of the Earth: This book had been recommended to me. While it is seemingly about a cathedral built during the Middle Ages, I found it to be way too sexually graphic for me. I was completely unprepared for that. After reading one rather graphic rape scene I nearly did not finish reading the book. Then I decided I would be able to skim over any sex scenes. It sort of worked but not good enough (I still caught some "glimpses" of rather disgusting sexual encounters.) While I tried to enjoy the story, and did for most of the book, I felt like the more I read, the less I enjoyed it. It got to where I like every character less and less the more I read. And the book is LONG-983 pages of small print! This is not a book I would recommend to anyone who does not want to read graphic sex scenes and I don't feel like the story is good enough to justify having to wade through them. This for me ended up being a MISS and I won't be reading the sequel.

The Rook:-see below

The Knight:-see below

The Bishop:- This series of books, The Patrick Bowers Series, has been pretty enjoyable to me. While they are listed as "Christian Fiction" I have to say they are nothing like any other Christian fiction I've read. There is mention of "spiritual" things and God, but it's mostly people's search for Him and their dealings with being human in a fallen world. The stories center around FBI Agent Patrick Bowers and his dealings with solving heinous crimes while figuring out how to be the best human he can in his dealings with himself and those around him-particularly his 17 year old stepdaughter. While there is no foul language explicitly stated there are times when characters curse and do other things humans do. And some Christian readers may not like some of the slang terminology used by some of the characters. While there is physical attraction in Patrick's life, no explicit sexuality is focused on in the stories. The hardest part of reading the stories is the graphic violence. Many of the crimes are described in gritty detail. The stories move along well and keep the reader interested with plenty of guesswork in figuring out "who dun'it". While any of the stories can be read on their own, it's much easier to follow the bigger story line reading the whole series. This is a HIT for readers who get tired of formulaic Christian fiction.

Shoeless Joe: This is the book the movie Field of Dreams was based on. I love the movie so figured I'd love the book. As I read along I found myself wanting to see the movie again. I enjoyed the story well enough, with a few small misses along the way, but honestly think I like the movie better (unusual for me!) So while not a complete MISS I say it was not a complete HIT either.

Did You Know To Check Your City Ordinance Before Building in Your Yard?

Did you know to check your city ordinance before building in your backyard? Our neighbor has been wanting to put a shed in his backyard for sometime now. This summer he is getting it done. Thankfully he checked the city ordinances before starting. Even though he is not getting to do what he originally wanted, at least he is not having to undo anything since he checked first. So no matter what permanent structure you are putting in your backyard-steel arch buildings, decking, pools, etc-be sure to check your city ordinances before proceeding!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Did You Know About The Artist?

Did you know about The Artist? It's a movie that won awards last year. I've never seen it but my husband just walked in and said he is in the middle of watching it. It's a movie about the silent movie era, and it's done in black and white and yes, silent! He said it's really fascinating and that I should watch it. I guess I know what's next on my viewing list!

Did You Know My Daughter Passed Her AP Exam?

Did you know my daughter passed her AP exam? And she did so with a really good score! I am very proud of her, as it was not easy and it took a lot of work throughout the school year. But she studied hard, went to test preps and wrote essays at home nearly every weekend. I think her studying and test prep really paid off. I would encourage all students to use test prepping to their advantage! And I would think this would apply not only to younger high school students but all the way up to those looking at the kaplan gre test prep for grad school. Every bit of help makes a difference (but only if you use it and work/study hard!)

Did You Know Even Apples Need A Tune Up?

Did you know even Apples need a tune up? Apple computers that is. Ours is less than two years old and we had to replace the mother board and hard drive!! I had no idea we would even need a pc tuneup with an Apple computer. So when this one died on us we were pretty surprised. And ever since we got it back after ten days in the shop, it just has not really ever run the same again. We did do some tweaking of things yesterday and it seems to be doing a little better now. I just hope this one will last until we are ready to decide to upgrade!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Did You Know What to do with Stray Socks?

Did you know what to do with stray socks?

