Friday, November 30, 2007

Did You Know About Lycos Cinema?

Did you know about Lycos Cinema?

I got an email saying that they are showcasing all the old favorite Saturday morning cartoons. The ones from the "good old days" like Rocky & Bullwinkle, Mr. Magoo and Felix the Cat. To enter the cinema, you need to download Adobe Flash Player 9 (you will get the prompt if you need to do this.) After watching, you can download the cartoon to post onto your blog to share with others.

Did You Know The End of the Year is a Great Time to Make Car Donations?

Did you know the end of the year is a great time to make car donations?

Every year, hundreds of people donate their unwanted cars. This helps you by eliminating the hassle of dealing with trying to sell, taking phone calls, the paper work and time involved. You can arrange to have your car towed, the paper work taken car of and you will receive a tax deduction, all while helping out those in need. Your donated car will be used to help someone who may be a single mother, orphans, homeless, teen or adult rehab, prison reform or food distribution. Giving the gift of your old car can help you give a much needed gift at this time of year.

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Did You Know About Dickens On The Strand?

Did you know about Dickens On The Strand ?

Each year in Galveston, TX, the first weekend after the end of hurricane season marks a special tradition, now in its 34th year. The historical district known as The Strand is turned into a replica of Victorian England, as one might read about in one of Charles Dickens' novels. This is the weekend to celebrate a Victorian Christmas by the sea.

The Strand area comes alive with carolers, entertainment, shows, choirs and machine-generated snow. Festival goers can revel in the coolness of the air (mildly cool) and celebrate another season of holidays.

Dickens on the Strand has become a favorite of locals and visitors from all over the world. The festival has been called one of the "100 Most Fun Places to Be In The World". It has also been noted as one of the "Top 100 Festivals in North America" and one of the "Top Ten Festivals in the State."

Did You Know It May be Time to Detox?

Did you know it may be time to detox?

Well, I will at least wait until after the New Year if I do decide to do a cleanse. It has been a while since I've done one. "They" say you should do one every quarter, as the seasons change to keep your body healthy and balanced and clear of toxins. I have not tried a colon cleanse before. I am not sure what method I will employ when I am ready to do it again.

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Did You Know How To Make Apple Candle Holders?

Did you know how to make apple candle holders?

Here is another very simple craft to do for a lovely table decoration. Try to choose apples that are "even" on the bottom so they will stand up easily. Remove the core from the apple. Insert a sprig or two of mint leaves. Add a sprig or two of rosemary. Then insert the candle into the hole.

Did You Know About Bush Furniture?

Did you know about Bush furniture?

Are you looking for new furniture for your holiday entertaining? I have thought for years that we would be looking for a new couch soon. We bought ours before our son was born fifteen years ago and it is looking pretty worn. I think I am going to want a leather sectional for my next sofa.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Did You Know How to Make A Simple Christmas Candle Craft?

Did you know how to make a simple Christmas candle craft?

I was looking for easy and quick Christmas projects to work on with my nephews. I came across an idea similar to this one. I revamped it a bit to fit what we had and it turned out nice and was quick and easy. These were super easy for my six and seven year old nephews to put together. We started with a fat round candle. Then they placed a large rubber band around it. In between the rubber band and the candle, they slid in mini candy canes (individually wrapped). Last, we covered the rubber band with holographic tape. It made a super cute decoration and is quick and easy to put together. You could vary the look by using different colored candles, using peppermint sticks or other candies, or cinnamon sticks. If you can't find the holographic tape ( I just happened upon it!) using a variety of ribbons will help vary the looks of the candles. These would make great teacher gifts!

Did You Know About SecondAct?

Did you know about SecondAct ?

This is an online retailer offering you the chance to get that HDTV you have been dreaming of at unbeatable prices. Here you can find Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Hitachi and many other HDTV and related items to fit your budget. Many of these products are factory refurbished but you will also find factory close-outs, overstocks, end-of-lifes, and open box items. SecondAct is proud to offer the lowest prices on the internet.

