Saturday, October 6, 2012

Did You Know About Dunn's River Falls?

Did you know about Dunn's River Falls?

This gorgeous water fall in Ocho Rios, Jamaica has long been a site for adventure and nature lovers. Folks can hike up the falls and I was really looking forward to that on our cruise adventure. I thought we would be hiking up alongside the river. I was really excited when I saw that we would be hiking IN the river!!

Getting to the falls will be a post in itself....once there please note that you do have to wear water type shoes, available for sale or rent if you don't have your own. You do have to pay to get into the park, and you do have to go with a guided group, and you are expected to tip your guide at the end.

But...the climb itself is great! The guides are great! Our guide held my camera the whole way, keeping it dry and even snapping several shots of us along the way! The water is pretty cold but a wonderful adventure. We got splashed and climbed over rocks, and even went down a little "rock slide" towards the end.

It was a really fun day and we are glad we did it, even if it seemed a little overpriced..

*also note that upon leaving you will be funneled through a "craft area" where you will be accosted to buy something!! Just keep walking! Try not to show interest or converse and do NOT accept anything they hand you!!!


Montucky said...

Interesting! I hadn't heard of a hike up through a stream before, although I've done it myself a few times, but not on an organized outing.

silken said...

I think my husband would have preferred it to be on our own, but I was happy the guide took lots of photos! it was a lot of fun.