Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Did You Know the Phantom of the Opera has a Name?

Did you know the Phantom of the Opera has a name?

If you read the book you will find that he does. I don't know if you would want to find that out here or not, so I'll not give it away in the post but will post it in the comments section. At first I found it rather amusing or simplistic that he would have a name. Then when I read the afterword I came to see why the author would give the phantom a name. So, if you are a fan, read the book!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Did You Know Houston is Getting an Ironman Race?

Did you know Houston is getting an ironman race?

It's official- Houston is getting an Ironman race! Registration started today (and likely filled up today) for Houston's first full length Ironman. It will be held Saturday (!) May 21, 2011, in the Woodlands. The race will be a 2.4 mile swim / 112 mile bike / 26.2 mile run. I am happy to hear that it is on a Saturday. I sure hope they keep it that way for the years to come. My husband has long wanted to do an Ironman and has looked for a Saturday race. He won't be ready by May, but maybe in another year or two...

Did You Know About the Best Prenatal Vitamins?

Did you know about the best prenatal vitamins?

Most mothers-to-be want to do the very best for the baby they are carrying. Nearly all physicians these days find prenatal vitamins imperative for their pregnant patients. Finding the best prenatal vitamins can help you do the best for your growing baby. Be sure to talk with your doctor to make sure which are best for you.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Did You Know You Can Get Sore Knees from Workouts?

Did you know you can get sore knees from workouts?

Yesterday I began to have a very sore knee on the leg opposite from the one I've had surgery on. I thought it was due to overcompensating and having to bend down only using one leg (that leg). As I found out today, both my knees are sore. I really felt it when I got down to do my push ups again. I think that doing the knee push ups and the ab crawl from the other day (on a towel on a tile floor) really made my knees sore! I did not do them today!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Did You Know Some Exercises You Can Do During Recovery?

Did you know some exercises you can do during recovery?

Following my foot surgery, I have been limited in my activities. I have been wanting to do some sort of exercising just to keep from getting completely out of shape. I can only do upper body exercises. And since I have not been able to walk well, I have notgone to the gym either. But there are some things I have been doing at home.

I started by doing bicep curls with juice bottles. I also did some tricep exercises with cans of food. This week I have felt better and came up with a small routine. I have done tricep dips off the fireplace with my injured foot in the air. Then immediately into a "preacher curl" (bicep curl) seated in a chair. Doing sets of these back to back is a "super set" and gives you a better workout. Rest a minute or two before going into the next super set.

After this I do a behind the head tricep lift, resting between each set. Then do a bicep exercise twice through. Yesterday I was able to add some knee push ups! I have also been trying this shoulder circle workout, though with much less weight.

I have been doing abs throughout my recovery. You can do crunches in the bath tub or on an exercise ball. You can do leg lifts while seated in a chair. Yesterday, from the knee push up position I did an "ab crawl"!

Before doing any exercises during an injury/surgery recovery be sure to check with your doctor to see what is advisable. And get plenty of good food and rest!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Did You Know Why Flamingoes are Pink?

Did you know why flamingoes are pink?

I had often heard it is because they eat shrimp, which causes the flamingo's feathers to turn shrimpy-colored. This is partly true. I learned today that algae also causes the coloring of the feathers. The algae contains carotenoids which are found in carrots. Both of these mainstays of the flamingo diet are what causes the pinkish-orangish coloring of the mature flamingo's feathers.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Did You Know About My New Blog Templates?

Did you know about my new blog templates?

Of course, if you are here, you do! I logged in this evening to find that Blogger is offering some great new templates! I gave each one of my blogspot blogs a face lift! I like the new-fangled looks for my blogs. This is an easy way to freshen them up. And it gave my spirit a little lift too after sitting around after surgery a week ago! I love the little things!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Did You Know About Post Surgery?

Did you know about post surgery?

I sure did not! I had errands to do for church. I was even supposed to be a wedding co-oridinator this past weekend. I had no idea how "down" I would be. I guess I had it in my head that being in a boot meant I was going to be walking within a day or so. Um, NO. Even now, with a shoe on I am finding it hard to put all my weight down on my foot. I only have one stitch, but the foot is still bruised and swollen. And it's a little painful too. So, after surgery, don't make any real plans other than resting and therapy! That is what I am going to do for the next month!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Did You Know about Who Knew?

Did you know about Who Knew?

I found another fun website filled with some fun facts. It is sponsored by Yahoo. and you can watch videos with interesting tidbits. For example, did you know the first Friday in June is National Donut Day? Did you know where the donut originated? I also learned about some accidental inventions. Actually I already knew about them but it was fun to see them. In fact, the one about the discovery of penicillin is something my daughter just did a report on!

Did You Know What Programs Come on TV in the Early Morning?

Did you know what programs come on in the early morning?

I was very uncomfortable early this morning. After keeping my husband awake for an hour after having to get up, I had him just put me on the couch. So the early morning programs I saw on in the wee hours consisted of financial advice, dietary supplements, acne treatments and skin care like gettingridofblackheads.net, and other paid programming. Come to think of it, most of today's programs have been sports or paid programming.

Did You Know I Saw a Good Commercial Today?

Did you know I saw a good commercial today?

I was surprised to see a really good commercial today. It showed a basketball team of young players in a championship game.The Ref made an erroneous call. One of the young men told the coach what actually happened. His teammates were not happy about the kid fessing up. But the coach reinforced the player's decision and the commercial ends with the player approaching the Ref to tell what had actually happened. The commercial then said something about "good sportsmanship." I was glad to see something actually worthwhile on TV today!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Did You Know I Have Been Watching Lots of TV?

Did you knowI have been watching lots of tv?

That is all I've done the last two days, recouping from my surgery. I have seen lots of game shows and lots of commercials! I have started making a list of things advertised that I want to check into. Let's see, there is the enamel building mouth wash, a couple of different wrinkle creams, wart remover, and a brown spot fader. I will be glad when I am able to get up and around again!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Did You Know About One Stitch Heel Spur Removal?

Did you know about one stitch heel spur removal?

I am heading out to my heel spur removal surgery. I chose this method to avoid being on crutches for a month. I still have to be careful and I think the recovery time is still probably about the same. However, I will be back in tennis shoes by next week! I'll post here to tell how it goes….

Did You Know About Pre-Surgery Rules?

Did you know about pre-surgery rules?

I figured I would not be able to eat this morning before my foot surgery, but I was not thinking about not being able to have anything to drink. I had originally planned to get up and go to spin class early so I could get my last work out done before I can't do any for a while (I guess I better check out some diet supplement and apidexin reviews!) At any rate, needless to say, that was nixed by the doctor and surgery center in my pre-op instructions. So I am sitting here thirsty and ready to head out to surgery. And yes, I obeyed my pre-op instructions!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Did You Know You Can Use Shortening in Place of Butter?

Did you know you can use shortening in place of butter?

I have looked this up recently and have found that you can replace butter with shortening for baking items like cakes and cookies. You can make the replacement in equal amounts. I have used this both in cookies and cake with good results. However, if the butter is important to the flavor of the item, for example if you are making butter frosting, then using shortening will not be a good idea.

Did You Know The Best Treatment for Acne?

Did you know the best treatment for acne?

Living with teens, this is a topic of concern. And since there are literally thousands of products and treatments, it's hard to know which one is actually the best as well as which one will work for you. I know I have spent lots of money on various products to help keep acne at bay. Reading review sites can be helpful to see which products work best for most people. I think lots of people like to read which products have actually worked for others and which have mostly been a waste of money.