Thursday, June 6, 2013

Did You Know About Barefoot Parks?

Did you know about barefoot parks?

 I just finished reading a book about foot care and the relief of foot pain. Fairly interesting and some good tips. At the end the author provides some resources, one which is a link to a "barefoot parks" website . The parks are located in Europe and look like a lot of fun. A place where grownups can be kids! These parks seem to be designed and cared for to maintain healthy foot care while enjoying the great outdoors like a kid. There are lots of sensations for your feet to interact with. There are hiking trails of different materials. It looks like a lot of fun. While I've not seen or heard of any barefoot parks in the US I figure why not go out and enjoy my own back yard barefoot for a while!


Montucky said...

I remember when I was a kid, it was about this time of year when we were allowed to go barefoot and we did around the neighborhood most of the summer.

silken said...

there are lots of barefoot days around here...been going barefoot for at least a few months now!!! ;)