Saturday, October 19, 2013

Did You Know You Can Make Your Own Brown Sugar?

Did you know you can make your own brown sugar? Since I have been working full time, I don't do as much baking as I used to. So tonight when I wanted to make cookies, I found I was out of brown sugar. Thinking there is no real substitute I Googled it anyway. And I was happily surprised to find that brown sugar is nothing but white sugar and molasses. I was even more happy that I had some molasses on hand!(It's been a long time, but I do like to make gingerbread.) So I poured a cup of white sugar into a bowl with 1 1/2 Tablespoons of molasses and stirred together with a fork. This make a nice, soft brown sugar that worked perfectly in my cookies!

Did You Know You Can Buy Safety Equipment Online?

Did you know you can buy safety equipment online? I like to do most of my shopping online whenever I can. I just came across supply line direct for safety equipment. It never occurred to me that you can buy safety equipment online, but they have everything to cover and protect you from head to toe: head and face protection, eye protection, clothing, gloves, safety vests and boots.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Did You Know About the Firefly Run?

Did you know about the Firefly Run? It is a night time 5k event that promises to be a lot of fun! It takes place on Nov 2 at Reliant Center. I am also an amassador for this year's event. If you are interested take a look at their website. If you want to save on registration I can give you a discount code for $10 off registration. Simply enter the code Kouba13 at registration. It is good until Oct. 30. I hope to see you at this year's Houston Firefly event!!

Did You Know How to Find Comfortable Pillows?

Did you know how to find comfortable pillows? A good night's sleep is important. And part of that means having a nice comfortable pillow. Even my 3 year old goddaughter woke up crying about her neck hurting the other night! If even a toddler knows it's important to have the right pillow, I think it's safe to say that it's important to find neck pillow specials! I found that you can order all kinds of different pillows online. There are the neck pillows and the travel pillows I expected but they even have contoured pillows and face pillows for those who sleep on their stomachs! Take a look today and start getting a better night's rest!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Did You Know The Benefit of Mosquitos?

Did you know the benefit of mosquitos? In an area prolific with mosquitos, this topic of conversation often comes up. After watching a hiking program last night which mentioned a benefit of mosquitos, I decided to look it up. And of course, I should have thought of these obvious benefits of mosquitos: -They help pollinate plants; specifically mentioned on the program was blueberries -They are low on the food chain allowing for those of us higher up to sustain our selves and this one not so obvious: -They have contributed to our medical advances; synthetic anesthesizers for example as well as super small injection needles

Did You Know About Stairlift Chairs?

Did you know about stairlift chairs? These are the motorized chairs that help folks "ride" up the stairs. There are many different kinds of people who might need to use a stair lift chair. Of course older folks or those who have little to no use of their legs are the first that come to mind when thinking of those who would benefit from a stair lift in their home. The lifts make it possible for these people to stay in the homes they have been in, requiring no need to move. It also allows them to go to the home of a loved one if that is more beneficial. I have seen the stair lift chairs in public places as well. This makes it more convenient for people who cannot climb the stairs when there are no elevators in a building. This is usually the case with older buildings; for example, I have seen a stair lift chair in a small local museum and historical society building. Using a stair lift allows for more freedom for those with limited mobility to stay in the place they most desire.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Did You Know the Lord Always Provides?

Did you know the Lord always provides?

 It seems that our God always provides for us and has blessed us every time we have needed it. I am not saying that he just rains money down on us or bestows these high dollar things that some people seem to preach. But He always seems to come through in ways that get us just where we need to be. For example, just this week, just today, my son and I were stressing about how he was going to buy one more textbook that he found out he has to have by Monday. And...he received two checks in the mail today! Not huge ones, but just enough to get us out from that stress of where we were going to get the money for one more book....*huge sigh of relief and prayers of gratitude that God has once again provided just what we needed*. I am not one to preach or believe in the "health and wealth" theory folks hear from TV evangelists so often. But I do want to express my gratitude for the provisions we have received....and I don't think it's just good luck!

Did You Know About Group Travel Tours?

Did you know about group travel tours?

