Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Did You Know About the Sarcmark?

Did you know about the sarcmark?

Have you heard about the newest punctuation mark? It's called the "sarcmark" and helps to identify when you are being sarcastic. This is especially helpful when communicating through electronic devices. The mark looks like a spiral with a dot in the center. Kind of hard to explain but you can Google it to find an image. I don't know if the trend will catch on or not. But I am sure we'll start seeing the sarcmark appear in our electronic communications before too long!


Montucky said...

Hadn't heard of that, but Im pretty sure I'll need at least a bushel of them to start out with.

silken said...

it was funny trying to explain to my daughter. when I told her what it looked like she decided it was to represent the rolling of the eyes! :)