Friday, February 29, 2008

Did You Know About Borba Skin Care Products?

Did You Know About Borba skin care products?

When I read the question "Do you look your age?"(out loud) my husband answered “YES”. I told him that’s pretty good. As for me, my gray head makes me look older than my age! And Ihave noticed changes in my skin as well over the last few years. Reading about Borba skin care products like HD-illuminating Plasma Crystals makes me see that many people these days are anxious to take care of wrinkles and fine lines, dullness and an uneven tone. The HD helps to resurface and revitalize skin and reflects light and minimizes the appearance of pores giving skin a youthful look. The plasma also helps to defy age by giving a smoother, brighter look to skin. Because Borba products target the inner skin, you can be sure that you will be gaining healthy skin from the inside out. All Borba products are tested, approved, and recommended by dermatologists.

Borba is running a special offer right now. If you spend $100 you will get a sampler kit including Clarifying Micro-Diamond Cleanser, Clarifying Concentrate and Clarifying Aqua-less Crystalline. This kit, worth $25, should help you be on your way to more radiant, more youthful looking skin.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did You Know Who To Vote For This Year???

Did you know who to vote for this year?

I sure don't!! I don't really like any of them. I did not last election either. I voted third party last election. I would like to this time, too. But I am scared!! Really!! The front runners of this year's election really scare me!

I took a little quiz on our local news station website. It is a tool to help you see which candidates you most agree with. Mine came up as Ron Paul. I was not all that surprised. We are from the same area of the country. My dad grew up in the same town as Mr. Paul. I don't know how much I agree with him on things, but this little quiz rendered up his name as my candidate.

I still don't know who to vote for!

Did You Know That Eating Raw Oysters Are Not a Threat To Healthy Individuals?

Did you know that eating raw oysters are not a threat to healthy individuals?

Living near the Gulf, I know many people who love to eat Gulf oysters, even raw. It seems that there has been a lot of cry over eating raw oysters. But I have learned that eating raw oysters is ok for healthy people. So my dad, my husband and especially my father-in-law can enjoy those raw oysters to their hearts content. As for me, I'll eat them cooked, thank you!

Here is some oyster fun from the three kids in my home.

Z: What did the oyster say to the clam?
Nothing! Oysters can't talk!

K: What did the oyster say to the pearl?
I've got you covered!

A (with a little revising from me!):

Oysters are boisterous
they are noiseters
but the poisters
are hoisters

Hope you enjoy your oysters as much!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Did You Know the Choosy Homeschooler is Needing Review Writers?

Did you know the Choosy Homeschooler is needing review writers?

To begin the "alpha phase" of their new website, the Choosy Homeschooler is looking for veteran homescnoolers to write product reviews for homeschool resources they have used. They will pay $10 for reviews of 350 words or more. They would like reviews about products that worked for you, as well as those that did not. They will only be using paid reviews for a short time, so if you are interested, hurry over to the information and application page.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Did You Know About the Theresienstadt exhibit?

Did you know about the Theresienstadt exhibit?

Theresienstadt, also known as Terezin, was a fortress city was turned into a concentration camp during WWII. It was hailed as "Hitler's gift to the Jews" and propaganda was spread (falsely) showing how the Jews were treated well by the Hitler.

We toured an exhibit on Theresienstadt yesterday. We saw drawings and writings from the children confined there. I was struck by the dedication and determination of Friedl Dicker-Brandeis (also imprisoned here) who taught the children art every day. To keep their minds off the death surrounding them, these kids looked forward to their daily art classes. They also made themselves a newspaper and magazine. We also got to see a "Ghetto" game board, depicting Terezin, fashioned after the popular game Monopoly. These kids tried to keep death and atrocity at bay using their minds and creativity.

This exhibit also featured some interactive elements that really caught my daughter's attention. Before going, we had spent the week studying the lesson plans provided by the museum. My daughter really did a nice job creating butterflies to go along with each poem we had read.