 As we are about a year away from becoming "empty nesters", my husband and I have started thinking about some things we would love to do. We really would love to start doing some traveling, including hiking and camping. Now as we continue our conversations and really start dreaming, then come the thoughts of traveling in Europe and other places overseas. Glad I found out about group travel tours at! Now we can start doing some research to make those dreams realities!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Did You Know About the Texas City Dike?

Did you know about the Texas City Dike?

 It is a short drive from my home and I had heard of it before but had never ventured over to check it out. The original dike was destroyed in Hurricane Ike and closed for two years. It has since reopened and is a great recreational site for many water lovers in the area. The dike itself is about four miles long. There is fishing available all along both sides of the dike. At the far end is a beach area where folks can hang out on the sand and swim. There are not really any waves on the beach area but looks like a nice place to play and relax. The day we went the water was filled with jellyfish so beware! The dike is open 24 hours and requires a $5 entry fee for non-residents on Fri-Sun during the summer; weekdays are free.

Just before entering the dike there is a with a walking trail. There is also a road running perpendicular to the dike called Skyline Drive which folks can drive along for more fishing spaces. It is also accessible to runners and cyclists.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Did You Know About the Blue Microphones Spark?

Did you know about the blue microphones spark?

The newest in this prograde microphone is a small mic that provides a "unique Focus Control switch for a wider range of high-to-low end sonic signatures." This is something that aids those working at an in-home studio, providing them with the equipment needed to make those pro sounds.  This small sized mic can be used both with instruments and vocals.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Did You Know About the Power of Mantras?

Did you know about the power of mantras?

While training for triathlons, there are many moments that I'd like to just stop. When it's hot outside. Or raining. Or I'm tired. But I've learned over the years the power of mantras, or mottos. I have four that I really rely on.

 Of course there is the one I taught the little girl I used to keep and she used on me: "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..."

Or one that was used when my son was in training for his black belt: "Train hard, test easy."

Also my favorite before jumping into the cold pool: "Don't think, just do it."

And my all around favorite: "I am stronger than...._________"

That last one is perfect for any moment of weakness as you can insert whatever it is that is bothering you (I am stronger than the heat; I am stronger than my tired legs; I am stronger than I thought I was.)

I have found the power of mantras get me through many of those tough moments of any workout or long training program.

Did You Know About the Mbox Mini?

Did you know about the Mbox Mini?

 I just found the mbox 3 at musicians friend online. This little beauty is priced for student's and their instructors! Priced at $225 with free shipping makes this little pro grade recorder/editor/mixer affordable for educational institutions; they even allow this pricing for homeschooled students. This device helps you sound like a pro while still being fairly simple to use. To get this educational edition you do have to provide proper documentation of your educational facility.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Did You Know I May Need an Intervention?

Did you know I may need an intervention?

I have been working at an outdoor sportswear company for nine months now. I love the deals we get on great clothing and accessories. I have really stocked up on some cool stuff. Today they were sending me photos of some stuff as they unloaded the new freight boxes!! Of course there was only one of each size so I had to go on over today on my day off to pick up the next newest thing!! I think I may need an intervention.....

Did You Know About Thrifty Advertising?

Did you know about thrifty advertising?

Our church is always having functions that we need to advertise for. And of course we always want the best deal possible. We have to use our funds wisely, so we do look for cheap brochures, give aways and other ways to advertise our events while still being cost efficient.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Did You Know You Can Trade in Your iPhone 4?

Did you know you can trade in your iPhone 4?

 According to this article, you have until June 29 to trade you iPhone 4/4s for an iPhone 5 at Best Buy locations. There are some stipulations, like having to be eligible for an upgrade and paying fees but it seems that Best Buy had such a large positive response to their previous one day trade in that they are extending it. See the linked article if you are interested in finding out more about getting a free iPhone 5 for a trade in of your 4 (too bad I can't trade in my iPhone 3 for it!)

Did You Know About Selling Textbooks

Did you know about selling textbooks?

 Everyone knows that book buy back in the college bookstore is almost laughable. I think my son got $12 for an unopened computer pack that was required for a class! And you know we spent nearly $!00 for it! If you want to check out your options and see if you can get a better deal when you sell books back, try checking online to see if there are better options for your college books you no longer need.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Did You Know About Barefoot Parks?

