Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Did You Know About Spinning Classes?

Did you know about spinning classes?

I've not been to spinning classes before. These are those "Nazi cycling" classes you hear about. We have just had a new YMCA built by our house. They are offering many new demo and introductory classes, among them Spinning 101. I've been wanting to try it, so over the past ten days I've been able to make four classes. These basic classes are perfect for spinning newbies like me. They begin by talking about the bike, how to adjust it properly and the terms used throughout the class. The teachers have all been great, patient and encouraging. The 101 class is short, scheduled for thirty minutes, but much of that time has been used just learning the ropes. One thing I really like about it is how individualized it is. You are in control of your speed, your resistance and how hard you work. I am ready to get a little more into it, though I do have to say my legs were burning today!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Did You Know The Advantage of a Condo?

Did you know the advantage of a condo?

My parents have had a time share condo for some years now. We have all really enjoyed the benefits of this! My husband and I had a condo for a week for our honeymoon twenty years ago. This is something my parents have done for a number of family members when they got married. It is wonderful to be able to use the condo when traveling, so much nicer than a hotel. It is just like being in a home away from home. If we ever get the chance, we just may look into condos for sale and just what that would mean for us.

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Did You Know About Dream Real Estate?

Did you know about dream real estate?

We love our house, but ever since we have lived here, we have talked of moving. The taxes in this area are too high. And my husband was raised in the country, so he is always keeping his out for some nice real estate for us to buy and maybe build on. So far, that dream has never come true for us. We have a nice neighborhood and have had some remodeling done in the last few years, making our home value increase and raise the comfort level. But I think that if the chance ever came up, he would be ready to go in a minute.

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Did You Know My Page Rank Has Improved?

Did you know my page rank has improved?

Some people may or may not care about the page rank of their site. I do, and I know many bloggers who do. This last update at Google has some people talking. They had their rankings go down. As for me, I've just been doing what I always do. I guess I am like the turtle in the story who just keeps plodding along. And to all of you who frequent my blog, I want to say thank you! You have helped increase my page rank! And that is good news for bloggers who get paid for blogging!

Did You Know Where to Go for Pet Supplies?

Did you know where to go for pet supplies?

My daughter definitely has her own mind made up on this issue. I guess you could say she has certain grudges against certain places. She will not go to the local small mom and pop pet shop anymore, she says for anything. She has not had good luck with some purchases from there. And the large box store near the mall does not have the right stuff. There is another chain near the house. She does volunteer work with a shelter who works out of this store. She likes this one fine, though I say they are overpriced. I guess she has already formed an opinion on which stores she will patron. Not a bad thing for an eleven year old.

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Did You Know About the Beauty of a Fir Stump and a Fungus?

Did you know about the beauty of a fir stump and a fungus?

No this is not some joke. Honestly, if you ever asked me what I thought of a fungus, I would have turned my nose up or made some weird face. But in my blogwalking today, I visited one of my favorites, Montana Outdoors . Montucky always has something beautiful to share with us. And today was original! You gotta see the photo of this really pretty fungus!

Did You Know About Samanta Shoes?

Did you know about Samanta Shoes?

This is the place on the web to look for stylish, comfortable shoes. These unique shoes are made in Brazil. They are available in a wide range of sizes for both men and women. They carry womens' sizes starting at size 5 and also have a nice assortment of large size womens shoes, including sizes 11, 12 and 13. For men, you will find sizes ranging from 8-14.

These shoes are constructed with great care and thought as to not only the perfect style, but also the the utmost in comfort. First, each shoe is constructed using a special mold, which is a hybrid of a flat foot and a high instep. This is important because the shoe then gives great comfort and support to all feet ranging a full spectrum. The shoes are built with the utmost attention to arch support, heel height and the fashionable leather lining.

Samanta shoes, as well as bags and jewelry, are available on the web at samantashoes.com and they can also be found in specialty boutiques.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Did You Know How To Make A Simple Pharaoh Costume?

Did you know how to make a simple pharaoh costume?