It seems that socks disappear on a regular basis, leaving homes with bookoos (beaucoup!) of stray socks. What are some things to do with those single socks, besides just throwing them away? We have used stray socks for puppets, stuffed for snowmen, beanbags and balls, and dusting rags. Any other good ideas for those lonely single socks?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Did You Know Tomorrow is Father's Day?

Did you know tomorrow is Father's Day?

You still have time to get your dad (or father figure) something special. Or a card. Or mow his yard. Or just put a reminder to yourself to at least give him a call tomorrow!

Did You Know About the Mysterious Disappearing Items at our Church?

Did you know about the mysterious missing items at our church?

My mom had gotten a few things together to take to some ladies who are shut in right now due to injuries and illness. She left them in the church kitchen one morning while she did some work at the church building. When she over to get them a few hours later, they were gone! After she got through blowing off steam like a powermax 65 torch, she regrouped and went to the store to replace the missing items. The funniest part of the whole story is that the very same thing happened the very next day!! Now we are laughing about the scenario!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Did You Know About Tonight's Stunt Walk Over Niagra Falls?

Did you know about tonight's stunt walk over Niagra Falls?

Tonight Nik Wallenda attempts the feat of walking a tight rope over Niagra Falls USA to Canada. It is being broadcast live right now so you still have time to catch it if you are interested! Nick hopes to keep the fame of his family name alive in history with tonights daring feat.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Did You Know You Can Rent Knee Walkers?

Did you know you can rent knee walkers?

These knee walkers, or knee scooters, are for use after surgery. My friend had one after his foot surgery. I had not seen them before but it seems like a good idea for those, like my friend, who have to go back to work after surgery. He works at a school so the knee scooter was a good idea for him. I just learned that these knee scooters are available to rent and knee scooter rental prices were much more reasonable than I thought they would be!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Did You Know About Secret Millionaire?

Did you know about Secret Millionaire?

We just watched an episode of this program where successful business people go out and find people and/or organizations helping people who are in need. The business(wo)man then learns what these folks are doing and finds out their needs. In the end they give a large amount of money to those who they feel can use it. It's a nice show; something positive and inspiring on television!

Did You Know About the Discount on Music Products?

Did you know about the discount on music products?

If you've got a musically inclined graduate, you might be happy to know about the 12% discount on items of $199 or more! If you are looking to buy Akai, Fender , Gibson or Yamaha (or other brands) this could be a great savings for you and your new grad!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Did You Know a Good Summer Job for Teens?

Did you know a good summer job for teens?

This is the first summer one of our teens has worked a consistent job. She is lifeguarding on a regular basis with a local pool company. She has her "home" pool but can also pick up extra shifts or work pool parties. She also just got certified to teach swim lessons. She is working 47 hours this first week of summer! Looks like a busy summer for her! And like a job that has a demand for teen workers!

Did You Know A Good Graduation Gift?

Did you know a good graduation gift?

Do you need to buy a gift for one of those hard-to-buy for types? There are tons of "traditional" ideas out there for good graduation gifts, but if you have someone who is an aspiring musician, you might consider the idea to  buy Ibanez Amplifiers which could be the perfect gift for someone looking to take a step to the next level in their musical career after leaving school. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Did You Know About Wi-Fi?

Did you know about Wi-Fi?

While playing a game the other day I learned some things about Wi-Fi that I did not know. First of all, I did not know it is a name brand; it even has its own logo. It is always capitalized and hyphenated and doesn't really stand for anything. The slogan about "wireless fidelity" is just that, a slogan used by the company to help consumers understand and remember what Wi-Fi can do for them. For a better understanding, do a little reading on the development of Wi-Fi. 

Did You Know How to Get Help With Resume Writing?

Did you know how to get help with resume writing?

I talked with a lady yesterday whose brother is a recent college graduate. She was telling me how she looked at his resume yesterday and that he needed help with resume writing. I would guess that many college grads do need help with writing their resume. I told her that my husband recently had his resume redone by a resume writing company. It was great because they know what employers are looking for, the right keywords to use and how to word past experience. It seems like a good idea for anyone looking for work to get help with resume writing.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Did You Know My Daughter Got Her Driver's License?

Did you know my daughter got her driver's license?

