Thursday, December 27, 2012

Did You Know How to Balloon a Room?

Did you know how to balloon a room?

My daughter and a couple friends got together and used air compressors to fill up garbage bags full of balloons (it took two cars to deliver them!) I don't know how they got them in there and shut the door, but here is the result:


Did You Know a Fun Birthday Gag?

Did you know a fun birthday gag?

Of course there is the old stand-by of "wrapping" or toilet papering a yard. We have been known to "fork" and "tortilla" a yard. But my daughter has come up with a couple of new ones. Last year she "post-it noted" a friend's car. And this year she filled his room with balloons. All are lots of fun! Just be sure that if you are going to air up enough balloons to fill a room that you will need one of the best air compressors you can find. It sure beats blowing them up by mouth or with a hand held pump!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Did You Know It's Dangerous for Me to Go to Work?

Did you know it's dangerous for me to go to work?

No. Nothing life-threatening like a firefighter or police officer. But it is becoming increasingly dangerous for me to go to my weekend job. Only because every time I go in, we have received something new and I end up spending money!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Did You Know About Family Christmas Talent Shows?

Did you know about family Christmas talent shows?

We've had a few. We have left it mostly to the younger kids. Which is probably best. They can show off their talents, skills and songs, skits and scriptures that they have learned and still be cute while doing it. I'm afraid if we left it to the adults, we would be sadly lacking in our talent and ability while reciting these things. Even with a superb studio microphone I think it's best that we leave the family Christmas talent shows to the kiddos.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Did You Know About the Nurse Pinning Ceremony?

Did you know about the nurse pinning ceremony?

My sister-in-law got her nurses pin tonight. After a lot of hard work she is finally done with nursing school. We got to go to see her get pinned. It is basically like a graduation with the tradition of the pin, which is unique to each school, and the lighting of the lamp, which follows in the tradition of Florence Nightingale. The nurses also wore their scrubs for their ceremony. When some asked why not dress up, their instructors told them that they have worked hard to wear this uniform! I was also pleasantly surprised at how much acknowledgement of God their was within the ceremony.

Did You Know About Spring Clamps?

Did you know about spring clamps?

It seems that spring clamps are the perfect clamp for woodworking jobs. I have heard that they are lightweight yet strong and easy to work with. They are easily portable and affordable. I have even heard it said that a woodworker can never have too many spring clamps.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Did You Know You Can Replant a Poinsettia?

Did you know you can replant a poinsettia?

I had heard years ago that you can cut back a poinsettia plant, put it in the attic and it would come back the next year. And I also knew that my grandpa had planted a poinsettia plant in his yard. So earlier this year when my neighbor was planting her Christmas poinsettia I decided to try to plant mine too. My grandpa said to plant it on the south side up next to the house. Which worked out perfectly with my entryway. And I have been very happy with the growth and progress of the plant which started to bloom just in time for Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Did You Know How to Help College Students?

Did you know how to help college students?

I am sure there are numerous ways to help. I know for the young people I know any small gift is helpful. Gift cards to nearly any eating establishment, retail store, grocery store, gas station or the college bookstore are greatly appreciated. And of course any payment towards tuition, rent or car care expenses makes a student super thankful. As for me I have been helping my son in paying most of his tuition. I mean he is working two jobs (and has another once-a-month small job) and is carrying a full course load. He had a great internship this summer but spent nearly all his earnings on rent and car care. So I decided that if he is buckling down and doing all that, not partying or trying to figure out how to beat an 8 panel drug test that I can help him out. He still had to take out a loan which I am going to help repay. But even that is a help to him in building his credit.

Did You Know A Good Way to Advertise?

Did you know a good way to advertise?

According to two young people in my life that answer is twitter. Or other social media. One of these people is a new acquaintance of mine and the other is my son. I was told that if I want to increase my chance of selling items on eBay, that using Twitter and Facebook would be the routes to go to get viewers and buyers. My son told me that social media reaches more folks than nearly any other media including TV. So if you have any thing you need to advertise try social media. Or ask a young adult in your life to help you!