While reading about Egypt and using a great activity book called Pyramids! we made very simple pharaoh costumes for my six and seven year old nephews. They had a great time playing in these. They could make simple Halloween costumes (but better if you live in a warm climate!)

I had a blogger ask me if I could explain how we made our pharaoh costumes. I tried, but thought it might be easier to understand with photos to help. Sorry, my model is a little lifeless, but hopefully it will help you get the idea. The instructions for making the crowns are in the book Pyramids!

First, we started with a scrap of material long enough to double over and wrap around the waist. One we tied and one we tucked and pinned. The boys both kept shorts on underneath. Then, each of the boys colored and glittered the chest piece which we cut out of card stock in a large half circle/oval shape. We cut two of these but they only colored the front piece. We punched holes in both ends at the top. Then we tied them together over their shoulders. They also colored card stock to use as arm (worn around the upper arm/bicep) and wrist bands.

My youngest nephew wanted the " nemes " type hat. Again we just used striped scrap cloth. We pinned it back over the ears. Then we tied it with gold cord and he made a "snake" out of a green pipe cleaner. We just wrapped it around the cord til it stayed.

My oldest nephew wanted to don the double crown of Egypt. First we started with a large piece of wax paper. Then we shaped and twisted it into a bowling pin type shape (we did have to do some taping on this one), leaving an opening large enough for his head. This just sits on the head. The outer part is two large sheets of red construction paper cut into a chair shape and taped together. This ring sits around the inner bowling pin shaped hat. Then he made the reed shape out of a green pipe cleaner and we taped it inside the red piece.

We did outline around the bottom of their eyes with eyeliner.

That is it. Simple and made from stuff we had on hand!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Did You Know My Crazy Eight List?

Did you know my crazy eight list?

Here is another cyber tag game. Jerseygirl tagged me. These are the best answers I could come up with.

Things I'm Passionate About:

1. my husband
2. my son
3. my daughter
4. God
5. homeschooling
6. teaching
7. providing my kids with opportunities
8. being my best

Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

1. travel
2. spend time with my kids
3. take my kids to wonderful places
4. spend time with my husband
5. see my kids as happy, well functioning adults

(I've still got time to add to that list; guess I'm just leaving my options open!)

Things That I Say Often:

1. I love you
2. What in the World?
3. Rats!
4. be quiet
5. what do you want to eat?
6. let’s go!
7. time to go!
8. I wish there was a (dish/housecleaning/laundry) fairy that would come visit my house

Books I've Read Recently (Or Am Reading):

1. Bible
2. Nine Days a Queen
3. Animal Farm
4. Glass Menagerie
5. Black Duck
6. The Mousetrap
7. The Mystery in the Castle
8. Mummies in the Morning

Songs I Can Listen To Over and Over:

1. Turn, Turn, Turn (Byrds)
2. Joy to the World (Three Dog Night)
3. Heat of the Moment (Asia)
4. Manheim Steamroller
5. American Pie
6. The Sands of Time
7. many of the old A Capella songs
8. anything my daughter plays on the piano

What Attracts Me To My Friends:

1. honest
2. kind
3. loyal
4. genuine
5. friendly
6. non-judgemental
7. accepting
8. fun

Things That I Learned Last Year (or this past year):

1. how to make money with my blogs
2. beginning scuba diving
3. beginning spinning (cycling class)
4. that you can homeschool children not in your immediate family
5. I can make friends in cyber space
6. that my son wants to go to public school
7. there is a difference between a paint and a pinto horse
8. how mummies were made

everyone in blogland who wants to play is now offically tagged! :)

Did You Know You Can Get Plumbing Sales Training?

Did you know you can get plumbing sales training?

Are you a plumber whose sales are going down the toilet? Check out the sales training you can get on line. Plumbing Sales Training Courses UK is a new addition to the Plumber Training courses currently being offered. Because so many of the plumbing graduates were asking how to better their sales, these training courses are in the works to be offered.

