Monday, January 14, 2013

Did You Know Know About Selling on Ebay?

Did you know about selling on eBay? It's a great way to remove some items from your home. It's not hard to do though it does take a little time investment. If you are interested in make a few bucks for items you no longer need, or items you got for Christmas that are not going to work for you, think about selling on eBay. You will find instructions for getting set up and started at the eBay site. For example, I have a nice pair of boots
listed there that just are not going to work for me. But if you need a nice pair of winter boots and don't want to pay full price, you can check out eBay. And when you are ready to sell something on eBay you can make a little money in the process.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Did You Know What You Need to Use Java For?

Did you know what you need to use Java for? After hearing and reading that Java is having security issues, I wanted to learn how to disable it on my computer. It is very easy using Safari to turn Java off and on (just go to Safari, click the Preferences tab, then check the boxes.) But as I learned there are some sites that need Java to run properly. For example, the two I found immediately after turning Java off: eBay and this site, Blogger! I don't know what else I will need Java for, but I think I will just check and uncheck the boxes as needed.

Did You Know About Anti-Virus Software?

Did you know about antivirus software? I am not really very technologically savvy so I am not ever sure I am keeping my computer as safe as it needs to be. And with all the scare over Java today I was trying to keep things as safe as possible. I saw this site ESET Endpoint Antivirus at that might provide some good info on how to keep a computer safe from viruses. Now if we could just find something that simple for the flu virus!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Did You Know A Good Ten Year Old Birthday Gift?

Did you know a good ten year old birthday gift? When our son turned ten, ten years ago!, I wanted to do something to celebrate the turning of a new decade. We did a "top ten things" list for him. This year a little girl we have "adopted" at church turns ten. I wanted to do the top ten things again for her but wasn't sure how. What we've come up with is getting quotes from important people in her life-parents, siblings, extended family, best friend, school teacher-about their favorite thing about this girl. I have gathered the quotes and am now trying to figure out how to have them printed on to a poster. I have found some sources online and am trying to figure out how best to have this printed. I hope she treasures it for many more decades to come!

Did You Know About Indoor Pool Swimming?

Did you know about indoor pool swimming? I swim year round in the indoor pool at the local gym. It seems like they finally did give it a cleaning around Thanksgiving time. It was way past time-I hope it is more than an annual event! One thing I always complain about is that the electric pool heater never seems to be on high enough, or even not working. I know folks don't like to be too hot when swimming, but at least make it where we don't get a "shock" when we get into the pool! Hopefully this year they will keep the temperature and the cleanliness to a good balance!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Did You Know About My Year in Review?

Did you know about my year in review?

On another blog I used to maintain I did a blog year in review. Since I no longer have that blog I thought I would do it here. Following is the first line from each blog entry of the month in 2012:

Jan: Since my husband was training for an Ironman last year, I wanted to do something big for myself too. (about setting up and running my own personal marathon!)

Feb: I have joined a photoaday challenge for February. (photos posted in Feb.)

Mar: Here are the last of the Feb. photoaday pictures! (last of the photos posted for Feb. photo challenge)

Apr: Although it is getting much warmer here, there are still days of bad weather (rain, heat, etc) which make it difficult to get a good run in. (ad for an area gym)

May: We don't shop much together. (another ad. this time about a shopping trip with my husband)

June: We just watched an episode of this program where successful business people go out and find people and/or organizations helping people who are in need. (about a new show we had just seen on TV-Secret Millionaire)

July: Did you know my daughter passed her AP exam? And she did so with a really good score! (It was an exciting day around here!)

Aug: Well, I could not find the numbers for sure, but the Hispanic population is at the top of most census lists. (true but this was another ad)

Sept: While I do not smoke, nor do I encourage it, I guess an internet cigar store is better than the ones I used to see in the mall. (another ad-this one for something I do not endorse)

Oct: Zooma is hosting a women's race series and they are coming to Texas! (not an ad but I was hoping to win an entry!)

Nov:  I just read that the mayor of New York has decided to cancel this weekend's long standing event. (after the hurricane that struck the area I think this was the best decision)

Dec: According to two young people in my life that answer is twitter. (I was trying to find out a way to get some information out-these two young people told me to use twitter-actually that they would tweet it for me!)

So there it is, my blog year for 2012.