Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Did You Know About Business Savvy?

Did you know about business savvy?

I don't have much business savvy but my son just seemed to come wired that way. Even at 5 years old he had sense enough to tell me, when asked if I could borrow a dollar from his bank, "Yes. If you pay me back two." Well that led to a short talk about interest and extortion! I told him it was smart and good but he cannot do it to his mother!! Soon after that he said that he thought the fast food place Sonic is pretty smart to have happy hour every day "because more people come there during happy hour than they do during the day." While that may not be completely true it's a pretty good thing for a youngster to realize. Now that he has declared his college major as Business Finance I have no doubt he will be gaining more and more business savvy. I hope that this will lead to him making great financial decisions and keeping himself free from bankruptcy laws in nc, or anywhere he happens to be.

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