Sales training is an important aspect to any business. When you own and run your own business, it is imperative to know and understand how to implement sales tactics in your trade. And plumbing is no exception. People need plumbers regularly, but they want the best plumber, they want reliable and knowledgeable plumbers, and they want plumbers who are competent about their own business. Sales training will train you to do more than just make that next sale. You will learn how to better communicate, and how to be proactive in your business, which can translate over to your life.

Don’t flush this opportunity to grow you business and business skills.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Did You Know About the Texas Renaissance Festival School Days?

Did you know about the Texas Renaissance Festival School Days?

Each fall you can travel back to the Middle Ages and experience what life was like in the days of castles, knights and ladies. And for two weekdays each year, the festival is open for School Days. This is a wonderful learning experience for the kids, without all the more raucous behavior seen on the weekends. The festival is geared toward the kids and is filled with the sights and sounds of Medieval Times.

We attended yesterday for a wonderful day of jousting, sword play and merriment all straight out of the middle ages. As soon as we walked in the gate, we were met by the Sheriff of Nottingham. My nephew had on a FBI sweater and the Sheriff asked him if he would come help him with a "little problem" he was having-as he discreetly pointed out Robin Hood and his Merry men.

Top on our list were attending sword school and the jousting tournament. Both of these were highlights on all of our lists. As we went along we got to see artillery demonstrations, meet the court jester, talk with knights and visit the executioners block. One of our group even met William Shakespeare, who did some time traveling to be at the Ren Fair during King Henry VIII's heyday.

My nephews drew much attention from the folks from the middle ages dressed in their knight costumes . Many asked them how the Crusades were going. My youngest nephew was dressed in the same colors as the Spanish knight (who was defeated in the jousting tournament by the English knight.)

As the actors are all adept at staying in character, we had a great day learning about the Medieval Times just by "living" them for the day. We all left with wonderful memories of our day traveling back to the Middle Ages.

Did You Know About Concrete Garages?

Did you know about concrete garages?

I have never heard of concrete garages before. But I think that this is something my husband could go for. This is not just of your day to day Prefab Garages, but this is a building that will protect and last. I know that when my husband was looking for a shed, he wanted something sturdy, something that would last, something that would stand during a hurricane. I know that he would want, and expect, no less from a garage. And it looks like this is one garage that could deliver.

The garage that you choose is manufactured at the factory. Then it is delivered to your home and installed on the same day. This cannot be said by all the competitor companies. These garages offer affordable pricing and several styles from which to choose. You can download a brochure and even take a look at the video files to find out more information on concrete garages.

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Did You Know About Birds of Prey?

Did you know about birds of prey?

Yesterday at the Renaissance Festival , I learned quite a lot about birds of prey. We were told that not only is it illegal to own a bird of prey, but it is illegal to have even a feather off of one of these birds.

There are many fascinating things about these birds. But the one fact that really held my attention was the amount of gripping strength in their talons. One hawk has as much as 250 pounds of gripping strength per inch in his talon! They are amazing to watch as they swoop down upon their prey. And then seeing him open his wings to guard his catch is fascinating as well.

We were even taught how important vultures are to our environment.

Did You Know About Oak Beds?

Did you know about oak beds?

If you are looking for new bedroom furniture, take a look at the beauty of Oak Beds. The colors range from light oak to deep dark oak finishes. There is a wide array of beds to choose from, whether you are looking for a contemporary style or opt for something more traditional, or even want a high foot end bed.

Now is the perfect time to enhance your sleeping experience, before the holidays are upon us. This could even be the best gift you give yourself. A new bed frame to upgrade your style along with a new mattress could do wonders for your spirit. And what better way to ring in the New Year than with a New You. Save money by ordering the frame and mattress together, and get free shipping on orders over 499.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Did You Know About the Hammond House?

Did you know about the Hammond House ?

If you have ever wanted to stay in a castle, this may be your opportunity. Located in Calvert, Texas, this newly renovated castle-like home/former jail/almost museum/now-hotel just may be one of the most unique bed and breakfasts around. Hammond House has undergone a long era of renovations and is listed in the National Register and is a Texas Historic Landmark. Upcoming events include a Victorian Tea and the Christmas Homes Tour.

