Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Did You Know That Avocado Oil Has Been Recognized as a Leading Moisturizer?

Acocado oil has been found to be very effective as a skin moisturizer. It is the most able to penetrate skin to deep down target areas and is an excellent hydrator. It is filled with essential nutrients for your skin like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, B vitamins and essential fatty acids.

I have even read how migrant farm workers in the early twentieth century used to rub bits of avocado over their hands to sooth and smooth their rough, work-worn hands.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Did You Know That Family, Fun and Faith Can Combine to Make an Uplifting Experience?

I have long been a fan of familyfunandfaith's daily posts. He always has something informative, fun and uplifting to say. I look forward to the daily uplift his blog can bring. When he posted about the opportunity to review his blog, I knew this was the opportunity for me!

If you would like a chance to review his blog, just click the link and see for yourself just what familyfunandfaith has to offer.


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Did You Know That Chow Dogs Have Blue-Black Tongues?

Did you know that Chow dogs have blue-black tongues? Our neighbors are the first to have shared this tidbit with us. The reason? We got a mixed breed dog. Very good dog. She is part Lab and part Chow. And yes, she has the blue-black tongue.

The origination of the Chow breed is a bit of a mystery. They were seen early on as guard dogs for the fierce Mongolian tribes. Some say they could be a descendant of a mixed breed from Rome.

The Chow's distinctive tongue color also remains a mystery. One old fable says that when God painted the sky blue, he spilled some paint. The Chow Chow is said to have come behind him, licking up the spots.

Did You Know You Can Get Paid To Give Your Opinion About My Blog?

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Did You Know That Irrelevant Things Can Take On New Meanings?

I have seen a post full of seemingly irrelevant things , but this guy has even admitted it right out for everyone to see! But it seems he is undergoing an image transformation. Instead of just listing reasons about any old irrelevant thing, he is now going to get serious about his irrelevance!

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Did You Know That A Doggerel Is a Poem?

After coming across this blog , I had to find out just what "doggerel" meant. So I looked it up and found that it is considered a crudely or irregularly formed verse, often of a humerous or burlesque nature." (My Yahoo! Dictionary)

Ok, so just what does "burlesque" mean. I know the connotation it sends, but just what does it mean? Come to find out, it isn't just the striptease act down the road, but it's first definition is "A literary or dramatic work that ridicules a subject either by presenting a solemn subject in an undignified style or an inconsequential subject in a dignified style. See Synonyms at caricature." (My Yahoo! Dictionary) It can also mean "a mocking imitation." (My Yahoo! Dictionary)

So there you have it, your something new you learned today!

Doggerel Indeed !

Monday, February 19, 2007

Did You Know That Staying Up All Night Can Help With Jet Lag?

At least in my experience, this has been the case. I don't travel often, so when we take a really long journey, jet lag hits me hard. We have traveled several times overseas and it seems to take me a week or more to adjust to the 13 hour time difference.

However, on our last trip overseas, my sister mentioned that she stays up all night the night before her trips. This enables her to sleep on the plane, sort of thrusting her body into an artificial jet lagged state to begin with.

I tried it, and it really seemed to work for me. I was able to sleep on the plane much easier and when we reached our destination, it seemed to take less than a week to adjust to the time difference. I also had an easier time staying awake for the first few days, as my body had already been adjusting to the difference in night and day.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Did You Know That Agloco Was Formerly AllAdvantage?

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Did Know That James Garfield Was Ambidextrous?

Many people may not remember that James Garfield was our 20th US president and that he was a talented guy! He was apparantly both multilingual as well as ambidextrous! He had been known to write Latin with one hand while he wrote Greek with the other! Maybe he isn't so well remembered because he only served as President for four months before he was shot by an assassin.