And for even bigger savings, each morning at 7, a new Deal of The Day is offered. Be sure to check each day to see just what is being offered at even deeper discounts.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Did You Know How to Make An Arctic Garden?

Did you know how to make an arctic garden?

This is a great way to celebrate the winter season. It is simple to do and uses household supplies, though not all are easy to find. It is amazing how quickly the crystals start to grow.

In a small aluminum pan, place three pieces of charcoal. Stir together a mixture of 6 Tablespoons of water, 6 Tablespoons of laundry bluing, 6 Tablespoons of salt, and 1 Tablespoon of ammonia. Pour over the pieces of charcoal, covering well. The crystals will start growing very quickly and will continue to grow for almost two weeks.

Did You Know About Car Shipping?

Did you know about Car Shipping ?

Getting an auto transport is now easier than ever. At National car shipping , you can get a free online quote. They offer services to meet any of your car and vehicle shipping needs. Whether you are moving due to a job transfer, military transfer or students moving locations, they can meet what you need to have your vehicle moved.

National Car Shipping will transport any car-running or not-and you can even upgrade to an enclosed trailer for your more expensive cars. The cars are insured all the way during the transport. They will also ship boats and motorcycles.

National takes pride in the service they offer at affordable rates. They are available by phone to answer any questions you may have about transferring your vehicle. They will ship anywhere in the nation, including Hawaii, Alaska, even Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Also, international car shipping is available.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Did You Know About the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall?

Did you know about the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall?

I watched a short clip about the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall this morning. I have been blessed to stand in front of this wall of honor, as well as see the traveling replica. Both are very sobering. It was very interesting to see this memorial explained to kids, and to also see an interview with the architect who designed it.

Maya Lin designed the memorial wall with much thought and desire to honor those fallen, and yet to speak to generations yet to come. She purposely chose the white granite to form the wall from. White granite, when polished becomes highly reflective. She loved the look this gave when viewing the wall. It allows you to see, but at the same time realized that though the fallen have passed into the shadowy realm, we have not. Another aspect that helped her to choose the white granite is the contrast provided when etched into. The etchings create the stark contrast of white on dark. This makes the names carved into highly visible and easy to read. However, when it rains, it almost seems as if the names disappear, causing yet another level of emotional response. She wanted to list the names in the year they died as opposed to alphabetically to help us to remember their place in time. The height and length of the wall are meant to point out the vastness of the fallen.

There are many aspects Lin considered when creating this memorial. I was happy to have seen this interview with her, which provides a little more insight into how the memorial speaks to so many people.

Did You Know A Big Gift This Christmas?

Did you know a big gift this Christmas?

Maybe you are planning a big gift for someone special. Or maybe for that person who already has everything, you can plan on surprising him/her with a plasma lift for the favorite plasma and LCD TV's. These lifts raise and lower at the touch of a button. All the better to watch all those football games on!

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Did You Know Ants Won't Cross a Circle of Cinnamon?

Did you know ants won't cross a circle of cinnamon?

Ok, honestly, I don't know if this one is true. I was just told this weekend that at a picnic someone had attended, the ants were getting bad. They put a circle of cinnamon around the food to keep the ants away! I have never heard this nor tried it, but I hope to test this one out soon!

Did You Know About Drug Rehab Centers?

Did you know about drug rehab centers?

Drug rehab treatment is a strenuous and agonizing time in people's lives. They are turning to someone, looking for help. This is a time for gentle and resourceful care. Small drug rehabs facilities may be better able to spend the time focusing on you and your specific needs.

Did You Know You Can "Eat As You Wish" on Holland America Cruise Ships?

Did you know you can "eat as you wish" on Holland America cruise ships?

