Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did You Know About Watson?

Did you know about Watson?

Watson is an AI computer developed to "learn". I watched the end of a NOVA program discussing Watson and his upcoming appearance on Jeopardy! I found the ideas in the program intriguing on the heels of just having finished reading the book Prey. The idea of a computer "learning" is very fascinating. I hope to be able to catch the Jeopardy! airings of Watson's appearance Feb. 14-16.


Montucky said...

Computers have been programmed to "learn" at various levels now for years, and I'm OK with that. When they begin to procreate though, then I'll start getting worried!

silken said...

ha ha! that could be scary! I missed the Jeopardy! airing, as it doesn't come on tv here til 11:30pm. I hope I can catch it online or something.