Friday, January 11, 2013

Did You Know What You Need to Use Java For?

Did you know what you need to use Java for? After hearing and reading that Java is having security issues, I wanted to learn how to disable it on my computer. It is very easy using Safari to turn Java off and on (just go to Safari, click the Preferences tab, then check the boxes.) But as I learned there are some sites that need Java to run properly. For example, the two I found immediately after turning Java off: eBay and this site, Blogger! I don't know what else I will need Java for, but I think I will just check and uncheck the boxes as needed.


Montucky said...

With a Mac there's always a question about security. Many say not to worry about it but I still do. For the last several years I've used Intego anti-virus software, but so far it hasn't found anything bad at all attacking my Mac.

silken said...

thanks for the heads up. we have had good luck w/ mac so far too. *knock on wood*