Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did You Know Laptops Work Better for College?

Did you know laptops work better for college?

We were thinking of getting our son an iPad for his high school graduation. But this past weekend we went to visit a college, along with some other folks from church. One of the moms with us has a daughter already there. We were talking about what kind of device to get and she suggested that some of the netbooks are better for college life. She recommended a certain kind and it's important too to get one that is new and current as the kids will need to be able to "keep up". And in her experience in getting an older, used version, it is a hassle when it comes to having to get repairs done. So I am now thinking we will be getting some sort of laptop come spring.

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Montucky said...

I know a laptop would have been wonderful when I was in college. I guess it's necessary now, isn't it!