Monday, May 27, 2013

Did You Know How to Play Risk?

Did you know how to play Risk?

This is a "world domination" game that I have hated ever since my husband got in to it at college. Right now my nephews, husband and daughter are playing. Since they are trying to get the game "over with" I heard my daughter say, "Oh, the game ends when someone takes over the world. I can do that. I didn't know that was the point!" Pretty funny! If you need the rules to play Risk you can find them and the objective here.

Did You Know Cigar Smoking is Becoming Chic?

Did you know cigar smoking is becoming chic?

Well I don't know how truly chic it is becoming, but it does seem to be more common place. I guess I only knew old men who smoked when I was younger, but now it seems that more and more young people are finding cigar smoking chic. I know there are many reasons that younger people are using cigars these days. While I know nothing about any famous cigars I know that I have seen more and more of the younger generation making it a more common habit.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Did You Know about the Tree House at Scenic Hill?

Did you know about the Tree House at Scenic Hill?

Just outside of Brenham, TX is a nice little bed and breakfast area loaded with eight cabins, a game area, several hammocks and lots of rest and relaxation! We were blessed to spend one night in the Tree House, but sure would have loved to stay another night or two. Even though it is near the road, there was plenty of peace and quiet. We had a lovely cabin in the Tree House with a lovely porch complete with swing and spider web and tree tops with singing birds. I am hoping we will get back there to spend a couple of nights on the next trip.

Did You Know a Graduating Musician?

Did you know a graduating musician?

If you have a graduating musician, you might find it helpful to know that vht amps from musicians friend are on sale. These would make a great graduation gift for that budding garage band artist who is needing a new amp to jump start his new gigs!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Did You Know Mowgli's "Girlfriend's" name?

Did you know Mowgli's "girlfriend's" name? The little girl I keep is getting in to Disney now days. We have watched a few movies, listed to one story on CD and several soundtracks as well. She asked me the name of the girl at the end of Jungle Book. I didn't know but looked it up to find her name is Shanti...Just in case you need to know too!