When we walked into the exhibit, we noticed all the butterflies decorating one area of the exhibit (and you could also find butterflies throughout the exhibit.) She enjoyed making a poem of her own. They had magnetic boards with words so you could work on it til you got it just right. Then there were notebooks that you could record your poem in.

They had magnetic boards with words so you could work on it til you got it just right. Then there were notebooks that you could record your poem in.

There were some cut out hand shapes on which you could draw a place that is special to you, or just leave a note showing how you feel about the children in the camp. My daughter did a couple of those. The museum is no longer accepting hand crafted butterflies to add to this exhibit, but they will continue to accpet photos to display in their digital exhibit.

Did You Know Your Best Ally Against Wieght Gain?

Did you know your best ally against weight gain?

Many people have heard the wonders touted about the new diet pill Alli and are convinced that this could be the best partner against weight gain. These people are finding that there are undesirable side effects, not much weight loss, and that ultimately, their best ally is what they've known all along--eat right and exercise regularly.

Thank you for reading this sponsored post.

Did You Know I Could Sum Up My Life in Just Six Words?

Did you know I could sum up my life in just six words?

Montucky tagged me in a new meme game , the six word memoir. At first I hesitated, not sure I could come up with something. But as I read through the original post and some of the others who had joined in as well, I thought I'd like to play along. I'd like to ask others to join in this meme as well. I'd like to hear from FF&F , Shelly , Marathon Bird , Leslie , and Jerseygirl . I am also going to tag my kids to see what they can come up with: randomactivities and kidbits , you wanna join in?

Here are the rules:

1. Write your own six word memoir.

2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like.

3. Link to the person who tagged you in your post and to this original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.

4. Tag five more blogs with links.

5. And don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!

So I began to think. My very first reaction was the title of a book I read years ago, which gave me the courage and determination to go through with homeschooling my children. It is titled "Tend Your Own Garden First". That is only five words; I thought about adding a word to the title, but it would not really be my I kept thinking just a little more. I have dedicated my life to raising my kids in the way that seems best. How could I best express this in six words? I thought about one of my other blogs. One that I don't write in as often-it is very difficult for me to keep it up at times...but it held the key for me. Here is what I've decided is my six word memoir:


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Did You Know An NYC moving company?

Did you know an NYC moving company?

A friend of mine who I've not seen for several years called me tonight. She said they are moving and need to do it ASAP. They are looking to move back to Texas. If she had told me they were moving up to New York, I would have had to tell her about a mover NYC called Shleppers. They are the only New York movers to allow the client to decide if they want to pay by flat rate or hourly rate. She could even get a free quote online.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Did You Know We Took Pictures While Driving Today?

Did you know we took pictures while driving today?

My daughter and I went in to a museum today. On the way into the city, she took some pictures of the buildings. These shots weren't too bad considering we were moving! Most of the others had too many cars and signs in the way. I thought I'd post these for you to see:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Did You Know About Tours To Washington D.C?

Did you know about tours to Washington D.C.?

I have been to Washington D.C. a few times. I have never thought of it as a really romantic place to visit. Historical, educational, beneficial, enlightening, moving-these are words I would have used to describe a trip to Washington D. C. I do remember one time as a teen watching my parents stroll across the ma...holding pinkies! At the time we laughed at them and teased them. But years later when we took our family, I would have to admit that strolling hand in hand with my husband under the cherry blossoms is something I consider romantic. Those are the kind of moments that keep you bonded when your raising and teaching kids.

If you have been looking for vacation ideas for a trip to D.C., you may want to check with Trusted Tours & Attractions. They can help you to arrange the things you would love to see and visit. There are some really great packages available. You may enjoy the trolley tour, or maybe a bike tour to see the monuments, walking tours, a Mt. Vernon cruise and tour. And right now you can enter to win a free digital camera by signing up for the newsletter. Perfect for your next trip!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Did You Know Girls are Using Steroids Too?

Did you know girls are using steroids too?