Did You Know Where to Find the Best Hair Loss Products?

Did you know where to find the best hair loss products?

Many people are embarrassed by hair loss. Although it is common, and even more so as we age, many people are unnerved by their appearance and do not feel up to discussing this issue. So many folks like to do their research on the internet to find the best hair loss products available to them.

Hair loss is not just an issue affecting men. I know that my hair is not as full and thick as it used to be. When I was young, I used to wish for thinner, flatter hair. But I did not necessarily want to achieve that by hair loss.

Now, there are many products available for hair loss treatment. Because there are different ways that hair loss affects each person, it may be wise to read information and reviews on each of the products to find which is best suited for your needs. You can find out about some of the top hair loss products like provillus, procerin, thymusil and advecia and then decide which product is right for you.

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Did You Know the Name for the Tops of Castle Walls?

Did you know the name for the tops of castle walls?

Anytime I would draw a castle, I would be sure to make the tops of the walls with up and down alternating heights. I did not know there was actually a name for this. I learned today that the name for this type of pattern on the tops of castle walls is "crenellations".

Did You Know About the Junior Badminton Championships?

Did you know about the World Junior Badminton Championships?

They will be held 25 October- 4 November 2007. You will just have time to make your Auckland Accommodation to see the world's best young badminton champs. Teams from twenty-six nations will come together to play for the championship in both team and individual titles. Powerhouse teams from China, Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia will be in attendance. The event takes place at the Trusts Stadium.

Hotels in Auckland will likely be full for this event, so making reservations quickly would be in order. You can still find several last minute specials on Auckland Hotels , ranging from two star to five star.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Did You Know About The Game Plan?

Did you know about The Game Plan?

I took my daughter to see this show. It turned out to be a pretty cute show. We both enjoyed the movie. There were not many objectionable words, and some would even say there were none. There was one bit about bathroom humor, but it was not over done. Overall the show was very cute, mild and fun. We enjoyed our time and left the theater happy with the movie. The little girl, Madison Pettis, was very cute and really had a great on screen personality. I've never seen "The Rock" in anything before. He did an allright job of playing the "new" dad. I also liked his rendition of "Are You Lonesome Tonight?"

Did You Know About Holiday Travel in Birmingham, UK?

Did you know about holiday travel in Birmingham, UK?

Now is the time to book your Birmingham hotels and Cardiff hotels . Then you can sit back and enjoy the holidays in the UK. The Wales Rally GB takes place from 29 November to 2 December and the Winter Wonderland takes place 15 November through 6 January.

While there, don't forget the Imax theater and the fine shopping and dining. Also not to miss are the canal tour and the chocolaty heaven of Cadbury World. This would be the perfect way to spend the holidays vacationing in style and comfort. If you are looking for a little more thrill in your vacation, Drayton Manor has just installed a new G force roller coaster ride, touted as the Best UK Attraction for 2006.

Looking for hotels in Cardiff and Birmingham just got easier, making your holiday travel even better.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Did You Know Big Ben?

Did you know Big Ben?

I thought that I did. This name always makes me think of the big clock tower situated on the House of Parliament in Westminster, London. But I just learned this week that the name "Big Ben" is actually the name of the large bell located inside the clock tower.

Did You Know Where to Get Samsonite Luggage at Discount Prices?

Did you know where to get Samsonite luggage at discount prices?

Now is a great time to take advantage of getting new luggage for holiday travels. You can find great Samsonite luggage at discount prices online. There is a large assortment of styles and colors. You will also get free shipping on all orders over $50 on select collections.

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Did You Know How To Make a Knight's Helmet?

Did you know how to make a knight's helmet?

It is very simple. All you need is a pair of sturdy scissors, a clean, empty milk jug, and duct tape. I found some instructions here . All you need to do is cut out the area where the handle is. There is a sort of outline there that I followed. Then cut the shape you want. We left a nosepiece to make it more medieval. Then we covered the whole thing with duct tape. This fits my six and seven year old nephews.

