Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Did You Know My Daughter's School Won't Function on a Mac?

Did you know my daughter's school won't function on a Mac?

I finally got my Mac back. I was trying to catch up on the items I needed to log in for my daughter's virtual school. I can't even log in to it from here! Her online school is not configured to run on a Mac computer! I guess it's a good thing we are also using a loaner from the school!


Montucky said...

I've been using a Mac for over two years now and have had only one or two sites that were not ready for it. I would sure think a school would be more up to date!

silken said...

I was surprised! I also found that my paypal plug in doesn't work w/ a mac (can't put it on the tool bar) but that I can still use their secure cards to pay online. took some time, but I figured it out! overall, it's fun getting used to the new computer. I am sure the school will have to make some changes before too many years!