Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Did You Know About Sobriety High Schools?

Did you know about sobriety high schools?

I just heard about these "recovery" high schools today, though the first one began in 1989. These sobriety, sober, or recovery schools help teens who have been addicted to drugs and/or alcohol and have completed rehab treatment. The schools are a safe environment for these teens to go to finish their academic career without having to get caught up in the same environment where they got into trouble in the first place. There are not many recovery schools in the nation, but the ones in operation are seeing benefits and good results for the students. There are also a few colleges which implement recovery programs as well.


Montucky said...

At once, it's good to see that and at the same time very disappointing that they are necessary.

silken said...

yes, I agree with you. from what I read about them, they are experiencing a degree of success with keeping of the kids clean