Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Did You Know Ordering Pizza Can Save Your Life?

Did you know ordering pizza can save your life?

At least it did for 82 year old Memphis resident Jean Wilson. Apparently Ms. Wilson has been ordering a pizza every day for the last three years. Having this regular habit and daily interaction helped her when her daily order had not come in for three days. When she found out the order had not been made for three days, delivery driver Susan Guy took it upon herself to find out why. She knew that something just wasn't right and went to Ms. Wilson's residence. When she got no answer, she called 911. Ms. Wilson is recovering now, thanks to her daily Domino's order and her wonderful delivery driver, Ms. Guy.

Did You Know About the Perfect Napkin Rings to Match my Centerpiece?

Did you know about the Perfect napkin rings to match my centerpiece?

I have not done it often, but today I am going to host guest blogger Sue Carlson. Here is what Sue wanted to share:

Guest post written by Sue Carlson

I took the long weekend to work on a project that I'd been planning for quite a long time, making a new centerpiece for my dining room table. I had found these amazing silk flowers on clearance and some other decorations that I thought would be great for a centerpiece. I simply couldn't pass them up.

I thought that while I was at it I would go ahead and create some other things for the table to match it, like napkin rings. I saw some on one of my favorite design blogs not too long ago with my clearinternet and got in my head that I had to make some of my own to match my decor.

I had bought some of those silk flowers in bulk, so I made some DIY napkin rings with gardening wire, ribbon and a flower for each napkin. They look so chic and put together. Now I have to have a dinner party. They also remind me of spring, which I'm so ready for after all of this cold weather.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Did You Know About the 95 Year Old Runner?

Did you know about the 95 year old runner?

I just saw a piece about the oldest sprinter. She is 95 years old. She has won awards and seems to be having fun. I would hope to be that healthy and active at her age! To see the video you can click here .

Did You Know About Weight Loss Supplement Side Effects?

Did you know about weight loss side effects?

There are so many ads and products for weight loss. I think it's important to do homework before using any of these. Just listening to ads can be deceiving. I saw one ad the other day in which I thought it was important to read the fine print. Many products have side effects and should be looked into before using. If you've ever wondered about Lipofuze, Fenphedrine or oxyelite pro side effects, be sure to check out what others have to say before starting to use them.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Did You Know How a Woodpecker Sounds?

Did you know how a woodpecker sounds?

For the last week or so, I've been hearing a woodpecker out our window every morning. One day I mentioned it to my husband and asked if he heard it. He denied that it was a woodpecker as it was "too fast". So I looked out the window and sure enough, on the telephone pole just outside there was the woodpecker doing his morning work.

Did You Know I Love my Naps?

Did you know I love my naps?

When I was younger I could not sleep during the day. Now, I try to take a nap every day! I know a lot of it is from getting up early. But so many people I know get up early and then have to go to work all day. I don't know how they do it. As for me, I am in no need of sleep aids. I can pretty much go to sleep night or day!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Did You Know Most U.S. Car Batteries are Recycled?

Did you know most U.S. car batteries are recycled?

We were at a friend's house the other day. They wanted to show us their new TV. So we watched part of a program called How Do They Do It? On this segment I learned that 90% of U.S. car batteries are recycled. Which is a good thing, since I think they said that more lead is derived from these recycled batteries than is taken from lead mines.

Did You Know Of Any Diets that Work?

Did you know of any diets that work?

It seems as if everyone is looking for that perfect diet. Some magic formula. I have heard that diets work differently for different people. I have also learned that eating is 70-80% of the battle in weight control. I have come to decide that balance is the key; balance in diet and exercise. Regular exercise and a healthy diet seem to be the best when it comes to good health and weight management.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Did You Know Different Ways to Lace Your Shoes?

Did you know different ways to lace your shoes?

I've been thinking of taking out my elastic shoe laces. I like them because I can treat my tennis shoes as slip ons. But in thinking about putting regular laces back in them, I wanted to see if there were any other ways to lace them that would still allow me to slip them on. I didn't know there was such a variety of ways to lace shoes. I came across this page with a few fun ways to lace your shoes. I'll probably give one or two of them a try.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did You Know About Watson?

Did you know about Watson?

Watson is an AI computer developed to "learn". I watched the end of a NOVA program discussing Watson and his upcoming appearance on Jeopardy! I found the ideas in the program intriguing on the heels of just having finished reading the book Prey. The idea of a computer "learning" is very fascinating. I hope to be able to catch the Jeopardy! airings of Watson's appearance Feb. 14-16.

Did You Know About Compression Stockings?

Did you know about compression stockings?

There are actually two different kinds. The gradient compression socks are used for different conditions, including lymphedema and blood pooling. The anti-embolism socks are used to aid in blood circulation and lymph fluid circulation. Athletes often wear compression socks to stabilize muscles and to aid in circulation and lactic acid removal.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Did You Know How to Get Relief From Soreness?

Did you know how to get relief from soreness?

I did some exercises yesterday that I have not done in a while. I was sore today! One of the best things I have found for relieving my soreness is swimming. After being sore all day, I swam tonight, and came home from the pool feeling better than I have all day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Did you know that choosing a college major is one of the most difficult things to do?

Did you know that choosing a college major is one of the most difficult things to do?

 It is a decision that will almost certainly have a huge impact on your life and career path. Some people change their majors many times, while others feel that they have always known what they want to grow up and do for a living. Personally, I am looking into a major involving communications. I believe it is an area that provides and sharpens many useful skills.  Communication is key for jobs, relationships, and many other things.  If I can become an effective speaker, I will have the ability to captivate people with my thoughts.  This can lead to many opportunities, such as sales jobs or representative positions.  It is my goal to choose this major and succeed at it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did You Know About the Rolling Power Outages in Texas?

Did you know about the rolling power outages in Texas?

I've heard hearsay about it, but still don't really understand it. I did find this article which tries to explain it a bit better than I've heard, but I still don't understand why or even really how it helps.

Supposedly, by outing electricity in certain areas, it helps with the power supply elsewhere in the state. Honestly I don't understand how that works or how they decide which areas to out and why those areas are out so long instead of the 45 minutes to 2 hours. It was very frustrating yesterday for all those affected. I would think those parents whose kids had to still go to school but sit in the dark cafeteria because of the power outages should be a bit riled too...

Hopefully they will get things back under control and be able to run as they should, according to the mentioned article.

Did You Know Laptops Work Better for College?

Did you know laptops work better for college?

We were thinking of getting our son an iPad for his high school graduation. But this past weekend we went to visit a college, along with some other folks from church. One of the moms with us has a daughter already there. We were talking about what kind of device to get and she suggested that some of the netbooks are better for college life. She recommended a certain kind and it's important too to get one that is new and current as the kids will need to be able to "keep up". And in her experience in getting an older, used version, it is a hassle when it comes to having to get repairs done. So I am now thinking we will be getting some sort of laptop come spring.