Sunday, August 31, 2008

Did You Know About Ichibon?

Did you know about Ichibon?

My husband had a birthday this weekend. No, I am not allowed to tell how old he is, but he is older than me! :) We had a really fun evening out with his mom. We tried a hibachi restaurant in the area. We had not been there before and the kids had never seen anything like it. We had a great time! We were concerned at first when our "Japanese" chef was named Jesus, but he did a great job and kept it fun for us. We all liked the onion volcano and the rice catching. The food was really good! My daughter got shrimp, my son and I had shrimp and steak. My husband and his mom got shrimp, chicken and filet mignon. We all got fried rice and veggies. YUMMY!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Did You Know How to Get Rid of Acne?

Did you know how to get rid of acne ?

There are many myths out there about how to get rid of acne. Have you tried giving up coffee, greasy foods and chocolate? Have you tried yoga? Have you heard that sexual intercourse causes acne?? Well, if you are tired of myths and old wives' tales as acne treatments and remedies, you can find product reviews to help you find the best acne treatments.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Did You Know Rivers Flow in Different Directions?

Did you know rivers flow in different directions?

My daughter has a question to answer about the directional flow of rivers. She has been doing some research online to help answer this question. She won't tell me about the rivers in Texas just yet, I have to wait til Friday. But I heard her reading about how rivers on different sides of the Continental Divide flow in different directions. I had known this, but hadn't thought much about it. She also knows that the Rio Grande does not empty where she thought it would. Again, I am waiting til Friday for her to share her new knowledge with me! (Kids just love it when they know something you don't know!!) :)

Did You Know How To Set Up Your Site To Accept Credit Cards?

Did you know how to set up your site to accept credit cards?

For many people, setting up an e-business is a dream. And for internet shopping consumers like me, being able to make a purchase securely online is important. That is where service merchant accounts and payment providers can help. Using Merchant Focus and you can set up a secure, easy and economical way to accept all major credit cards. That will make your online business even more consumer friendly!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Did You Know About Biodegradable Bags?

Did you know about biodegradable bags?

Some time ago, Montucky had mentioned his surprise that we don't have biodegradable bags yet. I just read an article that states these type bags have actually been around for nearly ten years! I wonder why we have not seen more of them? There has apparently been some controversy over these bags. It was stated that biodegradable bags and plastic bags take nearly the same amount of energy and resources to produce. If these bags get mixed together, sorting them can be a nightmare and will also cause many batches of plastic bags to be discarded rather than recycled. Also, for kinesthetic learners like us, many of these bags may be tossed out to test their ability to decompose (yes, we tried it with a biodegradable plate!) People may just toss the bags out thinking it will break down, but it takes about 18 months for one to decompose. More seriously is the impact that these bags can actually have on the environment. Compost can become leached with chemicals mixed with the biodegradable bags. Oxygen depletion can also result which in turn causes algae blooms and death of marine life. I find this to be interesting and hope that some of these issues can be resolved, as I like the idea of biodegradable items.

Did You Know About

Did you know about

My sister has been thinking about doing some things with her own website for some time now. Since I just decided to purchase two of my own domains this summer, we have been talking more about website hosting. The funny thing about it is that she knows much more about it than I did and still does. She has some good ideas and knows how to go about implementing them once she decides on a website host. Using a site like webhostingrating will help her to make a better, more informed decision. She can learn about the Top Ten Web Host Providers and the Top Providers of 2008. She can get the info she needs about cheap hosting and tips for choosing a domain.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Did You Know How To Make Columns on a Word Document?

Did you know how to make columns on a Word document?

Yes, I know I am slow to learn things sometimes! I just learned today how to make a double, triple, or quadruple column Word document. And it's so easy! On the tool bar there is an icon, fourth to the left of the "zoom" box. It allows you to choose from 1-4 columns for your document. Simply click the one you want!

Did You Know My Parents Took a Holiday?

Did you know about my parents took a holiday?

My parents just got back from a mini-vacation. I am so glad they had a chance to go. They don't get to do that often enough. I was able to see some photos of the place they stayed. I asked if it was a resort, a condo, or a hotel. It actually ended up being a sort of "condo hotel"! They really had a great time! They even took a float trip down a local "lazy river"! A great time for both of them.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Did You Know How To Save Money on Lunches?

Did you know how to save money on lunches?

I was reading an article today about saving money by packing lunches using reusable containers as opposed to one time use throw away convenience packaging. I admit that I am guilty of this, especially with my teenager. It is hard for him to carry a "lunch box" filled with reusable containers; he has so much already to carry every day. He is good about reusing his brown bags though!

I have seen some really cool reusable lunch boxes that I think younger kids would really like. Although they seem expensive when you first buy them, you can think of the money you will save in the long run. Over the course of a year, you can save nearly $250 per child by not packing "disposable" lunches. For example, buy large containers of yogurt and applesauce and pack in reusable containers. Use thermoses, reusable bags and napkins. Waste generated by disposable lunches is second only to office paper waste generated by schools.

For more ideas you can read the article here .

Did You Know About Cleaning Up After a Storm?

Did you know about cleaning up after a storm?

Living on the Gulf coast means learning to live with hurricanes and tropical storms. They are not fun and often times it is a guessing game whether one is headed your way or not. But when storms come, and they will, there is often lots of cleaning up to do. Whether you live in South Texas or Mississippi or Florida, you know that after a storm, there will be lots to do to return to your former way of life. From moving limbs in Texas to landscaping in fort lauderdale , there is a lot to clean up after a storm. After this latest storm, Fay, makes her way out, there may be lots of folks looking for fort lauderdale landscaping, roof repair or flood insurance.