At least you will be able to beginning December 18. On this day, a few Holland America cruise ships will begin the "Eat As You Wish" dining program. This means that you can choose a traditional seating at dinner or you can choose a more flexible dining option. You can make daily dinner reservations until 4pm or you can walk up anytime during dining hours. Daily dining service will be available from 5:15-9:00 pm. You must make your choice which dining plan you will implement at the time you book your cruise. In 2008, the rest of Holland America's cruise ships will begin to employ the Eat As You Wish program.

Did You Know Where To Find An Individualized Drug Rehab Program?

Did you know where to find an individualized drug rehab program?

At Cliffside Malibu, they feel they really stand apart from other drug rehabs. They take pride in offering a very individualized program offering as much comfort as possible during this most uncomfortable process. There are many programs offered including group therapy, exercise therapy and even spa treatments.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Did You Know About Online Tutoring?

Did you know about online tutoring?

If you need a tutor who can help you when you need help, check out the online tutoring services. These tutoring services are available every day around the clock. Yes, 24/7 help is just a click away. Anytime you need homework help, it is right at your fingertips.

These tutors pass stringent certification requirements and are ready and available to help you in any subject. Whether you need help with your math - algebra, geometry, trigonometry-English, Spanish, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or any other subject, these are the tutors for you.

For an introductory offer of $49.95 for the first month and $99.95 each month thereafter, you can get unlimited round-the-clock help for any of your homework and test prep needs.

Did You Know How to Run a Thanksgiving Feast for the Poor and Homeless?

Did you know how to run a Thanksgiving Feast for the Poor and Homeless?

Yesterday we went downtown to help out with serving at a large feast for the poor and homeless. This was a huge event and my husband and I were really looking forward to it. When we got there there were thousands of volunteers, more than there was enough work for. There were hundreds of volunteer workers standing around, wishing for work to help the poor and homeless.

What we were really impressed by was the large scale of this feast. There was more than just feeding the guests a meal. There was live entertainment throughout the day. There was a clothes "shopping" area where they could come and get sacks full of clothes and shoes for men, women and children. There were health screenings and free haircuts. There were services to answer questions. They were also handing out bags of non-perishable food items to take with them.

All in all we were very impressed by the scale of the feast and the amount of services offered. My mom had asked how we could go about setting up a feast in our own community. I like the idea, and know that we would have to start on a smaller scale than the one we attended yesterday, but we really do not even know where to begin with such an idea.

If anyone has any insight into how to begin putting on such a feast to help serve a community, please leave your comments here. All information is greatly appreciated.

Did You Know About the Live Free or Die Hard Hollywood Event?

Did you know about the Live Free or Die Hard Hollywood Event?

Do you work hard? Do expect your car or truck to work hard too? No matter how hard you drive your car or truck, the experts at AAmco are dedicated to keeping it running right.

Right now, the guys at AAMCO are running a great special promotion. Right now, in conjunction with the release of the “Live Free or Die Hard” movie, you can register to win a four day trip for two to Hollywood. When you get to California, you will get to spend a day with the “Live Free or Die Hard” movie stuntman! (You just may learn what it means to drive your car or truck hard!)

This would be an exciting trip for any Die Hard fan. And it is easy and quick to register. Simply fill out the online form and register for the Hollywood promotion. You can then also download your coupon for a FREE oil change from AAmco-helping you to save money while hoping for your chance to attend the Live Free or Die Hard event.

AAmco also offers $100 off a rebuilt transmission repair, helping you to keep your car running at its best. You will find they offer free towing with any repair. With over 800 locations in the U.S. and Canada, there is probably an AAmco guy near you.

Did You Know A Quick and Easy Detox?

Did you know a quick and easy way to detox after binge eating?

Well, maybe not everyone ate a lot of food yesterday, but this quick little mini-detox is good for anytime you feel bloated from overeating. I actually practice this little "ritual" every morning.