Did You Know What Affects Teens Today?

Did you know what affects teens today?

My husband recently read that the media is what affects teens most today. That may not have been hard to guess. After all, those who do market research are in the business to know what teens, and other consumers, want. They make it their business to know what people want and how to get it to them. Teens today are plugged in everywhere you turn, so it is no wonder that media has a great influence on them. The effect of this can be seen by the amount of money teens spend on their gadgets to keep them plugged in.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Did You Know How to Make a Knight Costume?

Did you know how to make a knight costume?

I like to be thrifty (cheap!) and I don't sew, so I knew this one could maybe be tricky. My mom did help me out, but I think they turned out rather well. I started by getting some satiny cloth. Then I cut out the zig zag pattern at the bottom, along with the neck hole. I printed out the symbols from the computer and traced them onto scrap material, which I glued onto the tunic. My mom did sew around the red one, as it is a thicker material.

The purple one was too thin, so she used no-fray fabric glue around the edges. She also outlined it with silver glitter glue.

Then we used scrap material for sashes. Instead of trying to make the under-piece (to represent the chain mail) we bought hoodies-which are easy to find right now. Stick in a sword and a shield (.25 cents on clearance at the museum!!) and a home made helmet (instructions in next post) and you've got your own knight in "shining" armor!

Did You Know About Makeup Mirrors?

Did you know about makeup mirrors?

When I was in high school, I wanted one of the popular light up makeup mirrors. It was great to have in my room, so that if the bathroom was taken, then I could still get ready. I used it every day to do my make up and could even pack it up to travel. Now, you can find an assortment of makeup mirrors, ready to ship in two days, starting at just $22.99.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Did You Know What a Horse's Lead Is?

Did you know what a horse's lead is?

I did not. I thought it had to do with the reins and the way you held them. But today after my daughter's lesson, she explained it better to me. It has nothing to do with the reins but with which leg they are leading with while they are loping. So that is just another thing that I've learned from my kids!

Did You Know About High School Musical on Ice?

Did you know about High School Musical on Ice?

Well, if you've got tween girls, like I do, you probably do. We've known about this tour for a couple of months now, but have not tried to get tickets to it yet, since it is still several months away. I had thought this would be a great outing for my daughter's birthday. I know that High School Musical tickets are available online and she and her friends would love to see this fun show.

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Did You Know About Shakespeare Geek?

Did you know about Shakespeare Geek ?

In a recent brief post about Shakespeare, I was lucky enough to have Shakespeare Geek drop by and leave me a comment. I always appreciate the comments. And it was a very interesting comment as well, about a faux Shakespearism. I took a couple of minutes to browse through his most recent posts. I really enjoyed them. I really like how his young daughters are already Shakespeare Geeks in the making !

Did You Know Where to Get a Cordless Phone Battery?

Did you know where to get a cordless phone battery?

Interstate battery has just made it easier with their online battery store. You can find any battery for any need. The shipping is quick and the prices are affordable. This is great for folks like me who are always letting the cell phone run down. And shopping online makes my life that much easier. No traffic, no lines, no sales people, just the product I need and quick delivery.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Did You Know How Many Cups of Flour Make a Pound?

Did you know how many cups of flour make a pound?

Today we wanted to make some "Queen Cakes" in honor of the reading we have been doing about kings and queens. The recipe called for a pound of flour and a half pound of sugar. I had no idea really how to measure this out for a recipe. So I tried to find the equivalences on line. It was not so easy to find. I did find one site which told the equivalences for several measurements. I bookmarked it for future reference. I learned today that a pound of flour is the same as five teacups (though I only used four cups) and two cups of sugar equals a pound. This is good to know. Our cakes turned out fine. They were light and fluffy.

Did You Know About EdealFinder?

Did you know about EdealFinder?