She is really excited and I think we are glad too. Now we have someone to do errands for us again! I do think things will be easier in some ways now. But having another driving teenager just adds one more thing to the list to worry about!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Did You Know About Choosing a Major?

Did you know about choosing a major?

As my son is entering his sophomore year of college, he is still undecided as to what to declare as his major. It seems to be a really tough job, especially for guys. I know he has leaned toward communications, finance, business and management. It seems there are a spectrum of jobs he could get in these fields. I think he would be good at any of these, in particular some sort of management or human resource job at any company from business insurance companies to IT companies to non-profit organizations. The school he is looking at transferring to has a Business Communications degree. It seems like it might be a good fit for him.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Did You Know a Good Way to Wet Watercolor Paints for a Toddler?

Did you know a good way to wet watercolor paints with a toddler?

Today I let the toddler do some watercolor painting. She mostly wanted to keep dipping the brush in the water which ended up cleaning off the paint causing her to paint mostly with water. So instead of having her dip the brush into the water, I wet each color of paint with some water from a medicine dropper. (She was not concerned about not mixing colors; in fact she mostly wanted to mix the colors.) It ended up being a bit better for her and less messy overall. And prevented a power struggle over the paint brush in a cup of water!

Did You Know About Grocery Shopping With Your Husband?

Did you know about grocery shopping with your husband?

We don't shop much together. But the other day we did go to the grocery store together, along with the toddler we keep. My husband was pretty well behaved this time. Usually on past trips he is getting all kinds of stuff and putting it in the cart (at least this time I knew what he was putting in!) And then the worst is when he walks around eating in the store!! He will open cookies usually ( we do pay for them of course!) Once he even ate a banana. When I asked him how we would pay for it since it was by weight, he got another one to bring to the register to pay for the one he had eaten!! Silly guy! At least this trip was better. At the checkout he loaded every thing on the belt except for the dog food. That's when he asked the clerk for her Honeywell Barcode Scanner so he could scan the sack without having to unload and reload it. Overall, not a bad shopping trip!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Did You Know About Googol?

Did you know about googol?

 I learned the number googol when I was still in elementary school. Though I had forgotten just what number that name represented; I looked it up today. It is 1 with 100 zeroes and can be expressed 10 to the 100th power. What I didn't realize though is that it is spelled "googol" not to be confused with "google"!

Did You Know About Vinyl Gazebos?

Did you know about vinyl gazebos?

 Right now is the time everyone is sprucing up their yards and enjoying being outside. Folks are putting in decks and gazebos and grills, all to better enjoy their time relaxing out of doors at home. I have seen many yard decor items and even several gazebos but did not realize about the vinyl gazebos. I don't think I've seen these before and I wondered how sturdy they are. I looked at one site that states their vinyl gazebos are "stuffed" with pressure treated lumber beams. That sounds like it would provide the stability!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Did You Know Purging is Common at School?

Did You Know Purging is Common at School?

My daughter came home from school early today. She got sick and threw up at school. She said she just felt it come on and the teacher let her go to the bathroom. While she was embarrassed she could not stop what was happening. She said another girl was in there but she just walked out. I asked if the other girl tried to help my daughter or said anything. My daughter said no, it's not uncommon for girls to be throwing up in the bathroom. Especially after lunch time.....

Did You Know Things I Could Go Back to School For?

Did you know things I could go back to school for?

I was telling my husband today about some things I could go back to school for, to save us money in the long run. I can go to dental school so I can work on our teeth, I can go to chiropractic school so I can work on our sports injuries, I can go to cosmetology school so I can give us all hair cuts. Or I can just buy gold online at Golden Eagle as an investment. Of course, if I had enough gold, maybe I wouldn't be trying to save so much money!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Did You Know Our Area Post Offices are Not Staying Open Late for Tax Day?

Did you know our area post offices are not staying open late for tax day?

The news anchors today kept stressing this fact, since I guess many people in the past have waited until the very last minute to mail their tax forms, counting on a midnight postmark. The latest any area post office is staying open tonight is 10 pm and it is over an hour away from here. The reasons cited for no later openings is the budget cuts the post office is experiencing. I think it's fine for them to decide that and especially this year, everyone has basically had two extra days to get their taxes ready anyway!

