Sunday, February 28, 2010

Did You Know About This Amazing Inbounds Save?

Did you know about this amazing inbounds save?

My son and his friend went this past weekend to watch a former neighbor of ours play basketball at Sam Houston State University. They had a great day visiting the campus and watching the game. What fun it was to see such awesome basketball and to brag about their friend. Check out this highlight:

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Did You Know Tonight is Reunion Dinner?

Did you know tonight is Reunion Dinner?

Visiting here in Singapore we are taking part in the traditional festivities of Chinese New Year. Tonight we will be having Reunion Dinner with our friends' parents. We are expecting the traditional dishes as well as bringing some more Americanized dishes! There will be 20 people in attendance, seeing the old year out. Tomorrow we will ring in the year of the tiger with our new clothes and visiting the elders in our friends' families. I am so happy to be blessed to be here to share in these traditions.

Did You Know About Equestrian Apparel?

Did you know about equestrian apparel?

I don't know much about it. When my daughter did her horseback riding, she did Western style. And the ladies she worked with did not require special outfits. Western boots and jeans were all that were required so it was pretty easy to find. One lady even had a shed of equipment the kids could borrow including boots and helmets. I know that many folks like the riding pants but for my daughter jeans worked just fine.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Did You Know About Tour de Hood?

Did you know about Tour de Hood?

While watching Texas Country Reporter last night, we came across a great program taking place not too very far from us. It is called Tour de Hood . Dr. Veon McReynolds has in effect started an inner city cycling club. This cycling group is for all ages and abilities. He has collected an array of bicycles and allows folks to come out on Saturday mornings for a ride. The ride is at an easy pace for everyone to enjoy. At the halfway point, there is a break for fruit and water. Helmets, bikes, snacks, and even t shirts to wear are all provide to participants at no cost. All are invited to join. You can bring your own bike if you prefer. And if you have a bike that is not working, you are invited to come on Fridays and they will help you fix it! Dr. McReynolds is also wanting to get a few three wheeled bikes so that senior citizens who don't feel comfortable on a bicycle will still be able to join in the fun of each week's ride.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Did You Know About the Screwtape Letters?

Did you know about The Screwtape Letters?

I came across an ad for The Screwtape Letters on stage. I was interested in seeing the show. Then when I saw that Max McLean would be starring in the show, I knew I had to get tickets. Max has been a favorite of ours since we first heard his recording of the Bible.

The production of The Screwtape Letters is very well done. It has only two people appearing on stage, both of whom did an excellent job. Max's voice, annunciation, expressions and tones were just right. And Karen Eleanor Wright did a fine job of Toadpipe. We enjoyed her antics and embodiments of every-woman.

The set was perfect. Very sparse and not distracting. The backdrop was incredible. The play with the lighting and sound effects added to the show as well.

This adaptation sticks closely with the written work. It does however pull in some modern adaptations. No punches are pulled. No attempt to maintain political correctness is made. The show is very thought provoking. I would see it again if possible.