Monday, December 10, 2012

Did You Know How to Help College Students?

Did you know how to help college students?

I am sure there are numerous ways to help. I know for the young people I know any small gift is helpful. Gift cards to nearly any eating establishment, retail store, grocery store, gas station or the college bookstore are greatly appreciated. And of course any payment towards tuition, rent or car care expenses makes a student super thankful. As for me I have been helping my son in paying most of his tuition. I mean he is working two jobs (and has another once-a-month small job) and is carrying a full course load. He had a great internship this summer but spent nearly all his earnings on rent and car care. So I decided that if he is buckling down and doing all that, not partying or trying to figure out how to beat an 8 panel drug test that I can help him out. He still had to take out a loan which I am going to help repay. But even that is a help to him in building his credit.

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