Did you know about barefoot parks?

 I just finished reading a book about foot care and the relief of foot pain. Fairly interesting and some good tips. At the end the author provides some resources, one which is a link to a "barefoot parks" website . The parks are located in Europe and look like a lot of fun. A place where grownups can be kids! These parks seem to be designed and cared for to maintain healthy foot care while enjoying the great outdoors like a kid. There are lots of sensations for your feet to interact with. There are hiking trails of different materials. It looks like a lot of fun. While I've not seen or heard of any barefoot parks in the US I figure why not go out and enjoy my own back yard barefoot for a while!

Did You Know Our Garage Door is Broken...Again?

Did you know our garage door is broken...again?

 I don't know how many times my husband has fixed our garage door in the last dozen years. At least four times. And now it broke again today! Ugh! And of course it's a day that we have thunderstorms!! And then as I looked out the back window I saw our back fence line is sagging. I guess my husband is going to have to check out the Reid Supply tooling components line of gadgets he will need to get these household honey-do's done!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Did You Know About Summer Movies?

Did you know about summer movies?

It's been a while since I've been to the movie theater to see a movie. Probably Toy Story 3 my son's senior year of high school. But out of the summer movies coming out this year, I may actually see two of them. Perhaps even in a theater! Monsters University is coming out. While I am not crazy about the idea of a sequel, or prequel, I do like Monsters Inc and this could be a fun one. But the one we are looking forward to is Despicable Me 2. Hopefully as fun and clever as the first one.

Did You Know About Business Savvy?

Did you know about business savvy?

I don't have much business savvy but my son just seemed to come wired that way. Even at 5 years old he had sense enough to tell me, when asked if I could borrow a dollar from his bank, "Yes. If you pay me back two." Well that led to a short talk about interest and extortion! I told him it was smart and good but he cannot do it to his mother!! Soon after that he said that he thought the fast food place Sonic is pretty smart to have happy hour every day "because more people come there during happy hour than they do during the day." While that may not be completely true it's a pretty good thing for a youngster to realize. Now that he has declared his college major as Business Finance I have no doubt he will be gaining more and more business savvy. I hope that this will lead to him making great financial decisions and keeping himself free from bankruptcy laws in nc, or anywhere he happens to be.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Did You Know How to Play Risk?

Did you know how to play Risk?

This is a "world domination" game that I have hated ever since my husband got in to it at college. Right now my nephews, husband and daughter are playing. Since they are trying to get the game "over with" I heard my daughter say, "Oh, the game ends when someone takes over the world. I can do that. I didn't know that was the point!" Pretty funny! If you need the rules to play Risk you can find them and the objective here.

Did You Know Cigar Smoking is Becoming Chic?

Did you know cigar smoking is becoming chic?

Well I don't know how truly chic it is becoming, but it does seem to be more common place. I guess I only knew old men who smoked when I was younger, but now it seems that more and more young people are finding cigar smoking chic. I know there are many reasons that younger people are using cigars these days. While I know nothing about any famous cigars I know that I have seen more and more of the younger generation making it a more common habit.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Did You Know about the Tree House at Scenic Hill?

Did you know about the Tree House at Scenic Hill?

Just outside of Brenham, TX is a nice little bed and breakfast area loaded with eight cabins, a game area, several hammocks and lots of rest and relaxation! We were blessed to spend one night in the Tree House, but sure would have loved to stay another night or two. Even though it is near the road, there was plenty of peace and quiet. We had a lovely cabin in the Tree House with a lovely porch complete with swing and spider web and tree tops with singing birds. I am hoping we will get back there to spend a couple of nights on the next trip.

Did You Know a Graduating Musician?

Did you know a graduating musician?

If you have a graduating musician, you might find it helpful to know that vht amps from musicians friend are on sale. These would make a great graduation gift for that budding garage band artist who is needing a new amp to jump start his new gigs!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Did You Know Mowgli's "Girlfriend's" name?

Did you know Mowgli's "girlfriend's" name? The little girl I keep is getting in to Disney now days. We have watched a few movies, listed to one story on CD and several soundtracks as well. She asked me the name of the girl at the end of Jungle Book. I didn't know but looked it up to find her name is Shanti...Just in case you need to know too!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Did You Know About Ways to Help The Boston Marathon Victims?

