Saturday, September 15, 2012

Did You Know About the Fees for High School?

Did you know about the fees for high school?

I was lamenting a few weeks back about all the fees colleges add on to tuition. Now the public high schools are loading on more and more fees as they encounter more and more cutbacks. I have spent a considerable amount in the past three weeks on club fees, uniforms and fundraisers. They have also added extra-curricular fees. Now we got a call saying that Juniors also have to pay a fee to take the PSAT!

Did You Know About Short Scale Guitars?

Did you know about short scale guitars?

I was not really sure what a short scale guitar was, so I looked it up. It originally referred to a model of Fenders made in the 1960s. These are used for "speed playing". I was looking for a "short scale guitar" for student lessons. They do say that the shorter instrument is easier for smaller and less experienced hands to manage. I will have to keep that in mind while looking for a student guitar.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Did You Know About the Nike Job Fair Today?

Did you know about the Nike job fair today?

Today from 12-7 Nike is holding a job fair at College of the Mainland Gym. You do have to preregister by sending in your resume before hand. The positions being applied for are at the new Nike outlet store going in at Texas City. It looks like both full time and part time positions are being considered.

Did You Know About Internet Cigar Stores?

Did you know about internet cigar stores?

While I do not smoke, nor do I encourage it, I guess an internet cigar store is better than the ones I used to see in the mall. This way those who smoke can order their choice of items with ease. They don't even have to get out to the mall; well, they can just visit the virtual mall!