Did You Know Good Mother's Day Gifts?

Did you know good Mother's Day Gifts?

First of all, I would say for the best Mother's Day gifts, know your mom and know what she would like, enjoy and use. If you don't know, just ask her! I mean, just because when you were growing up her favorite perfume was Chanel maybe she has since changed to armani perfume. Or maybe she used to love chocolate but now she is allergic to it. See what your mom loves to do and what she might want or even need. You might be pleasantly surprised by some of her favorite gift ideas, top of the list probably being some nice time spent with YOU!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Did You Know About Lego Interviews?

Did you know about Lego interviews?

We saw on the news a few days ago about a Lego interview. While it looked like a lot of fun for those interviewees, it looked pretty hard too. They had to be able to construct items using the blocks, but the ultimate test came when they had to make up their own design. Future Lego employees, be sure that not only can you follow the plans, but that you can make up some of your own pretty unique models as well!

Did You Know About Church Construction?

Did you know about church construction?

I know in our area many newer churches are meeting in schools or other locations like the YMCA. This might save them on the headache and expense of church construction. There is one church who bought land years ago but they have yet to begin construction. There is so much to it, design, city ordinances, fire codes, etc. And then there is design, ambiance and furnishings that go along after all the construction is done. Luckily I heard that finding church seating is becoming even eaiser. While it is one of the first things worshippers notice, it is also one of the last things they will notice-it has to be comfortable!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Did You Know How to Make Your Own Tomato Sauce?

Did you know how to make your own tomato sauce?

I often want to make my own tomato sauce but it always seems so involved. I made a quick and easy one today and it tasted really good! Based on a recipe I saw on tv and the recipe here, this is what I came up with:

First I boiled a few fairly soft tomatoes in water for about one minute. After cooling for a bit I removed skin and cores. Since I did not have time to deal with it I then put that in the fridge til today. When I was ready I added a bit of olive oil, onion and garlic to a pan and sauteed for a couple of minutes. Then I added some grated carrot and sliced zucchini. (I just realized I should have added some basil too!) Next I added the tomatoes I had saved and heated all this through while crushing up the tomatoes. This came out really nicely served over pasta and spinach. Yummy!

Did You Know You Can Still Workout with Bad Weather?

Did you know you can still workout with bad weather?

Although it is getting much warmer here, there are still days of bad weather (rain, heat, etc) which make it difficult to get a good run in. But there are other alternatives. I usually use the gym on days like that or like today I just did a few old fashioned exercises at home and will run later when the rain passes. I did hear about this gym in richmond. It seems to be more of a fitness center with a really nice looking aquatic center. This looks like a place the whole family can stay fit, no matter what the weather.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Did You Know You Need to Schedule Driving Test?

Did you know you to need to schedule driving test?

My daughter is anxious to get her driver's license this year. Her friends already told her if she is wanting to get it in May, it's time to make an appointment now. I didn't even know you could, much less, should make an appointment for a driving test! Some places allow you to make the appointment online, while others state you have to come in person to make the appointment. The laws have changed somewhat since my son got his license (a good thing) and I am hoping that making an appointment will only make things run more smoothly!

Did You Know Some Great Anniversary Gifts for Her?

Did you know some great anniversary gifts for her?

This year both my parents and my husband and I are celebrating big anniversaries (though I think each one is big!) My parents will celebrate 45 years together this weekend and my husband and I celebrate 25 years this summer! I know that tokens of affection are big deals on such occasions and I thought I would list a few, just in case someone wants to take a look:

*flowers are nice
*dark chocolate is good
*a special trip-cruise!!
*new bicycle handle bars
*I'll save some space here to add on ;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Did You Know Old Navy Has Healthy Snacks?

Did you know Old Navy has healthy snacks?