With the holidays coming up, everyone is getting their gift lists ready. One of the best ways to do holiday shopping I've found is online. And if I can find coupons and discounts, that's even better! At EdealFinder, there are many coupons and discounts, from Dell coupons to savings at the Gap, Amazon and Kohl's discounts . I found Kohl's discounts for 10% and 15% off which would make gift shopping easier. So if you are looking for an easy way to fill your holiday list, be sure to check out EdealFinder for some really great discount codes.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Did You Know How to Make a Link That Will Open a New Window?

Did you know how to make a link that will open a new window?

I remember when I first started blogging and I was so excited to be able to make a link to point readers to some other source of information. It was great! But I never thought before how that might send the reader away, not knowing if they would return. My blogging fanatic bloggingmeister, meisterblogger Blog Sire has taught me a great new tip this week. It is how to build a link which will open in a new window , keeping readers at the blog while allowing them to view the additional information. Thanks BlogSire! You are a blog meister indeed!

Did You Know About Harley Davidson Bar Stools?

Did you know about Harley Davidson bar stools?

This could be the perfect gift for your biker friends. I know folks who ride Harley's and they appreciate anything HD. These great looking barstools would be a unique addition to the home. There are several styles from which to choose. Any of these would be the perfect gift for Harley fans.

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Did You Know Queen Elizabeth I Was Black and White and Red All Over?

Did you know Queen Elizabeth I was black and white and red all over?

At least that is the expression used in one book we read this week. Queen Elizabeth I was a very beautiful and well loved queen during her reign. She was sought after by many suitors. It seems however as she aged, she ordered all the mirrors taken from her palace. She wore red wigs and white make up to hide her age. She was unable however to hide her black teeth (the result of too many sweets!)

Did You Know About Plasma Stands?

Did you know about plasma stand?

It seems as if plasma TV is not only the wave of the future, it is the here and now. Many people are gravitating to this new format of television viewing. Many have chosen to mount their TV on the wall, while others prefer a stand. No matter what your needs, you can find your plasma TV stands and mounts at AV Furniture.

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Did You Know About the Salma Doll?

Did you know abut the Salma doll?

This new doll is like a Barbie doll for those of the Islamic faith. She is dressed in traditional Muslim garb including long sleeves, ankle length dress and head covering. She is available in several different dresses. Right now, she is only sold in Indonesia, but there is hope that she will soon be available in other Muslim countries.

Did You Know You Can Golf in Sandals?

Did you know you can golf in sandals?

My husband is a golfer. He has played since he was a teenager, learning from his grandfather. So I've long known about golfing paraphernalia, golf clubs, bags, gloves, golf shoes and the like. But I'd never seen golf sandals before today. I guess this is for those who love comfort and live in the hotter climates.

Thank you for reading this sponsored post.

Did You Know What to Call a Man Who Marries a Queen?

Did you know what to call a man who marries a queen?

We all know that if a woman marries a king, she becomes a queen. But in the reverse roles, this does not hold true. If a man marries a queen, he does not become a king, he is a prince.

Did You Know About the I Am Shaman Oniline Shop?

Did you know about the I Am Shaman online shop?

I did not know there were many people today who practice shamanism as a part of their religion or spiritual journey. But in the last two years I have heard of several people who follow this thinking. I just learned today about an online shop dedicated to the path of shamanism. Here you can order many of the products you desire in your journey, including blue lotus and Shaman Rattle Root. The people behind I Am Shaman are dedicated to providing the best quality botanical specimens gained only from organic and honest sources.

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Did You Know the Brain Processes Expressions of Fear First?

Did you know the brain processes expressions of fear first?

According to one study at Vanderbilt University , it takes a much shorter response time for people to process and react to fearful expressions than any other expression. This study used a method involving static images being shown to one eye, while the other received flashing images. Those with nuetral expressions seemed to take a shorter time response time than those with smiling expressions. The most readily and rapidly received response came from the expressions of fear. It is believed that this has to do with the amount of white showing in the eyes as well as the fear response taking a shortcut to the brain. This may especially effect those with autism, who have a more difficult time assessing others expressions.