Did you know About Ways to Help The Boston Marathon Victims?

While I don't want to write too much about the incident, I did receive an email filled with ways to help the victims. Hopefully this will lead others to find ways they want to share/support. Just click the link to read what the Another Mother Runners are doing to send help and support to the victims.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Did You Know About the Mic Mechanic?

Did you know about the mic mechanic?

I'm no singer so I'd never heard of this. But when I came across the tc helicon mic mechanic at guitar center I took a look. This little pedal helps with pitch control. I think this means that if you are too sharp or too flat this little mechanic will help fix that before your audience can throw rotten tomatoes your way...Now I'm just wondering if some of those folks who try out for American Idol and The Voice are in line to pick up this mic mechanic!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Did You Know The Newest Lullabies?

Did you know the newest lullabies?

I was at my neighbor's house today. She has a six week old baby. He was asleep in his stroller and she had a CD of lullabies playing. It was nice enough, catchy music. Then I almost laughed when she told me what it was. It was a CD of all Bob Marley songs redone as lullabies!

Did You Know About Rechargable Batteries?

Did you know about rechargeable batteries?

We invested in a couple of packs some years ago. I don't even know how long it's been. But it's sure nice to be able to have them ready when we need to change them out (which is pretty frequently with our wireless mouse.) But we always have a set ready when needed. I was glad to find out today that I can order a 16 pack set of powerex 2700 rechargeable batteries online. It comes with four free holders too. Should come in handy.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Did You Know Parents Say Yes When They Mean No?

Did you know parents say yes when they mean no?

I have been a parent long enough that I have done this more times than I can even remember. Even when the kids were young I knew that if I said no to certain things that I really don't like it would make them seem even more desirable. The hardest thing for me to say yes to when I really mean no is friends. I have tried no to "forbid" friends even when I know they are not the best people for my kids to be around. It is harder than I ever imagined being a parent. And never did I think I would say yes to some of the things I let my kids do.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Did You Know About Being Lost in Music?

Did you know about being lost in music?

There is nothing in the world that can get my emotions going quite like music can.  When I am alone in my own little world with my music of choice running through my head, I am totally at peace.  Music makes me feel emotion, and think deeply using them.  The only thing better than being lost in music is being lost in your own music.  For those that know how and have the ability to create their own music, it is truly a blessing.  They can take their own little world of music and customize the sounds into exactly what they want to hear.  And not only that, it is their own creation.  What an awesome feeling that must be.  However, to create your own music, you need the proper tools. The presonus audiobox is an exceptional innovation that allows aspiring music artists to chase their dreams with professional equipment.  Even those of us with no music experience have a chance to master our own hits with this helpful tool.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Did You Know About Adopt a Beach Clean Up?

Did you know about adopt a beach clean up?

While looking for service projects for our company to participate in we found the adopt a beach clean up program. Twice a year area citizens come together to help clean the beaches. In addition to picking up trash, debris is also logged to see where it has come from. These clean ups take place in April and September. I think this will be the perfect service for our outdoor sportswear company to participate in.

Did You Know Good Uses for Storage Cabinets?

Did you know good uses for storage cabinets?

Of course they are made to store things on/in, but some of the ways our family has used storage cabinets has proved their versatility. We have used storage cabinets as book shelves. We have storage cabinets in the garage. At one point my mom had a storage cabinet for a pantry. My son has a storage cabinet he uses as a wardrobe. Storage cabinets would work in the bathroom or as toy storage.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Did You Know Gatorade is Making a More Natural Product?

Did you know Gatorade is making a more natural product? My son was sick last week and needed some Gatorade to replace all the electrolytes he lost. I don't normally buy Gatorade products because of the high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors. So I was pleasantly surprised last week when I saw that Gatorade has actually started selling a more natural product-I believe it was a G2 drink. It does have Sucralose in it, which my son does not normally tolerate well, but for his needs last week it worked. I am glad to see that Gatorade has responded to the needs of consumers. Not so many years ago I had read on their website that they had no intention of making a more natural product as that is how their customers liked it. But for those who truly want to perform, products devoid of the artificial flavors and colors only enhance performance and better meet their needs.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Did You Know I am Looking Forward to November?