Each morning I drink one cup of hot water with the juice of one-half a lemon in it. It is quick and easy, warming, and aids in digestion and cleansing of the liver. I have even read that back in the Civil War, Stonewall Jackson practiced drinking lemon water to help with his digestive problems.

Did You Know The Right Ceiling Fan Can Add That Unique Flair to Your Home?

Did you know the right ceiling fan can add that unique flair to your home?

I am so happy for some friends of ours from church. They are a young couple who have made the sacrifices necessary to do the things they want. They just moved into a house they built. Before having children, they decided to build a small place to live, while saving the wife's earnings. They built what will eventually become their garage with a small kitchen, bath and loft area. And began saving their money.

As we walked through their spacious and beautifully built home, we could feel nothing but proud for them. They have really done it up right. The kitchen is lovely and large. The bath is unique. And one thing we all noticed were their unique ceiling fans . Though that may sound funny, those ceiling fans really added a nice touch to complete the overall look to their home.

As I was browsing the internet today, I noticed some great ceiling fans available, ones that, like my friends’, can add that distinctive finishing touch to a home. I especially love the exclusive look of the monte carlo fans and the fanimation series. I know many people would love the matchless style of the modern ceiling fans .

It really did amaze me how much a ceiling fan can add to the look of a home

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Did You Know The Red Ant Gets Rid of Termites?

Did you know the red ant that gets rid of termites?

We just watched a show on Nova tonight. It took place somewhere in Africa. (I missed the beginning of the show, so do not know where.) There was a small village that was being devastated by termites. There was an old man who knew how to get rid of the termites. It was by using a red ant that he called the Jaklava. We saw what all these people went through to get the red ant. It was absolutely fascinating watching them use prayers and red ocher to entice the ants. When they man placed the red ants in the tunnel with the termites, it was amazing to see the small ants do battle and chase away the termites. The way this people is intertwined with the insects and all other life around them was astounding.

Did You Know A Non-Greasy, Non-Stinky Pain Relief Gel?

Did you know a non-greasy, non-stinky pain relief gel?

Not too long ago I heard about Freeze It Gel pain relief gel. It claims to be able to relieve pain without the greasy, smelly side effects of many other pain relief gels. I was willing to give it a try.

This gel is great! I loved the way it went on easily, and did not feel greasy. It washed right off of my hands and did not leave a smell at all. It dried clear and non-greasy and it did not leave a lingering smell.

Because my mom and grandmother both suffer from arthritis, I would love for them to be able to have a steady supply of Freeze It Gel. When I heard about a contest to win a year’s supply of Freeze It , I wanted to enter so that I could keep those two ladies free from the stiffening pain they experience almost daily.

Freeze It is a great remedy for pains other than arthritis. It can help with muscles stiff from exercise and persistent pain before bed. The pain relief remedy comes in both a gel and roll on form.

Because Freeze It is derived from natural sources, this product is safe and effective to use up to four times a day. It contains aloe and vitamin E, menthol and camphor. It also contains the herbal extract Ilex. This is derived from a South American holly shrub and is used around the world to enhance the effectiveness of pain relievers.

So, if I could win a year’s supply of Freeze It Gel, I would keep a packet or two for myself and my family and then send the rest of it to my mom and my granny. I know that my granny would love to have some ongoing relief from her continual visits from her companion she calls "Arthur" and I think Freeze It could be just the answer for her.

This is my granny. She is awesome! I would love to be able to help her out a little bit if possible.

Did You Know About the Whale that Swam Up the Amazon?

Did you know about the whale that swam up the Amazon?

A couple of days ago a minke whale apparently got separated from its group and swam upstream, over 1000 miles away from the Atlantic Ocean. It is unusual for sea creatures to venture so far into fresh water. Scientists are working to dislodge the whale and send it back to the ocean.

Did You Know About Biotene Sensitivity Toothpaste?

Did you know about Biotene sensitivity toothpaste?

