Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Did You Know A Good Ten Year Old Birthday Gift?

Did you know a good ten year old birthday gift? When our son turned ten, ten years ago!, I wanted to do something to celebrate the turning of a new decade. We did a "top ten things" list for him. This year a little girl we have "adopted" at church turns ten. I wanted to do the top ten things again for her but wasn't sure how. What we've come up with is getting quotes from important people in her life-parents, siblings, extended family, best friend, school teacher-about their favorite thing about this girl. I have gathered the quotes and am now trying to figure out how to have them printed on to a poster. I have found some sources online and am trying to figure out how best to have this printed. I hope she treasures it for many more decades to come!

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Montucky said...

That's such a thoughtful thing to do!

I was so pleased when our 32 year old daughter gave us two 11 X 14 photo collages with pictures of things that have been important to her for many years. It is very touching!