Did you know I am looking forward to November? I cannot wait until we "fall back" with the time change! This "spring forward" has killed me this year! Sure it's only an hour but it came at an awful time for me (long weekend at work, time change, tri training plan increased in intensity) and to top it all off I could not get to sleep last night as exhausted as I was!! So, yeah, I am looking forward to November....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Did You Know Some Good Spring Break Ideas?

Did you know some good spring break ideas?

Our kids actually have the same spring break this year so I was trying to think of some good ideas to do together. The beach is an obvious choice but way too crowded and crazy over spring break.  I thought about trying to go kayaking but husband nixed it. There there is hiking which I am definitely going to do with my nephew at the very least!)  There is a zip line where my son lives, if we go there we could all do that. And last year we all went to Dave and Buster's, it was a good enough evening....But I need some other good idea.

Did You Know About Personalizing Products?

Did you know about personalizing products?

Many business and organizations have personalized products they give away. Our church has often used such items. For example in our community outreach this week and in our upcoming vacation bible school we will likely be looking for the best selection of promotional products to give away to visitors from the community. These items are great little reminders of our location, times, etc so that folks can contact us at any given time.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Did You Know About the Search For Happiness?

Did you know about the Search for Happiness?

 This weekend marks the kickoff at our church for a new program called The Search for Happiness. We are having a big day of family fun tomorrow March 2 with lots of activities from frisbee golf to computer safety, basketball skills to teen culture awareness, a forty-two tournament to youth story time. Sounds like there will be something for all ages. Then we will be having a guest speaker from Sunday to Wednesday helping us find where true happiness comes from. It seems that happiness is a fad of sorts right now; I've seen a documentary and several articles pointing to finding happiness. Hopefully this next week will shed some light on finding that source of true happiness....

Did You Know What's Old is New?

Did you know what's old is new?

 I guess that is pretty much the way it always is. Even from ancient times King Solomon tells us "there is nothing new under the sun." And these days every where I look I see "old" fashions becoming new again. One thing I've really noticed is that the big headphones are in vogue again, though I don't really know why since they are so big! (I wonder if they have better sound or outside-noise reducing qualities?) At any rate, when I bought all the teens ear buds for Christmas I wasn't so sure if I shouldn't be buying something more like the ath-m50 headphones instead!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Did You Know About Cinnamon?

Did you know about cinnamon?

While I've always loved cinnamon, I learned something about it while reading my cereal box! It is apparently part of a laurel type tree whose bark is harvested in Sri Lanka. When the bark dries it curls up into that shape we call cinnamon sticks.

Did You Know About Teflon?

Did you know about Teflon?

 It is actually the brand name for a synthetic polymer with a long name. I read that teflon hose is used in many different facets, from brakes in a car to tubing in a medical research facility. It is so versatile and sought after due to its ability withstand high heat, pressure and chemicals. It also sounds like it is readily available, from hardware stores and auto supply to specialty companies.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Did You Know About RelaxReflect?

Did you know about RelaxReflect?

 I just recently heard about this company who specializes in reflective gear. Their items look pretty cool, but a little on the costly side. I was very interested in giving them a try when I did not win a free giveaway sponsored by a running group. I took a look around their site and found a special they were running. So I made an order to give them a try. Wow! Their gear is cool but their customer service is the icing on the cake!

 After I'd placed my order they promptly emailed to tell me that they were in the middle of a move and that production was on hold during that time but they would ship my order asap. Another week or so went by and I received another email stating that things were moving along and that production would resume soon.

Then my order arrived! Inside, neatly packaged, there was a not telling me that they were unable to fulfill my color request. Because of the long delay they went ahead and substituted a similar color hoping that was ok. Because of that and the delay in production, they also enclosed a *free* reflective t-shirt! I love both items but the service they provide to the customer is a rare treat.

I just wanted to pass the word along to anyone who might need reflective active wear.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Did You Know Know About Selling on Ebay?

