Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Did You Know How to Quickly Recover from a Sprain?

Did you know how to quickly recover from a sprain?

After all these weeks of therapy and getting back the strength and stability needed for the activities I want to do, I sprained my ankle last week! On the same foot that I'd had surgery on. It was nothing exciting, just jogging through the neighborhood. I was pretty bummed about it, especially since my first triathlon this season was only ten days away!

A few hours after I turned my ankle I decided to call the health care center who has been providing my recent therapy. They told me to come in. I could not take even a touch to the injury site, but after some ultrasound, ice therapy and electric stimulation, I was feeling ok. I actually went back for a second treatment that same day. That helped A LOT! The next day the swelling was down and I was feeling better. I did have to wear a "boot" all weekend and continue treatments every day (missing Saturday and Sunday) and keep bathing it in ice at least three times a day.

But now I can walk on it and the doc even thinks I'll be able to do most of my triathlon this weekend!

We'll see.....

Did you know that many people throw away coins?

Did you know that many people throw away coins?  It is a widely held belief that it is a waste of time to carry around change. But there is always someone who takes joy in other's so called trash. challenge coins is the perfect solution to those of you who feel that coins are a waste of time.  They have a use for what you consider useless, and it makes sense for everyone to benefit from this.  After all, everyone is looking for a profit in this day and age.

Did you know that that fame is hardly ever seen by the one who earns it?

Did you know that that fame is hardly ever seen by the one who earns it?  Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting in his entire lifetime.  Yet now, long after his death, he is regarded as one of the best painters to have ever lived.  It is amazing how things like fame came come around and give you your due credit only when you are dead.  It makes me wonder if anyone I know now will be famous after we are dead and gone.

Did you know that one in five americans has some form of disability ?

Did you know that one in five americans has some form of disability ?

Every human needs the help and support of others, because no one is perfect, and no one can lean on themselves all of the time.  Eventually, there will come a point in each person's life that requires them to depend on someone else.  That is why organizations like disability appeal are stepping out to help those who need a hand.  They can be there for you when no one else is.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Did You Know About National Park Week?

Did you know about National Park Week?

In celebration of John Muir's birthday and Earth Day, enjoy free admission to a National Park during Earth Week, April 16-24. Some concessioners are even joining in with special offers of their own. And if you can't make it during Earth Week, remember that many National Parks never charge an entrance fee!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Did you know that college fees can sure add up quickly?

Did you know that college fees can sure add up quickly?

And not just the tuition and rooming prices, but prices for student's books and supplies take a heavy toll on our wallets.  Not long ago when I was visiting a couple friends of mine at their university, they were telling me about their medical course, and how they had to purchase many of their own supplies like medical lab coats for the class.

I was actually quite surprised because I thought that necessary, basic supplies such as scrubs and coats were covered in the initial cost of the course.  But it seems like colleges are finding more and more ways to gain as much money as possible from their students.  But in the end I hope it will pay off for them once they work hard to finish the course, become doctors, and earn their own true uniforms and scrubs.

Did You Know How To Rack Your Bike in a Triathlon?

Did you know how to rack your bike in a triathlon?

Since I have participated in a few triathlons, I knew how to rack my bike. I knew that it was ok to rack it using either the handle bars or the seat. I also knew that the bike had to "face out" from your race number. But yesterday as a volunteer, I learned a better way to remember it. We were told that it doesn't matter which way your front wheel faces, it is just that the majority of the bike has to face out from your number with it the "down" wheel being on the side of your number. Since the bikes are racked close together with odd numbers on one side and evens on the other, it can quickly become confusing. In fact, we had to re-rack a few bikes (even if the athlete was not standing there.) So just remember that when racking your bike for a triathlon, you must have the majority of your bike facing out from your number, with your down wheel on the ground on the same side as your number. And if all that is too confusing, just ask a volunteer for help!


(photo from: The High Price of Triathlon: Swim, Bike, Run (and Spend) by Sarah Lorge Butler; http://moneywatch.bnet.com/saving-money/blog/family-finance/the-high-price-of-triathlon-swim-bike-run-and-spend/2804/)

Did You Know Some Carpet Cleaning Tips?

Did you know some carpet cleaning tips?

I found these professional carpet cleaning tips from an Austin Carpet cleaning  service. They include ways to remove hard to remove stains like wine, dirt, pet vomit, coffe, tea and cosmetics from your carpet. Each removal uses a series of products like detergent, ammonia and vinegar. When following these steps in order, the stains should be removed.  And an important thing to remember when trying to remove these common hard to remove stains is to BLOT and DO NOT SCRUB.

This Steam Team does more than just carpet cleaning. They also provide services after weather related damage, including water and wind destruction. They provide services for both commercial and residential clients. I guess this would make weather damage and carpet cleaning in Austin an easier task.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Did You Know About Infant Swim Resource?

Did you know about Infant Swim Resource?

This is more than just a swim lesson, this is life saving skills for young children. Kids as young as six months will learn in a one-on-one setting how to breath underwater, roll onto their back and float until assisted. They will practice this in a swim diaper as well as fully clothed. The goal of ISR is to see that NOT ONE MORE CHILD DROWNS.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Did You Know Where my Son and Father Are?

Did you know where my son and father are?

If you know either of them I am sure you've heard by now that they are watching the Final Four Semi Finals games today live, in person!!! They are thrilled! My son has been bragging to all his friends. As for my dad, I am thinking that this last big hurrah with his first grandson before he goes to college is priceless....

Did You Know Your Connections?

Did you know your connections?

Have you ever wondered how you are connected or networked with other companies? Ever wondered about your connection with companies like Personal Creations, Inc? Linked In can help you find out just that info. They state on the site that with them you can "Get access to insightful information about your network at thousands of companies!" So if you have been wanting to be "linked in" you can join in their free site...