I have long had dental problems. I think I was 11 before I ever actually went to a dentist. As an adult, I knew that I needed to visit a dentist regularly. I had much problem with gingivitis and when I got serious about my dental care, I ended up needing lots of work done.

Because of the condition of my teeth and gums, they were both very sensitive. My gums would bleed almost every time I brushed my teeth. I would often feel cold sensations against my teeth; in general, very poor dental health.

So when I heard about Biotene and that it is designed as a sensitive toothpaste , I wanted to give it a try. I also called my grandmother, who has problems with sensitive teeth as well, and asked her to give it a try as well.

We both enjoyed the way Biotene works. It is gentle without the “spicy” taste of regular toothpastes. I wish I would have found this back when I was having so much trouble. Because Biotene is made with ingredients like Potassium Nitrate and its Enzyme LP3 Complex, I think it could have helped to prevent a lot of the trouble I was having.

Did You Know About the Sun Bear?

Did you know about the sun bear ?

I had never heard of this kind of bear until about four or five years ago while traveling overseas. At the Singapore Zoo, we got to see one of these little guys. Sun bears are the smallest of all the bear species. My daughter fell in love with the little bears. But now I have learned that these small bears are threatened with extinction in the wild. There is still much that scientists need to learn about these bears, but they feel sure that the sun bear is threatened. These bears are found in Southeast Asia. The biggest threats to the sun bear are habitat loss and commercial hunting.

Did You Know About The Mist?

Did you know about The Mist by Stephen King?

After reading the synopsis for this new movie (which hits theaters tomorrow) I felt a re-surging sense of what it was like to be trapped, not knowing or understanding just what was "out there".

In September of 2001, my family was traveling the East Coast. On Sept. 10 we had visited a few places in Washington D.C. and then traveled back to our condominium in Virginia. That night we decided we would move to a hotel in D.C. so that we would have more time to spend seeing the things we wanted to see and not have to waste the drive time.

So on the morning of the 11th, we headed into town to get our new hotel room. It was very strange. There were highway signs flashing and all other traffic was heading out. Only one lane was heading back into town. We could not understand what was going on.

We got to the hotel and got the arrangements settled, and were about to pay for our rooms when a couple asked my mom if she felt "trapped". Not understanding what the couple was talking about, my mother questioned them as to what they meant. Then the lady went on to tell my mom about the tower that had been hit in New York City and about the attacks on the country. We were stunned! Not only did we not really understand what all was happening, we were amazed that the hotel folks would go ahead and check us in, without saying anything about what was going on outside. (Looking back we are sure the hotel staff thought we did know!)

It was an eerie and terrifying feeling to go through the rest of that day. Feeling trapped with evil lurking outside can really cause all kinds of thoughts and emotions to swim in your head. And not knowing just who to trust or how others will react or whom you can depend upon only serves to enhance the fear.

I wonder if The Mist can cause its audience to emote this same feeling while watching…

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Did You Know Starbucks Serves Tea?

Did you know Starbucks serves tea?

My husband let me in on that little tidbit, and I was glad to know, as I do not drink coffee. Recently, my sister was visiting and wanted to go to Starbucks. I told her ok, since I'd just learned that they serve tea. She said yes, and that I should try the Chai Latte.

It was SOOO GOOD! It has a "spicy" flavor, sort of a cross between gingerbread and pumpkin pie. Nice and warm, smooth and creamy, just the most delicious way to spend a Friday afternoon! I will have to head back soon for another one of those!

Did You Know About Online Coupons?

Did you know about online coupons?

This is a great way to help you save money during your holiday shopping (or any time of the year.) With online coupon codes you can search your favorite stores for money saving deals. There are deals for free shipping, 50% off your order, or simple dollar off coupons. All these add up to savings for you.

You can shop a variety of vendors, including favorites many favorites. You will find Sierra Trading Post coupons , Shop NBC coupons , and Brookstone coupons.