Did you know about Amazon's "4 for 3" Promo?

Did you know about Amazon's "4 for 3" Promo?

I didn't know about this til I was making an order today. Any time there is a new baby born, I like to give My Little Bible as a gift. It is one of the favorite things my baby received and now I love to give it as well. So in order to replenish my "stock" that I keep on hand I ordered five of these bibles. That is when I learned that Amazon is running a "4 for 3" deal. If you order four of the same thing, it's like getting one free! So instead of ordering five, I ordered eight and got two free! Plus I got free shipping, so I did pretty good today!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Did You Know Bible Power Hour Ended Today?

Did you know Bible Power Hour ended today?

Each summer for the last three years we have been running a summer bible reading club, based on the pattern of many public libraries' summer reading clubs. This summer along with our reading club, we met each week for a Bible Power Hour . This was a mini Bible hour or vacation bible school. We met for one hour. There were Bible songs, a Bible story, puppets, a craft and a snack. The kids were also able to pick up their prizes for the reading they had done through the week. Today was our last day and we look forward to next summer!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Did You Know I Rode Through a Cloud This Morning?

Did you know I rode through a cloud this morning?

This morning as I rode my bike home from the gym, the fog was a little thick. Not dangerous, but I guess I've not ridden in fog before. I was surprised when I blinked my eyes to feel moisture against my face. I looked down and there were water drops along my arms and on my dri fit shorts. About fifteen minutes later, the sun had burned the fog away and the water droplets disappeared with it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Did You Know I Got a New Bike?

Did you know I got a new bike?

My old bike was about 13 years old. I have had continuous problems with the gears. And every time I ride it, I got grease from the chain on my legs and clothes. And it was heavy and slow.

We went to the bike shop on Friday. I looked at road bikes, but they start at about $1000, too much for me! When the guy looked at my old bike, he showed me a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. Kind of like a road bike with straight handle bars.

I love it! It's shiny and red. It was half the price. He let me take it for a test ride! I came home with this:

It's much lighter and faster than my old bike. I had smaller tires put on it for an even faster ride. I did buy CO2 and an inflate kit, just in case !

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Did You Know It's Time for Back to School Shopping?

Did you know it's time for back to school shopping?

School starts here in two weeks. I am in no way ready! My mom gave the kids some money so they could go buy whatever they want. They were thrilled! I took them clothes shopping. This is the first time I have taken my daughter to the "juniors" section. We still had a hard time finding pants and/or jeans for her. She did find one pair of pants in a size 1 that she loved. I have never, ever worn a size 1! Not even if I took a diet pill!! When I was her age I weighed as much as I did when I graduated high school!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Did You Know Today is an Auspicious Day?

Did you know today is an auspicious day?

I was hearing about today's lucky day (08/08/08)on the news this morning. Many of the things they were saying clicked my brain!

The number eight is a lucky number for the Chinese because the way you say "eight" in Chinese sounds like the way you say "prosperity" so the number has come to be lucky for them. I have eaten in restaurants called 888 in both Singapore and here in Texas. Now I know why that is such a good name for their establishments!

So today seemed the perfect day to begin the Olympics in Beijing. I know many athletes will be hoping that this auspicious date will bring luck to them!

Let the games begin!

Did You Know I Love to Watch the Olympics?

Did you know I love to watch the Olympics?

Starting today, I will be transported to Beijing and the Olympic games. We always like to tune in to see what the athletes have accomplished. I am sure this year will be no different. I love seeing the different events and the performance of these athletes. I bet some folks are even going out to get new plasma TVs and even a TV wall mount just for the momentous occasion! If I can't be there in person, I at least want to see all the action on TV.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Did You Know I Have Been Asked to Write More Paid Reviews?

Did you know I have been asked to write more paid reviews?

I just found out that I am eligible to write five more homeschool reviews for pay! I am really excited about this. They are asking that if possible, the reviews be over products that have five or less reviews already written. I found several from which I can choose. The only problem is that I have not used some of these products in a few years. I will have to think back about my experience with them to see if I can come up with a fair reivew of 300 words! Hopefully I can get five done in the week I am alloted!!

Did You Know I Have Taken Diet Pills in the Past?

Did you know I have taken diet pills in the past?

I guess many women have. And I have tried an assortment of them. That was back in my "younger" and even skinnier days. Even though diet pills may help to suppress your appetite or to increase your metabolism, they really are not very effective without a proper diet and exercise. I guess it takes age and experience to face that there really is no miracle diet pill...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Did You Know I Learned to Change My Bicycle Tire Today?

Did you know I learned to change my bicycle tire today?

My husband almost never goes with me on my long work out on Saturdays. Last night we decided it would be fun to go together, so we both got up early and headed out to the pool. We cycled there and back. On the way back, I got a flat rear tire. This has never happened to me before and I was really glad my husband was with me.

He had already prepped my bike with a spare tube, tire tools and a hand pump. He showed me how to get the tire off the bike, how to get the tire off the rim, take out the tube and replace it and get the tire back on the rim. Then we tried to pump it up. That hand pump just would not get the job done. After several minutes with no seeming effect, he looked and found he had some CO2. At this point another cyclist stopped to help us. (Thank You!) He had used the CO2 before and stayed to see how we did with it. It worked and got my tire nearly half full of air, enough to get us home. (At this point a group of cyclists rode by and called out to see if we needed help. Thank you to ya'll too!)

I replaced the wheel on the bike and we headed back home. This was a really good experience for me and I am so glad it happened when my husband just happened to be along! (THANKS!)