One morning I was out with the toddler I keep doing some errands. I saw that Old Navy had rain boots on sale and I wanted to price them for the little girl. So we went in. But at this point the child was getting tired and hungry. I saw at the register inside Old Navy there were some snacks and drink coolers. I saw bottles of water and got that and crossed my fingers there would be something we could get to snack on, not really thinking we would be successful. I was very happy to find that there were Clif bars, squeezable applesauce and crackers there, all perfect for a healthy snack after a long morning of errands!

Did You Know About Kinder, Gentler Crowd Control?

Did you know about "kinder, gentler" crowd control?

When I think of crowd control I tend to think of barricades and men with sticks. But there is a kinder, gentler form of crowd control that I never realized or even thought of as controlling crowds. I have often seen the stanchions and velvet ropes at theaters, concerts and sporting events. This seems like the nice way to shuttle crowds where you want them to go and also add a nicer look and feel to an event. I am sure there are times and places that call for more stringent crowd control but I hope to stick to the events that have the kinder, gentler forms.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Did You Know About Good Customer Service?

Did you know about good customer service?

It's not easy to find. But I have recently experienced good customer service from You see Alice* is a website where you can do your shopping for home goods, including some grocery items. Shipping for orders over $40 is free and it's pretty easy to reach that minimum order. Things always arrive in a timely manner. This time however one of my laundry detergent lids had broken and had leaked out about a quarter of the bottle. I mentioned this in an email to them. I got a response that same day saying they would send me another bottle of detergent and no need to try to return the broken one. I got the replacement bottle in two days!! I call that some good customer service! Thanks, Alice!

*Alice is named after the maid on The Brady Bunch. Their slogan is "Everybody needs an Alice."

Did You Know It's Easy to Order Flowers Online?

Did you know it's easy to order flowers online?

I did this one year for my granny's birthday. She lived in a town not too far away but I was not going to be able to get over to see her on her birthday and I wanted to send the flowers on that day. It was really easy and there were lots of great choices. I chose one that was shaped like a birthday cake! She was really happy to get the flowers and I was happy that it was so easy to order them online and have them delivered on her birthday!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Did You Know Adults Need to Play Too?

Did you know adults need to play too?

This past week was my son's spring break from college. While he was home it was a different feel, to have a nearly adult child and get to do some fun things with him. We went one evening to an "adult arcade". It was fun; plenty of video games, many that we could play against each other, food, and even tickets to get prizes when we were done! Another day my husband took our son to the shooting range. Neither had ever been and they had a really good time. On our last day we spent a couple hours at the beach, just hanging out, playing in the sand, a game of toss and getting our feet wet. Even adults and nearly adults need to play too!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Did You Know What to Pack in a Gym Bag?

Did you know what to pack in a gym bag?

Of course there is the obvious-anything you want/need during your workout: workout plans, towel, maybe some headphones. But I like to keep a bigger bag packed as well. In it I keep a lot of stuff: a cover up skirt, an extra set of underwear, power gel, a shower bag including shampoo and soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, oil free moisturizer and a little makeup. I also keep a pair of sunglasses and a hat. This way after I hit the gym I can pretty much be ready to go if I need to.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Did You Know When to Get New Running Shoes?

Did you know when to get new running shoes?

I've often heard that it's time to get new running shoes after around six months or after running 300-500 miles. But I was told today that a good indicator that new running shoes are needed is when old injuries start to come back to haunt you. So, after a bad flare up of knee pain and a visit to the sports clinic, I went to the shoe store for another pair of new running shoes!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Did You Know Jamba Juice Also Serves Hot Drinks?

Did you know Jamba Juice also serves hot drinks?

I wish I'd have known that on my recent trip to Oklahoma! It was cold and windy and I would have enjoyed a hot drink. I don't like getting them at Starbucks because they use too much sugar and flavored syrup. But I learned that Jamba Juice has Chai tea and organic hot chocolate. I will give them a try sometime and see how they compare.

Did You Know About Protective Headgear?

Did you know about protective headgear?

I am all for it. I told my husband when he got his motorcycle that the one thing I requested is that he always wear his helmet. While I know he has gone a time or two without, to let our daughter wear it, for the most part he has stuck by that. And I know that motorcycles are not the only protective headgear out there. I heard that  miller welding helmets not only protect but also have some pretty cool designs as well. And of course there is headgear for skateboarding and cycling too. I have always encouraged my family to wear their protective headgear when engaging in any of these dangerous activities.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Did You Know Abut Feb Photo Challenge Days 26-29?