Using online coupon codes will help save you time and money, and maybe even a few headaches.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Did You Know About Online Book Discussions?

Did you know about online book discussions?

I guess my first book discussion participation was over a year ago. The site we were at has fallen, but the lady who led our first discussion will be hosting a new one at her new spot. Starting on December 13, we will begin discussing the book Lottery by Patricia Wood.

I just finished reading this book. Overall, I liked the book very much. I really like the lead character, Perry L. Crandall. This book is very poignant and really speaks to all of us as human beings. I think there is a great message to the book. I really like how Ms. Wood has a great understanding for the things she wrote about-from those with disabilities, to sailing to winning the lottery.

If you can get your hands on this book, I hope you will join us for the discussion next month .

I only hope I can remember everything a month from now!

Did You Know About Treadmill Savings Online?

Did you know about treadmill savings online?

Right now you can get exclusive internet deals at Nordic Track treadmills. You can save over $1000. You can even get low monthly payments. These payments appear to be lower than many gyms monthly payments. Right now they are also offering FREE SHIPPING on select products!

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Did You Know About Rain Chains?

Did you know about rain chains ?

I had never heard of these before. But I just learned that these beautiful and functional home accents have been around for hundreds of years. The idea of rain chains started in Japan. They function much like the gutters and downspouts of today do. They capture and channel rain water. The difference is that you can see the water coming down the chain. They also add an aesthetic quality to your home while at the same time entertaining your senses by hearing the rain descend the chain. In the past, these chains were used to funnel the water into a barrel to store it for later use.

Did You Know About

Did you know about ?

This is the website for all your kitchen and bathroom needs. You can find over 4000 products all at this one site. If you need taps, fixtures, accessories, even heated towel rails (!), you can find them all here. These would be the perfect way to get your house ready for holiday entertaining, and you don't even have to fight the crowds and traffic to get them!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Did You Know About Sample a Day?

Did you know Sample A Day?

I was pleasantly surprised by my visit this site the other night. It is a fun site filled with, yes, links to many free samples! I took the time to peruse some of these sites and even signed up for a few of the free samples. It is a great little site to check out. It looks like you can even get a free flash drive from one of the sites.

Did You Know About Mailboxixchange?

Did you know about mailboxixchange?

This leading distributor of residential mailboxes and commercial mailboxes offers a great selection and wide variety of unique and charming mailboxes. There are hundreds of mailboxes from which to choose. You can find any kind of mailbox you are looking for. There are mail slots, wall mount and column mounted mailboxes. You can get locking mailboxes, single or mutli-unit boxes. You will find components such as newspaper racks and mailbox posts.

Here you can also get some really great curbside decor in addition to mailboxes. There are address plaques, bird feeders, door knockers and hose holders. There are even weather vanes and rain chains-something I'd not seen yet. Right now they are also offering an excellent opportunity for affiliate advertising . If you sign up now, you can receive $20 credit.

The great variety of mailboxes and curbside decor offered here could make excellent Christmas gifts for those on your list.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Did You Know Somebody Thinks I'm Nice?

Did you know somebody thinks I'm nice ?!

Thanks jerseygirl ! I really appreciate the kind words and the "nice" award. It is nice to feel like others can somehow appreciate what we do on here! :)

There are so many nice bloggers out there. I could not decide who to send the award on to. I don't know who all has received it as of yet...but I do think I want to pass it on to inklings . She has been such a great source of encouragement over the year or two that I have been doing this blogging thing. She always has something nice to say to me and props me up about this endeavor of life. So to thank her, I would like to pass this "nice" award on to her...(you can post it on any and every blog you have if you want!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Did You Know About Modular Hotels?

Did you know about modular hotels ?

These mini-sized rooms have long been a favorite of Japanese businessmen, and are now become chic with travelers in Europe and starting to gain attraction in the U.S. These smaller sized rooms are reminiscent of a cruise ship cabin, and many of them are double occupancy. Some even have suite sized bathrooms inside. These pod hotels are very sleek and stylish and offer a very affordable option to their larger sized counterparts.