According to a report on Good Morning America this morning, about 5% of girls are using steroids. A young lady came on who had been using steroids for five weeks. The difference it made in her body and her emotions were enough to frighten her. She stopped using them and is now trying to help others keep from using them as well. In five weeks, she gained eight pounds, her voice deepened a great deal in pitch, and her emotions were in havoc. She became suicidal. Thankfully she has lived through this ordeal and is now brave enough to share her story. This is not just about beefy boys trying to bulk up...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Did You Know About The Butterfly Project?

Did you know about "The Butterfly Project" ?

My daughter did a short study of Anne Frank these past couple of weeks. This week we are doing a project over the children in the Terezin ghetto-camp. I found The Butterfly Project through the Holocaust Museum Houston's website and we are going to join in.

To portray the 1.5 million children who died in the holocaust, the museum is collecting that many butterflies. We have decided to use the book "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" in conjunction with the museum website's teaching activities . Of course, as one student in a homeschool, my daughter will have to make all her butterflies. But I think the impact of the lesson will still be made.

After we finish our project at home, she will choose some of her favorite butterflies to send to the museum for their exhibition.

If your students are studying this time period, won't you consider joining in The Butterfly Project ?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Did You Know That Younger Blogs Can Now Qualify for Pay Per Post?

Did you know that younger blogs can now qualify for Pay Per Post?

Yes, those with young blogs can now join the paid blogging crew. It is fun and easy and you get paid to do what you already do! Pay Per Post just announced this week that blogs as young as 30 days old with a minimum of ten posts can qualify for paid blogging with them. Be sure to check it out!

Did You Know About the Remodeling Project?

Did you know about the remodeling project?

My mom is almost done with her bathroom remodeling project. I think it is going to turn out really nice once it’s all done. They are really struggling with putting up the new walls right now. It is turning into a bigger job than first expected. At least she did not have to worry when it came to putting in the Danze faucets.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Did You Know You Can Freeze Butter Cream Icing?

Did you know you can freeze butter cream icing?

I have a really good icing recipe that I got from Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. Both my daughter and I like it and we don't like many icings. Last December, when I made my birthday cake I made this icing. But I forgot to half it as I normally do. So instead of throwing out the excess I decided to see how it would do if I froze it. Today, I made a cake and used the icing that I had frozen. It turned out just as good as always! YUMMY!

Did You Know About Edrugstore Online Pharmacy?

Did you know about Edrugstore online pharmacy?

This online pharmacy could be a tremendous help to many people. For people like my granny, who take lots of medication and have a hard time getting around, this could be a great asset. People who take lots of medicines, but are not able to get around will appreciate the convenience and reliability of an online pharmacy. You can sit in the comfort of your own home, forget having to get a ride and try to maneuver through a crowded store/pharmacy. No having to sit on a bench and wait. Simply type in your order and have it shipped to you.

Edrugstore online pharmacy has been online for eight years. They offer only name brand prescription medicines. You can be sure you are getting what the doctor ordered. They do not sell any generics. They also guarantee to have the lowest prices on the web. And, after your first order, they will take $20 off all refills ordered through their refills page! At Edrugstore, you can search through health articles as well as find answers to questions in the "ask a physician" section. There is a health forum you can join to discuss disease and gain support.

Did You Know What True Love Is?

Did you know what true love is?

Twenty-nine years ago today, I discovered true love. Today, Feb. 14 is my "Christian birthday", the day I was baptized into Christ, and became a Christian. This is true love. It is not fleeting. It does not change with looks, loss, aging, mistakes, or anything else. God so loved the world, that he sent his son to teach us what true love is. I found it. I hope-pray-that you will too.

Did You Know I Received My Travel Swap Package?

Did you know I received my travel swap package?

Yippee! I received my travel swap package from my partner Leslie . My husband and my daughter wanted me to hurry and open it and see what I'd gotten. I decided to put it aside. I actually waited til everyone else went to bed before opening it! That way I could savor and enjoy it! :)

It was filled with some very nice goodies that Leslie loves when traveling. I know that I will get some good use out of all of the lovely gifts as well! And, Leslie is even some kind of professional gift wrapper! ;)

Thanks Leslie for the gifts! Thanks Kelly for putting this all together...lots of fun!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Did You Know Who Showed Me How to Customize a Blog?

