Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Did You Know Some of my Favorite Sights in Bozeman?

Did you know some of my favorite sights in Bozeman?

It snowed the first night we got there, and we enjoyed sitting in the hot tub at the hotel looking out at the snow! We enjoyed seeing the mountains and the snow. There are some gorgeous houses built at the base of the mountains. We saw deer, a mink, and some interesting looking cows. I don't have pictures of everything, but wanted to post some of our favorite sights on the trip.

                                          on the road out to Bridger Bowl

                                          it gets dark by 5pm

                                          the beautiful Rocky Mountains

                                           I stayed on the Green trails (except for once when
                                           I got turned around and      
                                           found myself on a Blue)

                                                    one of the ski lifts. This might be the one
                                                    where I knocked my daughter's ski off....

we had great weather the whole time

looking down on clouds

what a view

skiing above the clouds

a winter's day walk to the Museum of the Rockies

Monday, December 27, 2010

Did You Know About Where to Eat in Bozeman Montana?

Did you know where to eat in Bozeman, Montana?

We stayed in Bozeman for five days. We enjoyed the town and how friendly and helpful everyone was/is. We enjoyed most everywhere we ate. Each day we had breakfast at the hotel, so we don't have any comments as to where to eat breakfast in town. But we enjoyed all of our dinners.

Our first night we at next door to the hotel at Best Western's The Club. My husband had a good bison burger with sweet potato fries. The kids and I shared a mountain of nachos! Seriously, after the three of us were done, there were still enough to box up and take back to our room! They were good but too salty.

Our second night found us at a pizza parlor that quickly became our favorite place to eat in Bozeman-MacKenzie River Pizza Co. We shared some delicious pizzas that night and I decided that is where I wanted to go back for my birthday dinner. I was a little disappointed that I ate too much pizza to try the skillet cookie on my birthday, but the pizza is just that good! We also got a sandwich one day for lunch from another location of MRPC. We also enjoyed the window painting that we decided they painted in honor of my daughter. :)

We had one dinner at the Montana Ale Works. It was ok. Not our favorite though we did have some good meals. We tried the bison pot stickers, pretty good, a bison burger, some quesadillas and macaroni and cheese. 

Anther night we ate at Burger Bob's. They had pretty good hamburgers with some good varieties.

Over all our favorite was MRPC.

Did You Know About Teens' Prescription Drug Abuse?

Did you know about teens' prescription drug abuse?

This month's Reader's Digest has an article calling attention to this growing epidemic. I usually find that by the time this type of thing is published, kids have been doing it for a long time. I know in our area it has been a problem. It's scary just how easy it seems to be for teens to get their hands on prescription drugs and just how easy it is to distribute and abuse them. And the pills are small and leave no smell. It is easy for kids to get hooked on them long before parents realize anything is going on. We need to stay aware and have open conversations with our kids about such "fads"....before we end up needing drug rehab treatment centers.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Did You Know You Should Wear a Helmet Skiing?

Did you know you should wear a helmet skiing?

Well, we certainly learned this the hard way last week. On our first day out skiing, our daughter had an incident. She is still not sure exactly what happened, but we do know that she hit the ground hard. And she was not wearing a helmet. She suffered a slight concussion and neck strain. She is sore but on the mend. From then and on any future ski trips we will be wearing helmets!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Did You Know Some of the Best Parenting Advice I Ever Got?

Did you know some of the best parenting advice I ever got?

Since I've started babysitting, I've been reading a few things related to babies again. I read just the other day that you should not "try to make a happy baby happier." When the article explained this means to let happy babies remain content with what they are doing (don't try to make them happier by moving them, giving them something else, etc) it reminded me of some of the best parenting advice I ever got. When our kids were younger, my brother-in-law said it so straight forward "When they are being good, don't mess with them!"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Did You Know About the Ladies' Bike Ride?

Did you know about the ladies' bike ride?

This Saturday, Dec. 11,  Bike Barn Houston is sponsoring a Ladies Day Bike Ride. The ride begins at 8am from Terry Hershey Park, Hwy 6 entrance. There are ride distances for all abilities and no one is going to be left behind. This sounds like the perfect ride for beginners to get acquainted with group riding and to learn some good info too. And, the weather should be warmer this weekend too!

Did You Know I Am Nearly Finished Making My List and Checking it Twice?

Did you know I am almost finished making my list and checking it twice?

Yep, I'm almost done with all my gift buying. We had Christmas early with my in-laws, so that helped me get done with theirs early. My husband is supposed to be picking one gift up for me today. Nothing big or fancy. And I told my son to make sure and not get anything big or fancy for his girlfriend of one year (hopefully no jewelry, not even cubic zirconia rings!) Don't want anything that serious yet!! But seriously, I do like having all my gifts bought. And sometimes, it's the little gifts that are most appreciated.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Did You Know You Could Ski for Free?

Did you know you could ski for free?

I saw today that at Bridger Bowl ski area in Bozeman, MT, skiers of intermediate to advanced ability are needed for a ski research study.


If you are interested, check out their website to see if you qualify! Locals can also volunteer to earn free skiing throughout the year.