Did You Know About Memory Foam?

Did you know about memory foam?

My husband had been wanting to get one of those TempurPedic beds. But we just could not afford it. So instead, I decided to surprise him with a memory foam topper. It is a nice addition to our bed, making it less stressful on his back. It does provide more heat to the bed, which can be good for some and less good for others! Now you can find some great special deals on the memory foam mattress just in time for the holidays. These specials include a free 120 day in home trial, full ten year warranty and free shipping.

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Did You Know Soda Can Help Start Your Car?

Did you know soda can help start your car?

I found out today that last week after my daughter's horseback riding lesson, one of the ladies could not get her car started. As no one there had any jumper cables, they tried an old wive's tale trick. The instructor had a soda. So, she poured some over the battery posts. The car started! The lady had to go and get a new battery, but the carbonated drink helped her get where she needed to go in the meantime! Our instructor said this should work with any carbonated beverage.)

Did You Know About Bettercaring?

Did you know about bettercaring?

This is an online service which may prove invaluable for many families. I know that after my grandfather died, it was hard to decide what kind of help my grandmother may need. She is not quite ready for a care home, but other options for in home help were needed. It is so very difficult to make these kinds of decisions, and often these decisions are made with very little information. That is how bettercaring can help. Here you can find a wealth of information to help you better care for your loved ones.

There is a section on daily care news, tips given from caregivers and an online forum where you can contribute and find information from others in your same situation. You can find resources to help you make the best decisions possible in the care of your loved one. You can search the database if you are looking for a care home. Bettercaring is dedicated to helping answer those tough questions about caring for our friends and family.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Did You Know Getting Paid to Blog is So Easy a Child Can Do It?

Did you know getting paid to blog is so easy a child can do it?

My daughter has a blog that she has not written in for some time. She just got motivated this weekend to start revising it. It is a cute blog about life in general from a kid's perspective. She may write some things about what is going on in her world, or things related to upcoming holidays and more often, she posts her school assignments.

We have been telling her how easy it is to make money blogging. Mostly she just laughs at me. Recently, I accepted an opportunity for 200 words telling a story about "my dog". It paid $8.50. I told my daughter that if she wrote it and posted it on my blog then I would give her the money. She hesitated at first, thinking 200 words would be too much. By the time she finished the story , it was almost 300 words!

She has decided that she can hopefully get her blog updated and one day be accepting job opportunities to post ads on her blog and make some money for herself!

Did You Know How To Beat the Christmas Shopping Crowds?

Did you know how to beat the Christmas shopping crowds?

I've been making my lists and checking them twice already! It's almost Christmas shopping time! Traditionally, many people take the Friday after Thanksgiving to go out and get their Christmas shopping done. Remember the traffic, the crowds, the fighting over the last item...

You can get away from all that this year! You can get the best deals online with one stop shopping at This year, you can head to Target, Kohls , Old Navy, Home Depot, and Sports Authority without having to get out of your pajamas! And with the coupon codes you will save money while saving time and avoiding the headache and hassle. You can set you mind at ease, sleep later, and still come up with the perfect gift.

Did You Know About St. George and the Dragon?

Did you know about St. George and the dragon?

I had never read about St. George and the Dragon before this summer. The story was referred to several times in my son's summer reading book The Historian. And now as we have been reading about the middle ages, we have read a bit about St. George. Even though I don't know much about the story, we did read one version of his story today. A great story for little boys who fill their imaginations with knights, swords, and fire-breathing dragons. George was apparently stolen away by the fairies to be kept safe for his destiny. He came back to save his land from the dragon. He was wounded but not defeated and finally prevailed over the dragon. He was offered the hand of the princess, but left to fulfill his obligation to the fairy queen. After six years, he returned to marry the princess and become St. George of Merry England.