Monday, February 1, 2010

Did You Know About the Screwtape Letters?

Did you know about The Screwtape Letters?

I came across an ad for The Screwtape Letters on stage. I was interested in seeing the show. Then when I saw that Max McLean would be starring in the show, I knew I had to get tickets. Max has been a favorite of ours since we first heard his recording of the Bible.

The production of The Screwtape Letters is very well done. It has only two people appearing on stage, both of whom did an excellent job. Max's voice, annunciation, expressions and tones were just right. And Karen Eleanor Wright did a fine job of Toadpipe. We enjoyed her antics and embodiments of every-woman.

The set was perfect. Very sparse and not distracting. The backdrop was incredible. The play with the lighting and sound effects added to the show as well.

This adaptation sticks closely with the written work. It does however pull in some modern adaptations. No punches are pulled. No attempt to maintain political correctness is made. The show is very thought provoking. I would see it again if possible.

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