Did you know who showed my how to customize a blog?

If you have been reading my last posts, you know it was my 11 year old daughter! She got on to change up the look of her "kidbits" blog. She loves to move her furniture around all the time, so changing the colors on her blog were just another ordinary day!

Just click the "template" button. From there she figured out how to customize the colors, the fonts, the styles from the top to the bottom of her blog. Guess I better start paying attention!

Did You Know The Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day?

Did you know the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day?

Many times guys just don’t know what to give for Valentine’s. But there is not much that is more romantic than valentines day roses. These beautiful flowers are a sweet and thoughtful gift for any woman you love.

And now 1-800-flowers has made it even easier to order flowers and have them delivered to your loved one. It is simple to check out their online ordering. You click on the picture of the arrangement you want and fill in the form. You can even pay using paypal. This online florist has a great selection of arrangements for every style and budget, making your Valentine’s Day gift giving perfect for you and the one you love.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Did You Know I am Trying to Learn to Swim?

Did you know I am trying to learn to swim?

This old dog has been learning some new tricks this week. Besides all that my daughter has taught me, I've enlisted a teenage friend to help me learn to swim. This young girl has been on swim team for many years and is a lifeguard. She lives around the corner from us and just joined the new YMCA. So I've asked her if she would be willing to help me "learn to swim". She agreed and has come watch me swim and given me some pointers. She said I mostly need to not panic, find a rhythm and practice!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Did You Know About Ameriplan?

Did you know about Ameriplan ?

As one of the thousands of Americans who have lived without health benefits , I understand the importance of finding a way to take care of a families health while being one of the self-pay. It is expensive and we have to be really sick or in dire need (broken bones) before we will even call the doctor.

As for dental insurance , it is one of those things you think will never happen for your family. I had to pay over a 12 month period for having my wisdom teeth pulled.

Today, places like Ameriplan are bringing health benefits to the average American. Benefit packages are comprehensive, covering regular health care and vision care. Dental plans for individuals begin at just $11.95, with a $20 registration fee. Families can benefit for $19.95 per month.

Did You Know About Alt Codes?

Did you know about alt codes?

Ok, I am sure that I am really behind the times! My 11 year old daughter just taught me about alt codes. She explained that first I have to have the number lock key on. Then holding the alt button and a number (on the key pad) down will produce a cute icon. These are great to use as bullets or fun icons while typing. Here are some examples:

☺ alt 1
☻ alt 2
♥ alt 3
♪ alt 13
♫ alt 14

Have fun!

Did You Know About Our Bible Reading Club?

Did you know about our bible reading club?

Each year our church does a summer bible reading club. It is patterned after the library's summer reading club. The kids read certain selected books of the bible and earn prizes for different levels they reach. It has gone over very well since we started this.

I have had lots of fun finding the prizes for the bible reading club. We have done medals in the past for those who complete all the reading. We are also considering doing trophies or engraved plaques on alternating years for some variety.

This summer we are going to open the reading club up to the community. Our goal is to have the kids read (or have read to them) the gospels of the New Testament throughout the summer.

Thank you for reading this sponsored post.

Did You Know My Next Big Adventure?

Did you know my next big adventure?

My husband, my son and I are all planning to do the Lone Star Sprint Triathlon . Sprint just means it is a shorter triathlon. The first leg is a .3 mile swim in the Bay. Next comes a 12 mile bike ride. The final leg is a 3 mile run. My husband has done several of these races. My son and I have done one. Four years ago. And twenty pounds lighter for me. The race we did was at the same locale, but the course was a bit different. We are really looking forward to this race. I am worried about the swim; the bay can be VERY cold. But just last weekend, a local surf shop closed its doors. We bought wet suits for cheaper than they can be rented at the race! Hopefully this will help. Now I just have to work on being able to swim that far!

