Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Did You Know Ordering Pizza Can Save Your Life?

Did you know ordering pizza can save your life?

At least it did for 82 year old Memphis resident Jean Wilson. Apparently Ms. Wilson has been ordering a pizza every day for the last three years. Having this regular habit and daily interaction helped her when her daily order had not come in for three days. When she found out the order had not been made for three days, delivery driver Susan Guy took it upon herself to find out why. She knew that something just wasn't right and went to Ms. Wilson's residence. When she got no answer, she called 911. Ms. Wilson is recovering now, thanks to her daily Domino's order and her wonderful delivery driver, Ms. Guy.


Montucky said...

I saw that. What a wonderful story!

silken said...

I think Ms. Wilson was smart to order those pizzas everyday. It gave her daily contact w/ someone and they in turn knew when something was wrong.