Sunday, April 29, 2012

Did You Know About Googol?

Did you know about googol?

 I learned the number googol when I was still in elementary school. Though I had forgotten just what number that name represented; I looked it up today. It is 1 with 100 zeroes and can be expressed 10 to the 100th power. What I didn't realize though is that it is spelled "googol" not to be confused with "google"!

Did You Know About Vinyl Gazebos?

Did you know about vinyl gazebos?

 Right now is the time everyone is sprucing up their yards and enjoying being outside. Folks are putting in decks and gazebos and grills, all to better enjoy their time relaxing out of doors at home. I have seen many yard decor items and even several gazebos but did not realize about the vinyl gazebos. I don't think I've seen these before and I wondered how sturdy they are. I looked at one site that states their vinyl gazebos are "stuffed" with pressure treated lumber beams. That sounds like it would provide the stability!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Did You Know Purging is Common at School?

Did You Know Purging is Common at School?

My daughter came home from school early today. She got sick and threw up at school. She said she just felt it come on and the teacher let her go to the bathroom. While she was embarrassed she could not stop what was happening. She said another girl was in there but she just walked out. I asked if the other girl tried to help my daughter or said anything. My daughter said no, it's not uncommon for girls to be throwing up in the bathroom. Especially after lunch time.....

Did You Know Things I Could Go Back to School For?

Did you know things I could go back to school for?

I was telling my husband today about some things I could go back to school for, to save us money in the long run. I can go to dental school so I can work on our teeth, I can go to chiropractic school so I can work on our sports injuries, I can go to cosmetology school so I can give us all hair cuts. Or I can just buy gold online at Golden Eagle as an investment. Of course, if I had enough gold, maybe I wouldn't be trying to save so much money!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Did You Know Our Area Post Offices are Not Staying Open Late for Tax Day?

Did you know our area post offices are not staying open late for tax day?

The news anchors today kept stressing this fact, since I guess many people in the past have waited until the very last minute to mail their tax forms, counting on a midnight postmark. The latest any area post office is staying open tonight is 10 pm and it is over an hour away from here. The reasons cited for no later openings is the budget cuts the post office is experiencing. I think it's fine for them to decide that and especially this year, everyone has basically had two extra days to get their taxes ready anyway!

Did You Know Good Mother's Day Gifts?

Did you know good Mother's Day Gifts?

First of all, I would say for the best Mother's Day gifts, know your mom and know what she would like, enjoy and use. If you don't know, just ask her! I mean, just because when you were growing up her favorite perfume was Chanel maybe she has since changed to armani perfume. Or maybe she used to love chocolate but now she is allergic to it. See what your mom loves to do and what she might want or even need. You might be pleasantly surprised by some of her favorite gift ideas, top of the list probably being some nice time spent with YOU!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Did You Know About Lego Interviews?

Did you know about Lego interviews?

We saw on the news a few days ago about a Lego interview. While it looked like a lot of fun for those interviewees, it looked pretty hard too. They had to be able to construct items using the blocks, but the ultimate test came when they had to make up their own design. Future Lego employees, be sure that not only can you follow the plans, but that you can make up some of your own pretty unique models as well!

Did You Know About Church Construction?

Did you know about church construction?

I know in our area many newer churches are meeting in schools or other locations like the YMCA. This might save them on the headache and expense of church construction. There is one church who bought land years ago but they have yet to begin construction. There is so much to it, design, city ordinances, fire codes, etc. And then there is design, ambiance and furnishings that go along after all the construction is done. Luckily I heard that finding church seating is becoming even eaiser. While it is one of the first things worshippers notice, it is also one of the last things they will notice-it has to be comfortable!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Did You Know How to Make Your Own Tomato Sauce?

Did you know how to make your own tomato sauce?

I often want to make my own tomato sauce but it always seems so involved. I made a quick and easy one today and it tasted really good! Based on a recipe I saw on tv and the recipe here, this is what I came up with:

First I boiled a few fairly soft tomatoes in water for about one minute. After cooling for a bit I removed skin and cores. Since I did not have time to deal with it I then put that in the fridge til today. When I was ready I added a bit of olive oil, onion and garlic to a pan and sauteed for a couple of minutes. Then I added some grated carrot and sliced zucchini. (I just realized I should have added some basil too!) Next I added the tomatoes I had saved and heated all this through while crushing up the tomatoes. This came out really nicely served over pasta and spinach. Yummy!

Did You Know You Can Still Workout with Bad Weather?

Did you know you can still workout with bad weather?

Although it is getting much warmer here, there are still days of bad weather (rain, heat, etc) which make it difficult to get a good run in. But there are other alternatives. I usually use the gym on days like that or like today I just did a few old fashioned exercises at home and will run later when the rain passes. I did hear about this gym in richmond. It seems to be more of a fitness center with a really nice looking aquatic center. This looks like a place the whole family can stay fit, no matter what the weather.