Did you know about Feb photo a day challenge days 26-29?

Here are the last of the Feb. photoaday pictures!

Feb. 26: night

Feb. 26: night
Feb. 27: something you ate
Feb. 28: money
Feb. 29: something you're listening to

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Did You Know Feb Photoaday Challenge Days 21-25?

Did you know Feb. Photoaday Challenge Days 21-25?

Feb. 21: a favorite photo of you -see Feb. 10

Feb. 22: where you work

                                         Feb. 23: your shoes
Feb. 24: inside your bathroom cabinet

 Feb. 25: green

Did You Know What Sets Off My Asthma?

Did you know what sets off my asthma?

Although I have "exercised induced" asthma, there are other things that set off my asthma besides just exercising. Environmental factors such as perfumes and colognes, smoke from cigarettes, arturo fuente cigars or fires. Any strong smell will set off my coughing. And sometimes it does not have to be a strong overwhelming smell; it can be a subtle fragrance that seems to seep into my lungs. Sometimes those are the worst.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Did You Know About College Campus Visits?

Did you know about college campus visits?

While I thought I was done with campus visits for a few years, I offered to take some students with me on a recent trip to visit my son at his college. There was a high school day that day and our students were out of school so it worked out perfectly. While none of the students I took with me will likely attend the college my son attends, I think it is good for kids to visit a variety of schools and types of schools. I think it's wise for them to see small and large campuses, public and private schools. Having all the information possible and seeing a wide variety only helps the student narrow down what s/he is looking for-and to even know what they are looking for. It also helps to give them a feel for what these types of campuses are like. And can save heartache-and money-in the long run.

Did You Know About DJ Mixers?

Did you know about DJ Mixers?

Right now I am reading a book about a man who traveled back in time to the late 1950s/early 1960s. It seems that I've been watching and listening to things through that filter now. For example, in the story there are scenes of swing dancing, school dances and community variety shows, all taking place in small town USA. The DJ at each of these events is a high school student who seems to enjoy his work-but whose dad may not know he "borrowed" some of his albums! But if the man who traveled back from 2011 to 1960 was able to take this kid one of the cool pioneer mixers found in this era, I am sure he would blow those dances away!!

DidYou Know Feb. Photo Challenge Days 14-20?

Did you know Feb. Photo Challenge Days 14-20?

More photos from February's photoaday challenge:

Feb. 14: heart

Feb. 15: phone

Feb. 16: something new

Feb. 17: time

Feb. 18: drink
Feb. 19: something you hate to do

Feb. 20: handwriting

Monday, February 13, 2012

Did You Know About Feb Photo Challenge Days 9-13?

Did You Know about Feb. Photo Challenge Days 9-13?

Here are the next photos in the photoaday challenge:

Feb. 9: front door


Feb. 10: self-portrait

Feb. 11: makes me happy

Feb. 11: makes me happy
(these make my family happy
and that makes me happy)



Feb. 12: inside my closet



Feb. 13: blue

Did You Know My Daughter Still Has Not Deposited Her Christmas Money?

Did you know my daughter still has not deposited her Christmas money?!

I know she is wanting to save it, but I told her I also know some of it is checks and if we don't get those in soon they may be past the 90 period, "expiring". Hopefully we will get those all deposited tomorrow!

Did You Know About Bulk CD Duplication?

Did you know about bulk cd duplication?

I didn't and I guess I'd never thought about it before. I can see how it would be important to some business and groups to have their projects duplicated in bulk and a quick turn around time would be essential. And once the CDs are finished of course you must have some sort of protective case. It's good to know these services are around if I ever need it!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Did You Know Feb Photoaday Challenge Days 4-8?

Did you know Feb photoaday challenge days 4-8?

Here are more photos for the Feb challenge:

                                            Day 4: a stranger

              Day 5: 10am

                                                                                              Day 6: dinner

           Day 7: button


                                                                                                        Day 8: sun