Did you know about selling on eBay? It's a great way to remove some items from your home. It's not hard to do though it does take a little time investment. If you are interested in make a few bucks for items you no longer need, or items you got for Christmas that are not going to work for you, think about selling on eBay. You will find instructions for getting set up and started at the eBay site. For example, I have a nice pair of boots
listed there that just are not going to work for me. But if you need a nice pair of winter boots and don't want to pay full price, you can check out eBay. And when you are ready to sell something on eBay you can make a little money in the process.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Did You Know What You Need to Use Java For?

Did you know what you need to use Java for? After hearing and reading that Java is having security issues, I wanted to learn how to disable it on my computer. It is very easy using Safari to turn Java off and on (just go to Safari, click the Preferences tab, then check the boxes.) But as I learned there are some sites that need Java to run properly. For example, the two I found immediately after turning Java off: eBay and this site, Blogger! I don't know what else I will need Java for, but I think I will just check and uncheck the boxes as needed.

Did You Know About Anti-Virus Software?

Did you know about antivirus software? I am not really very technologically savvy so I am not ever sure I am keeping my computer as safe as it needs to be. And with all the scare over Java today I was trying to keep things as safe as possible. I saw this site ESET Endpoint Antivirus at that might provide some good info on how to keep a computer safe from viruses. Now if we could just find something that simple for the flu virus!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Did You Know A Good Ten Year Old Birthday Gift?

Did you know a good ten year old birthday gift? When our son turned ten, ten years ago!, I wanted to do something to celebrate the turning of a new decade. We did a "top ten things" list for him. This year a little girl we have "adopted" at church turns ten. I wanted to do the top ten things again for her but wasn't sure how. What we've come up with is getting quotes from important people in her life-parents, siblings, extended family, best friend, school teacher-about their favorite thing about this girl. I have gathered the quotes and am now trying to figure out how to have them printed on to a poster. I have found some sources online and am trying to figure out how best to have this printed. I hope she treasures it for many more decades to come!

Did You Know About Indoor Pool Swimming?

Did you know about indoor pool swimming? I swim year round in the indoor pool at the local gym. It seems like they finally did give it a cleaning around Thanksgiving time. It was way past time-I hope it is more than an annual event! One thing I always complain about is that the electric pool heater never seems to be on high enough, or even not working. I know folks don't like to be too hot when swimming, but at least make it where we don't get a "shock" when we get into the pool! Hopefully this year they will keep the temperature and the cleanliness to a good balance!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Did You Know About My Year in Review?

Did you know about my year in review?

On another blog I used to maintain I did a blog year in review. Since I no longer have that blog I thought I would do it here. Following is the first line from each blog entry of the month in 2012:

Jan: Since my husband was training for an Ironman last year, I wanted to do something big for myself too. (about setting up and running my own personal marathon!)

Feb: I have joined a photoaday challenge for February. (photos posted in Feb.)

Mar: Here are the last of the Feb. photoaday pictures! (last of the photos posted for Feb. photo challenge)

Apr: Although it is getting much warmer here, there are still days of bad weather (rain, heat, etc) which make it difficult to get a good run in. (ad for an area gym)

May: We don't shop much together. (another ad. this time about a shopping trip with my husband)

June: We just watched an episode of this program where successful business people go out and find people and/or organizations helping people who are in need. (about a new show we had just seen on TV-Secret Millionaire)

July: Did you know my daughter passed her AP exam? And she did so with a really good score! (It was an exciting day around here!)

Aug: Well, I could not find the numbers for sure, but the Hispanic population is at the top of most census lists. (true but this was another ad)

Sept: While I do not smoke, nor do I encourage it, I guess an internet cigar store is better than the ones I used to see in the mall. (another ad-this one for something I do not endorse)

Oct: Zooma is hosting a women's race series and they are coming to Texas! (not an ad but I was hoping to win an entry!)

Nov:  I just read that the mayor of New York has decided to cancel this weekend's long standing event. (after the hurricane that struck the area I think this was the best decision)

Dec: According to two young people in my life that answer is twitter. (I was trying to find out a way to get some information out-these two young people told me to use twitter-actually that they would tweet it for me!)

So there it is, my blog year for 2012.