Saturday, January 16, 2010

Did You Know I Feel Like I am Falling Apart?

Did you know I feel like I am falling apart?

I have always like to exercise. And as I've trained for triathlons and a half marathon, I have put lots of stress on my aging body! I have long suffered from knee pain and found no real joint pain relief aside from wearing a knee brace when doing any running and some cycling. I have suffered foot injuries, with this go round being the longest and most dejecting (here's to hoping my orthotics come in SOON!) And with this bout of stomach bug, I have hit the wall so to speak. It is so dejecting to think that I am not getting stronger with all my exercise, but just wearing myself out! After spending the last two days in bed, I am glad that I got in a good workout today. Hopefully, my body can recover and move on to getting stronger now!


Montucky said...

Our bodies are incredible, Stacey. I go through periods where there are physical problems too, but so far they have all been overcome. You still have lots and lots of good years yet.

silken said...

I know, that's why it's so dejecting! really though, I am trying to be good and follow the doctor's plan. so I am hoping I can overcome this foot thing w/o surgery. the sooner the better!