Did You Know About Money Magic News?

Did you know about Money Magic News?

Here is a site you can go to for learning all about mortgages, credit and loans. This is something my husband and I have struggled with for years. In fact, we just went to visit a financial adviser this past week.

With Money Magic, you can keep up on all the relevant news. For example, the credit crunch and mortgage talk has been big all this past year. One news item that caught my eye is how to pay off your mortgage early. That is a goal my husband and I had hoped to achieve. As of now, we are not on track to do so, but we know that is attainable if we get and stay smart with our money.

Stop by if you have questions about first time mortgage, Remortgage, commercial mortgage, and be sure to check out the mortgage calculator.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Did You Know Today Is Chinese New Year?

Did you know today is Chinese New Year?

It begins the Year of the Rat.

Both my dad and my daughter were born in the year of the rat. (That's right-one big rat and one little rat!) We celebrated early last weekend with friends. We had the traditional fish-well, not traditional in the sense of bones, tail and head-fried rice, stir fry veggies, fruits, and fortune cookies. I even found chocolate fortune cookies!

And all the kids received their red packets.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Did You Know About Receiving Financial Advice?

Did you know about receiving financial advice?

Earlier this week, we went for some financial advice. We asked many questions and learned a lot. Everything from stocks and bonds, investing, making a will, whole and term life insurance quotes, money market accouts, ROTH IRAs, UTMA and UGMA accounts were on the agenda. It was a bit overwhelming, leaving our brains in a swirl...

Thank you for reading this sponsored post.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Did You Know About the Many Varieties of Bats?

Did you know about the many varieties of bats?

There are nearly 1000 species of bats. Yesterday my nephew told me that bats drink from flowers and plant seeds. I did not believe him. We read today about how some bats do indeed drink the nectar of plants and help to pollinate plants! I also learned that one type of bats eat fish! Bats can range in size from a 5 inch wingspan to a 5 foot wingspan! There are many types of bats with many different looks. They live on every continent but Antarctica. Bats are good for us and our world.

Did You Know I Might Get a New Car?

Did you know I might get a new car?

When we talked with our financial adviser, I got some advice that I loved hearing! He recommended getting a new car (leasing it) instead of waiting til we saved up the complete purchase price of a new car. He said that in his mind, it does not make sense to save up the money, take it out of a money making account to "invest" in something that depreciates so much, so quickly. Maybe soon I will start looking at new Car Prices!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Did You Know Whole Foods Market Will Discontinue Plastic Bags?

Did you know Whole Foods Market will discontinue plastic bags?

We were able to get to a Whole Foods Market yesterday and saw the sign announcing this plan. I have noticed many stores selling re-usable bags recently. I like this trend and think it's a good idea. I've even started buying a few of those bags to use. But Whole Foods is the first store committed to becoming plastic bag free. By April 22, 2008-Earth Day-Whole Foods will discontinue the use of the plastic bags.

Did You Know About the Sedona Method?

Did you know about the Sedona Method?

I did not know about it. But the funny thing about it is this: The Sedona Method is filled with tips and ideas for building happiness habits. I often read on blogs about "synchronistic" happenings and this is one of them. Earlier today I began reading an article in Reader’s Digest...about being happy! I have not been able to finish that article yet, but coming across the Sedona Method just hours after beginning the article makes me believe it is something I should think about.

I am often the pessimist. But the Sedona Method helps to transform those negative thoughts and feelings into positive thoughts, transforming individual and family’s lives. One of the most well known users of the Sedona Method is Mariel Hemingway. It is said that she has mastered self-image and stays free from the depression and low self-esteem that so plagued her grandfather Ernest.

Using the Sedona Method can help you to raise your happiness setpoint. You can discover true happiness, the happiness that is within you, helping you to join the wave of happiness that is sweeping over all who have discovered the ability to be truly happy. The Sedona Method shares secrets to "being happy for no reason."